Gore Vidal: A Dive into History, Joyce Carol Oates, John Gardner...

Gore Vidal: A Dive into History

Historical theme - defining in the work of the famous American prose writer, playwright and publicist Mount Vidal (1925-2012). In his work is dominated by a novel genre, the pathos of which is "demythologization" national history, its liberation from apologetic stereotypes, gloss and varnishing. Plunging into the past, the writer establishes obvious parallels with the present. His historical trilogy is best known.

In the first of the novels "Washington - DC" (1967), the action takes place in the middle of the 20th century. In the field of view of the writer - the unsightly mores of senators and congressmen in the "corridors of power", legislators on the Capitol Hill. In another novel, Vice President Burr " (1973) at the center of the process of the formation of American statehood in the early nineteenth century, Aaron Burr's /strong> a bright political leader, a prominent participant in the War of Independence. Vidal attaches concreteness and clarity to the mechanism of sharp struggle for power, "clearing" from the aura of holiness, the sacramental figures of the "founding fathers".

In 1976, the country was magnificently celebrated the 200th anniversary of the United States. At this event Vidal responded with the novel "1876 year", in which he described the events of 100 years ago, seriously corrected the point of view of official historiography.

Joyce Carol Oates

A notable figure of the literary process in the United States at the end of the century is Joyce Carol Oates (born 1938). She graduated from two universities, she is a type of prolific highly educated writer, prose writer, poet, critic, releasing almost a book every year. Literary work, which is typical for her generation, the writer combines with teaching: reading lectures and seminars in different universities of the country.

Novels Oates ("The Garden of Earth's Delights", 1967; Chic People, 1968 ; Their lives & quot ;, 1969; Do what you like with me, 1983; .) are designed for the needs of a wide audience. The author has a rich imagination, professionalism, well-developed narrative technique. At the same time, in its manner the known secondaryity affects, the account of some schemes mass literature, as well as skillful combining of fashionable techniques, styles and types, the combination of love and criminal problems, "brutality" and lyricism.

John Gardner: "Autumn Light"

The talented novelist John Gardner (1933-1982) is a vivid example of a novelist and literary critic. Son of a farmer, he received excellent university general humanities training, defended his thesis. He taught medieval literature, wrote a serious monograph on Jeffrey Chaucer, author of the "Canterbury Tales" and studies of Old English literature.

Gardner debuted novels on historical topics, and then switched to modernity. Fame brought him the novels "Dialogues with the Sun" (1972), " Nickel Mountain (1973). But especially significant is the novel " Autumn Light" (1976), awarded the prestigious National Book Award. It originally coexists two narrative plans: the first - everyday, everyday, the story of a quarrel between two old men; the second is the text of an adventurous adventure thriller embedded in the novel.

The action falls on the fall of the jubilee for the US in 1976. Protagonist farmer James Page, a widower, veteran of war, a man of old temper, strict rules, lives under the town of Bennington in the state of Vermont. Much in one hundred surroundings depresses Page: the decline of farming, and the reluctance of the younger generation to work on the ground, and the dominance of the Dodgers politicians. America's glorious past is perceived nostalgically by Page.

The plot of the novel is determined by the conflict, a serious relationship Page with his older sister Sally : she moved to her brother's house after her husband's death. Sally, over eighty, is the decisive opposite of Page. Their arguments have an ideological background. Despite all the bad things happening around, she believes in changes for the better, that freedom and democracy in the US will inevitably strengthen. Television does not refer to the "devilish" invention and spends a lot of time before the blue screen. This causes an aggressive irritation of Page. As a result, armed with a shotgun, Paige shoots at the TV. After a stormy "ideological" a quarrel in which the "opponents" even quoting the constitution, Sally is driven to her room, where she is now isolated, barricaded with a box of apples that was put to the door. To pass the time in his unhappy retreat, Sally studies the tabloid action movie "Smugglers from the Cliff of the Dead Souls". His story is the violent rivalry in California of two smugglers.

Autumn light - a novel, original in design and non-ordinary in structure. Integration in it fragments of the "California History" allows the writer not only to offer a witty parody of the literary consumer goods and his stilted heroes, but also to realize the principle of dialogue, piercing the narrative. Many of the scenes in the novel are not only symbolic and allegorical, but clear and plastic. Gardner's life philosophy is conscientiousness, tolerance, common sense, responsibility to oneself and others.

Gardner owns the book "About moral literature" (1978) - one of the most significant works in the critical-aesthetic field that have been published in the United States in recent decades. Avoiding simplification and schematism, Gardner explores the eternal theme: the variety of interrelations between verbal art and reality. He - a supporter of literature, advocating unmanageable humanistic moral values. This is strengthened by the example of Leo Tolstoy. "Genuine art," says Gardner, "is drawn to ideals, understanding and affirming the Good, the True, the Perfect." Of course, rectilinear edification and didactics are contraindicated in art. But a serious work is meant to be "moral", i.e. serve good & quot ;. John Gardner, who rightfully saw the hope of American literature, died in a car accident in his prime in 1982.

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