The main directions of the activity of law enforcement bodies...

The main lines of activity of law enforcement bodies (police) to ensure public safety

In accordance with Part 1 of Art. 1 of the Federal Law On Police the police are also intended to ensure public safety.

Currently, public safety is seen as an independent type of national security.

The bodies of internal affairs (police) are the most important part of the forces of ensuring public security. Analysis of the provisions of Sec. IV "The main areas of public security" The concept of public security in the United States, approved by the US President on November 20, 2013, makes it possible to identify the main lines of activity of the internal affairs bodies in ensuring public security in the following areas:

a) countering terrorism;

b) countering extremism;

c) countering criminal and other unlawful attacks;

d) anti-corruption;

e) protection of the population from natural and man-made emergency situations;

e) counteracting illegal migration;

g) expanding international cooperation in law enforcement.

Countering terrorism

Federal Law "On Countering Terrorism"; establishes the basic principles of countering terrorism, the legal and organizational framework for preventing and combating terrorism, minimizing and (or) eliminating the consequences of manifestations of terrorism. In Art. 3 of the named Federal law fixed the basic concepts used in this law, in particular:

terrorism - the ideology of violence and the practice of influencing decision-making by public authorities, local governments or international organizations related to intimidation of the population and (or) other forms of unlawful acts of violence;

terrorist activities - activities that include: a) organizing, planning, preparing, financing and implementing a terrorist act; b) incitement to a terrorist act; c) the organization of an illegal armed group, a criminal association (criminal organization), an organized group for the implementation of a terrorist act, as well as participation in such a structure; d) the recruitment, arming, training and use of terrorists; e) information or other complicity in the planning, preparation or implementation of the terrorist act; f) propagation of the ideas of terrorism, dissemination of materials or information calling for the carrying out of terrorist activities or justifying or justifying the necessity of carrying out such activities;

counteraction to terrorism - the activities of state authorities and local self-government bodies, as well as individuals and legal entities on: a) preventing terrorism, including in identifying and subsequently eliminating the causes and conditions conducive to the commission of terrorist acts (prevention of terrorism); b) the identification, prevention, suppression, disclosure and investigation of a terrorist act (the fight against terrorism); c) minimization and (or) elimination of consequences of manifestations of terrorism.

The main areas of activity of the bodies of internal affairs (police) in the field of countering terrorism within the limits of the competence are:

• Improving the system of countering the ideology of terrorism, implementing legal, organizational, operational, administrative, regime, military and technical measures aimed at ensuring the antiterrorist protection of potential targets of terrorist attacks, strengthening control over compliance with administrative and legal regimes;

• Combating terrorism on the basis of an integrated approach to analyzing the causes of the emergence and spread of terrorism, identifying the subjects of terrorist activities, clearly delimiting the functions and responsibilities of the public security forces, timely identifying priorities in the solution of the tasks assigned to them, improving the organization and interaction of forces ensuring public safety with public associations, international organizations and citizens;

• reduction and (or) elimination of the consequences of manifestations of terrorism, an orientation toward the prevention (minimization) of human losses based on the priority of human life and health over material and financial resources, timely performance of rescue operations in the commission of a terrorist act, medical and other assistance to persons involved in its suppression, as well as to persons affected by the terrorist act, their subsequent social and psychological rehabilitation, the minimization of the consequences of terror and its adverse moral and psychological impact on society or individual social groups, the restoration of damaged or destroyed objects as a result of a terrorist act, compensation in accordance with US law of harm caused to individuals and legal entities affected by the terrorist act.

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