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Human Resources Reserve of the Municipal Service

Personnel work in the municipality includes the formation of personnel to replace the posts of the municipal service (hereinafter - the staff), the organization of work with the personnel reserve in the municipal service and its effective use.

Priority areas for the formation of personnel and the creation of a reserve pool are:

- appointment to the post of municipal service of highly qualified specialists, taking into account their professional qualities and competence;

- promotion of the promotion of municipal employees;

- upgrading the skills of municipal employees

- creation of the personnel reserve and its effective use;

- evaluation of the performance of municipal employees through attestation;

- the use of modern technologies for staff selection in the process of citizens entering the municipal service and working with personnel in its passage.

The personnel reserve in municipalities in accordance with municipal legal acts is created for the replacement of vacant posts in the municipal service.

The formation of the personnel reserve is based on the following principles.

• Equal access of citizens of the United States to the municipal service.

• Objectivity in the selection and placement in the reserve of specialists in accordance with their qualifications, merits and abilities necessary to perform more responsible work.

• Competence and professionalism.

• Prohibition when registering a reserve to take into account gender, origin, nationality, religious and political views of specialists.

• Responsibility of heads of structural subdivisions of local self-government bodies for raising the professional level of candidates for filling vacant positions in the municipal service.

The personnel reserve ensures the efficiency of the municipal service, its open nature, planning of the municipal service, the implementation of the right of the municipal employee to advance in the service, stimulating the activity of municipal employees and increasing their professional qualifications.

The personnel reserve is formed separately for higher, main and leading municipal posts of the municipal service in accordance with the register of municipal posts of the municipal service established by the legislation of the municipality.

The personnel reserve in the local government is formed in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law "On municipal service in the United States" based on the results of the competition for filling vacant positions in the municipal service and the inclusion of municipal employees in the personnel reserve. The personnel reserve is created and approved by the legal act of the corresponding local government body on the replacement of the higher, main and leading municipal posts of the municipal service.

The personnel service of the relevant local government body carries out organizational and methodological work on the formation of personnel and creation of a personnel reserve and ensures the coordination of this work. The selection of candidates for admission to the personnel reserve based on the results of the competition is carried out in accordance with the following requirements.

• Professional competence: the availability of appropriate education, experience, knowledge, skills and skills in the profile of the municipal office of the municipal service, the ability to analyze and make informed decisions and achieve their fulfillment, business culture, systematic professional development.

• Organizational abilities: the ability to manage subordinates, coordinate and monitor their activities, own modern methods and techniques of management, initiative, efficiency.

• Responsibility for the task entrusted: high demands on oneself and subordinates, commitment, ability to critically evaluate their work, efficiency, accuracy.

• Moral qualities: conscientiousness, objectivity, socio-psychological and moral maturity.

• Psychological and pedagogical qualities: the ability to educate and explain, patiently, consistently work with a person, the ability to unite and inspire people, communication skills, a culture of communication.

When enrolling in the personnel reserve for assessing the business and personal qualities of municipal employees, the personal business of the municipal employee is preliminarily studied, the results of his activities are assessed, his duties and specific assignments are performed, the materials of attestations and competitions are analyzed, public opinion is taken into account. In addition, an interview is conducted, testing and questioning are applied.

A municipal employee who is enrolled in a personnel reserve to replace a top, principal or leading municipal service post should have a number of advantages over other applicants for the position held. Municipal formation can determine certain requirements for the applicant for a vacant position, among which can be identified:

- higher professional education but specialization of municipal posts of the municipal service or an education considered to be equivalent:

- the experience of the municipal service at the main, leading and senior positions (if included in the staff reserve for the relevant positions) for at least two years.

When enrolling in a personnel reserve, preference is given to applicants who have a second higher education or who are enrolled in a retraining program at the relevant educational institutions.

For candidates for filling the vacant positions of the municipal service enlisted in the personnel reserve, taking into account their special education and work experience, the following measures are envisaged to further develop their professional knowledge and skills necessary to replace the higher municipal office of the municipal service.

• Transfer of a specialist in the personnel reserve to other positions in the relevant group of positions with the aim of acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge.

• Imposing the performance of the duties of the person replacing the higher position of the municipal service, in the period of his absence with the purpose of gaining experience of substitution of a higher position or performing supervisory work.

• Assistance in obtaining higher professional and additional education.

• Internship at a higher level.

Heads of structural subdivisions of local self-government bodies bear personal responsibility for raising the professional level of candidates for the replacement of municipal posts in the municipal service included in the personnel reserve.

The conditions for the effectiveness of the work to create a staff reserve are:

- the timely appointment to the municipal office of the municipal service of persons in the personnel reserve;

- annual clarification of the staff reserve, completing, planning appointments, determining the desirability of continuing to stay in the reserve of persons who have not been appointed;

- increasing the prestige of the municipal service.

Municipal employees, enlisted in the personnel reserve, enjoy the following guarantees:

- a primary direction for training in educational institutions;

- a priority consideration of the issue of nominating a municipal service for a higher municipal office.

Based on the above, we note that the formation of personnel and the creation of a personnel reserve is an integral part of the mechanism for implementing state personnel policy. The main goal of the formation of personnel and staff reserve is the creation of a composition of municipal employees prepared for management in new conditions, its improvement on the basis of selection, training and promotion of personnel capable of professionally and effectively implementing the tasks and powers of local self-government bodies to address local issues.

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