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Illegal tricks in a dispute, Logical tricks - Logic for managers

Illegal tricks in a dispute the trick in the dispute is called any technique, with which you want to ease the dispute for yourself and make it difficult.

Proof and refutation: features, ways and forms of...

Proof and refutation: features, methods and forms of implementation proof and refutation are the most powerful kinds of argument, because they represent.

Separative Inferences, Conditional-Inference, Conclusion...

Separate conclusions purely separative reasoning - is a conclusion in which premisses and conclusions are dividing judgments. here's his outline: for.

Structure of argumentation, Types of argumentation - Logic for managers

Argument structure if you consider the argument as activity , then it's appropriate to use the general scheme of activity with the allocation of.

Laws of formal logic, Introduction, The concept of...

The laws of formal logic introduction it is impossible to discuss logical or scientific laws with those who deny the importance of the laws of thought..

Complex, shortened and complexly reduced syllogisms...

Complex, shortened and complexly reduced syllogisms introduction speeches filled with examples are no less convincing, but more impressions produce.

Polysilogism, Sorit, Conclusion, Conclusions - Logic for Managers

Polysyllogism polysyllogism is a chain of syllogisms in which the conclusion of the previous syllogism is part of the premises of the next syllogism. the.

Methods of definitions of concepts, Rules for the...

Methods for defining concepts the most common way to determine is to expose the concept's content through the closest genus and the species difference.

Law of good reason - Logic for managers

Law of good reason this law (or principle) began to be realized somewhere in the 5th century. bc. in ancient greece. however, the most complete and clear.

Extologic tricks - Logic for managers

Non-logical tricks they, too, can be divided into two groups, depending on what kind of advantages are achieved by the participants in the dispute -.

Relations between complex judgments, Negation of judgments...

Relationships between complex judgments we already know that the relationship of truth and falsity between complex judgments can be established only when.

Styles of behavior in conflict situations - Logic for managers

Styles of behavior in conflict situations there are different reasons for any conflict. as a consequence, it can have a different degree of severity,.

Logic of communication management in conditions of new opportunities...

Logic of communication management in conditions of new opportunities and risks introduction if the director said: we will probably not work together with.

Basic laws of logic and normative rules of thinking...

Basic laws of logic and normative rules of thinking in management activities our thoughts are very mobile. and this is not bad, since it is precisely.

Simple categorical syllogism - Logic for managers

A simple categorical syllogism a simple categorical syllogism (pcs) is the conclusion of a categorical proposition from two other categorical judgments.

Dispute as a special case of argumentation, Introduction, Dispute...

Dispute as a special case of argumentation introduction polemic only in this case will benefit if it finds out what the differences are, how deep they.

Concept, Introduction, Entity, structure and types...

The concept introduction if the logical forms of the concept were indeed dead, invalid and indifferent receptacles of ideas or thoughts, then their.

Immediate conclusions - Logic for managers

Immediate conclusions among the immediate conclusions are the conclusions that are made: • based on the properties of the relationship between.

Subject of Logic, Introduction - Logic for Managers

Subject of logic introduction the study, which has its object methods and laws of the action of the mind, must in itself be of the greatest interest, at.

Concepts in management and business communication...

Concepts in management and business communication one of the initial and most important factors of management is the ability to effectively use the.

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