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The concept of a linguistic sign - Introduction to Linguistics

The concept of a linguistic sign § 17. the definition of a language as a system of special signs implies a certain commonality, similarity of the signs.

Degrees of comparison of adverbs - Modern US literary language

§ 2. degrees of comparison of adverbs adverbs formed from qualitative adjectives can have two degrees of comparison - comparative and excellent ( fast -.


Revival: cultural factors of the epoch epochal time count by the ages we habitually refer to large and small segments of historical time, which, we.

Claude Simon: instinctive memory - History of foreign...

Claude simon: instinctive memory claude simon (1913-2004), who lived a long and fruitful life, was recognized as a new novelist and was awarded the nobel.

Anglo-Saxon archaic epic Beowulf - History of foreign...

Anglo-saxon archaic epic beowulf on the way from the myth and heroic fairy tale to its classical form, the medieval heroic epic went through many stages.

Humanistic controversy with Boccaccio, Narrative mode...

Humanistic controversy with boccaccio in the footsteps of petrarch in the xv century. the most outstanding of his pupils and successors went. they also.


Petrarkism and the fate of the european poetry poetry on the eve of the high renaissance the american researcher paul oppenheimer called the anthology of.

"Extraneous": life and death of Merso - History of foreign literature...

Stranger : life and death of merso sisyphus myth echoes the textbook creation of camus - stranger , one of his two most famous novels. he pondered for a.

Complex units - Introduction to Linguistics

Complex units § 169. complex units of word formation are all kinds of associations (complexes) of related words, somehow connected by the relations of.

Conjugation of verbs - Modern US literary language

§ 13. conjugation of verbs conjugation is a change in the verb by persons, numbers, times, moods, and in the past tense and the subjunctive mood - by.

Polysemy (polysemy) - Modern US literary language

§ 3. polysemy (polysemy) words are single-valued and polysemantic (polysemantic). in the united states explanatory dictionary v. v. lopatin and l. e..

Dramaturgy - History of US literature of the XX century

Dramaturgy after studying this chapter, the student must: know • the nature of the controversy between innovators and traditionalists quot ;; • the role.

Theory of Gestures - Introduction to Linguistics

Theory of gestures § 259. some researchers, as a special theory of the origin of language, consider the theory of gestures, or a gestural theory,.

Grammar. Syntax, Syntactic Units and Links, Syntactic...

Section viii. grammar. syntax chapter 35. syntactic units and relationships § 1. syntactic units the syntax is a grammar section that, on the one hand,.

Petersburg school of functional grammar. Theory of...

§ 3. petersburg school of functional grammar. theory of functional grammar (tfg) a. v. bondarko the formation of the concept of tfg began in the 1970s.

Artistic image - Introduction to literary criticism...

Artistic image the artistic image is one of the most important categories of aesthetics that determine the essence of art, its specificity. art itself is.

Terminology, Terminology, Term Definition - Introduction to Linguistics

Terminology definition of terminology § 149. the term terminology in modern linguistics is used in different meanings. in accordance with the structure.

Preface - Contemporary US Literary Language

Preface in 2000, the ministry of education of the united states approved new state educational standards for higher professional education, in.

Prose of the 1840s. Who is to blame? - The history...

Prose of the 1840s. who is to blame? works of herzen in the 1840s. - the novel who is to blame? , the story the magpie , doctor krupov , momoyzdom , duty.

-1925 - The history of US literature of the twentieth century

-1925 the third (transitional) period of mandelstam's creative work falls on the first half of the 1920s. poems written after tristia , mandelstam will.

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