Works of Fine Art, Works of Decorative, Applied and Scenographic Art - Copyright

Works of Fine Art

Based on the norms of the Berne Convention works of fine art are works of art or works of art designed primarily for aesthetic perception.

Fine art includes painting, sculpture, graphics, design, graphic stories, comics, etc.

Painting - is a kind of fine art, works of art created with paints applied to various surfaces.

Painting affects the feelings and thoughts of the audience, performing aesthetic and cognitive functions.

Painting, as well as musical works, is divided into genres and can be represented in the form of portraits, paintings, still lifes, etc.

Various materials are used for painting. So, for a surface use: a canvas, a tree, a stone, glass, a paper, etc. For drawing drawing - paints, gouache, watercolor, etc.

Varieties of sculptures can be expressed in busts, monuments, monuments, statues, etc.

Sculptures can represent geometric figures (cube, rhombus, square, etc.), human, animal, etc. For their production, a material such as marble, granite, wood, metal, clay, etc. is often used.

Graphics - includes drawings and printed art images.

Depending on Destination , the graphics are divided into several types (see Figure 2.2).

Depending on on the way of execution and replication capabilities graphics are divided into unique and printed. Unique graphics - creating works in a single copy (drawing, monotype, applique, etc.). Printed graphics (engraving) - creating printed forms from which you can receive multiple impressions.

Design - creative activity but the formation of the object environment, expressed in the form of a plan, project, design, intent, purpose etc. Design is a broad concept that manifests itself in various spheres of production activity. In this connection, different types of design are distinguished: graphic, computer, clothing design, technical, artistic, film design, landscape, web design, etc.

In addition to professional specialists (designers), designers can be engaged in design, architects, artists and other specialists.

Graphic Subdivision for Views

Fig. 2.2. Graphic sub-division into views

Works of arts and crafts and scenography

Works of applied art - are works of fine art, expressed in applied goods, produced by industrial, craft or artisanal methods.

Basically, these are products intended for everyday life.

Works of arts and crafts perform different functions, in connection with which they differentiate their kinds, including beadwork, embroidery, knitting, lacework, macrame, carpet weaving, tapestry, ceramics, mosaic, jewelry art, art painting wood, ceramics, artistic carving, pyrography (burning in wood, leather, etc.), working with glass (stained-glass windows, painting), etc.

Materials for the manufacture of such products can be used in a variety of ways: threads, beads, yarn, paints, glass, wood, cloth, leather, etc.

Types of works of art embodied in goods, depending on the national characteristics of a particular region. Applied art may include goods decorative (sculpture, panels, floor vases, dishes) and utilitarian purposes (dishes , cutlery, jewelry, fabrics, carpets, clothes, toys).

Such works are protected objects of copyright. Article 7 (4) of the Berne Convention also recognizes the protection of such works, establishing the right of the countries of the Union to determine the period of protection of such works. It is stipulated that this term can not be shorter than 25 years from the time of creation of such a work.

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