Prospective directions of reforming the civil service...

Perspective directions of reforming the civil service at the national level

In order to solve the above-mentioned problems related to the implementation of the civil service at the all-United States level, the following measures must be taken.

• Unify the basic principles of the passage of public service.

• Create an organizational structure for managing the civil service system.

• Create a regulatory framework for the management of the public service system.

• To create a unified system of scientific and methodological support and provision of advice on civil service issues in general and civilian in particular.

• Optimize the procedure for the participation of independent experts in the work of competitive and attestation commissions, as well as commissions on compliance with requirements for service conduct and conflict of interest.

• To develop an optimal system of interaction between civil society institutions and the media with state bodies, excluding the possibility of undue interference in the activities of civil servants.

• To create and implement mechanisms to verify compliance with the requirements for the conduct of civil servants and the conflict of interest in the civil service.

• Develop procedures for handling cases of unethical behavior of civil servants.

• Finalize the mechanism for submission by government officials of information on their income, property and property obligations, as well as on income, property and property obligations of members of their family (spouse and underage children).

• Develop and implement a set of measures to counter corruption in the civil service, giving priority to preventing corruption.

• Develop and introduce anti-corruption standards in the form of establishing for the state and municipal service a single system of duties, prohibitions and restrictions aimed at preventing corruption.

• To improve the mechanism for ensuring that civil servants comply with the general principles of official conduct approved by Presidential Decree No. 885 of August 12, 2002 (Ed., dated July 16, 2009), "On the approval of general principles for the conduct of civil servants."

• To regulate the function of rendering advisory assistance to state bodies on issues related to the application in practice of general principles of official conduct of civil servants.

• Develop a mechanism for taking measures to prevent conflicts of interest, including after the civil servant leaves the civil service.

• Develop a procedure for conducting official investigations of cases of corruption manifestations.

• To regulate the issues of increasing the monetary content and optimizing the provision of pensions for civil servants.

• Develop and implement through the mass media programs aimed at increasing the prestige of the civil service and the formation of a positive attitude of citizens to public servants.

Proceeding from this, it seems reasonable to take into account such factors when solving problems in the sphere of the state civil service:

- world and national trends in the development of public administration and, as a consequence, public service;

- instrumental and structural features of the political system;

- the historical and institutional context, or cultural traditions, norms and values ​​of the country and region that affect the instrumental aspects;

- features of external conditions, analysis of relationships, remote and variable effects of innovative technologies.

Accounting for these factors will ensure an effective solution of at least some of the problems of legal regulation of the state civil service in the modern United States.

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