Public trust and support of citizens, Interaction and cooperation...

Public trust and support of citizens

The effectiveness of the police depends largely on the trust and support of citizens. Practically in all industrially developed states, the police relies on the population to uncover and investigate crimes related to combating corruption and terrorism - without the help of citizens with an active life position, the police can not solve the tasks assigned to it.

A police officer, in the performance of his duties, must always act so that his conduct is not ambiguous, and the applicable coercion against citizens is adequate to the events that occur. Due to a number of subjective and objective reasons, a police officer, performing his duties, is sometimes forced to some extent to violate the customs of citizens and legal entities. If this happens, it is necessary in an all-obligatory procedure to try to eliminate the conflict situation that has arisen, which always negatively affects the image and authority of the police. In the event of violation of the rights of citizens, a police officer or a police officer is obliged to apologize personally to the citizen and, if necessary, publicly at his place of residence, work or study. The actions of a police officer in violation of the rights of legal entities should be similar. If the officials of the police unlawfully disclosed information that discredits the honor, dignity and business reputation of a citizen, then if such information is found to be untrue, they must be disproved as soon as possible. At the same time, an employee guilty of distributing such information must be brought to disciplinary responsibility right up to the termination.

There are different criteria for assessing the activities of the police, and one of the main are the public opinion of citizens, the degree of their confidence in the police. No quantitative and qualitative indicators of the fight against crime can serve as the main criterion for assessing the activities of the police. As the experience of the last decades shows, these indicators were often falsified from opportunistic considerations, and also in the pursuit of the so-called positive dynamics of the "performance indicators."

Interaction and cooperation

The principle of interaction and cooperation of police with other law enforcement agencies, as well as institutions of civil society involves the adoption of various types of regulations for interaction, determining priority areas for law and order. Cooperation and interaction are objectively necessary when the efforts of various law enforcement agencies, as well as other bodies of state power and administration, are required. Interaction and cooperation in the field of internal affairs make it possible to use the available information resources in a comprehensive manner, as well as to optimally implement methods and means for ensuring law and order to various state authorities and administrations.

Using the achievements of science and technology, modern technology and information systems

In order to increase the effectiveness of its activities, the police are obliged to use the latest achievements of science and technology. This is especially important when carrying out forensic activities to identify and fix traces of crime, solve problems in the field of information, etc. Currently, the state information system "Law Enforcement Portal of the United States" functions, which implies the ability of police officers to use modern information and telecommunication systems. To fix crimes and administrative offenses, collect evidence on the facts of offenses, as well as counteract various kinds of abuse by a police officer or protect him from unreasonable and biased complaints, the police use special equipment. Also, special equipment is used, if necessary, in the interests of citizens and business entities.

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