Rights in the field of licensing, Other rights - Administration of ATS

Rights in the field of licensing

The police have the right to inspect places of production, storage, trade, collecting and exhibiting weapons, places of production of cartridges for weapons and components of cartridges, as well as inspecting the facilities where they turn, places of ammunition disposal. In this regard, the police have the right: to harmonize the requirements for the content of training programs for persons in order to study the rules for the safe handling of weapons and the acquisition of skills in the safe handling of weapons; establish a procedure for testing knowledge of the rules for the safe handling of weapons, and also participate in the verification of such knowledge and skills in these organizations; to carry out inspections of places of storage and use of special means in private security organizations, and upon the results of inspections, issue to citizens and officials mandatory instructions for eliminating the revealed violations of the rules for the circulation of arms, ammunition, cartridges to weapons and special means. In cases established by law, police officers have the right to withdraw weapons, ammunition to it, restrict the activities of the relevant facilities.

The police have the right to extend the validity period, as well as to decide on the suspension of the validity period or about the cancellation of the identity card (duplicate identity card) of the private guard. Police officers have the right: to enter the premises occupied by private detectives and private security organizations without hindrance (upon presentation of the service certificate), to examine the places of storage of special means and firearms; to check the organization of protection carried out by private security organizations, if there are grounds to issue compulsory orders for the elimination of violations of the rules of private detective (detective) and security activities.

Other Rights

Federal Law "On the Police" gives the right to police to involve citizens with their consent to freelance cooperation, as well as to establish an unofficial cooperation with citizens who have expressed a desire to privately assist the police on a gratuitous or reimbursable basis. The police can also announce the appointment of remuneration for assistance in the detection of crimes and the detention of persons who committed them, and pay it to citizens, encourage citizens who assisted the police in the performance of their duties.

In fulfilling their duties, the police are entitled to use the opportunities of mass media on a gratuitous basis to post information in order to establish the circumstances of the commission of crimes, the persons who committed them, and also to search for persons who disappeared from the bodies of inquiry, preliminary investigation or court, missing persons. If necessary, police officers may freely use communications equipment belonging to state enterprises, institutions and organizations for official purposes.

According to the Federal Law "On Police" its employees have the right, in cases not urgent, to use vehicles belonging to state and municipal bodies, public associations and organizations, and in exceptional cases to vehicles belonging to citizens. Such a right is granted to the police for the suppression of crimes, prosecution of persons who committed or suspected of their commission, delivery to medical organizations of citizens in need of urgent medical assistance, towing damaged vehicles from the scene of an accident, passage to the place of the committed crime, an administrative offense, an incident. At the same time, drivers are suspended (if necessary) from the management of these vehicles, with compensation in the manner prescribed by law for the owners of vehicles of the costs incurred by them or material damage caused to them.

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