Production of citizens' appeals in customs authorities, General...

Production of citizens' appeals to customs authorities

General characteristics of citizens' appeals as an institution of public law

As a result of studying this chapter, the student must:


• types and forms of citizens' appeals;

• subjects of the institute of production for citizens' appeals;

• a general description of the legal regulation of the nature of citizens to apply to state bodies, guarantees the right of citizens to convert;

be able to

• Understand the role of production in the treatment of citizens in the administrative production system;


• Basic concepts of production for citizens' appeals.

The concept, types and forms of citizens' applications

According to Art. 4 of the Federal Law on the Procedure for Considering Citizens' Appeals:

a citizen's appeal - is a proposal, statement or complaint sent to a state body, local government or an official in writing or in the form of an electronic document, as well as an oral appeal of a citizen to a state body, body local government (paragraph 1);

proposal - the recommendation of a citizen to improve laws and other normative legal acts, the activities of state bodies and local self-government bodies, the development of social relations, the improvement of socio-economic and other spheres of state and society (p. 2);

application - a citizen's request for assistance in the exercise of his constitutional rights and freedoms or the constitutional rights and freedoms of others, or reporting violations of laws and other regulatory legal acts, shortcomings in the work of state bodies, bodies local government and officials, or criticism of the activities of these bodies and officials (paragraph 3);

complaint - the request of a citizen to restore or protect his violated character, freedoms or legitimate interests or the rights, freedoms or legitimate interests of others (paragraph 4).

In addition to the above-mentioned types of citizens 'appeals, special types of legal acts and legislation of the United States can also provide for such types of citizens' applications as petition and petition.

An application is an official request or representation addressed to state bodies (public organization) of a higher authority ... Examples are: an application for admission to citizenship or withdrawal from the citizenship of the United States, registration of an initiative group on referendum, recognition of a person as a refugee or forced migrant, etc. "

The petition - the form of collective appeal of citizens to the competent authority of the state or local government with the proposal to adopt a certain normative act or decision (usually with the annex of the project) or to consider the relevant issue at a meeting of the body.

In practice, there are also citizens' appeals that do not have normative fixing. An example is an open letter.

Open Letter is a specific type of appeal to certain authoritative structures in the press (currently on the Internet), intended for wide publicity. A citizen or a group of people who do not have power (workers of science, culture, representatives of small, medium and large businesses and other categories of citizens) acts with him to influence public processes or publicly significant situations, in their opinion. Such appeals are an attempt to publicly identify the problem that has arisen, not only before the system of state administration, but also before the public. They are published with the signatures of individual participants or groups into which they are combined. "

As a rule, the reasons serving as grounds for citizens to file applications are:

• violation of their rights and freedoms;

• Illegal prosecution;

• Obtaining the necessary information;

• getting public services;

• A civil initiative aimed at improving public administration, denoting one's opinion;

• Realization of rights and freedoms, etc.

There can be different classifications of hits.

The number of persons who sent the appeal: single-person or collective.

In the form of submission of applications: oral (appeals on personal reception, by phone, at public events); written (filed with the help of ordinary mail, facsimile communication, courier service, telegram, e-mail, published in the media), etc.

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