Logistics Essays

Delivery (D) - Supply Chain Management

Shipping (d) d1: delivery of goods stored - the process of delivery of the product that has been ordered or is made on the basis of aggregated customer.


The choice of rational forms of organization of the...

Choosing rational forms of organization of the production process flow-group process organization form q. a. petrov [17] proposes to use the provisions.


Using the SCOR model for controlling and auditing...

Using the scor model for controlling and auditing the supply chain without an adequate system of indicators, it is impossible to talk about the quality.


Calculation of quantity of cargoes, Qualitative operational...

Calculating the number of loads overall space volume v m - the product of maximum geometric dimensions, taking into account the protruding parts: where l.


Items of procurement activities and nomenclature of...

Procurement items and nomenclature of purchased resources in the most general form, the nomenclature of purchased external resources is divided into the.


Consequences of the law of synchronization of cycles of technological...

Consequences of the law of synchronization of cycles of technological operations corollary 1. the single rhythm of manufacturing parts lots (re) connects.


Indicators of quality of transport services, Time...

Quality of transport services the quality of transport services - the main groups of indicators. increasing the level of requirements that transport.


"Detachable bodies," Continental containers ", Prospects for...

Removable bodies the intermodal transport unit, which originated in road transport, has become swap bodies (there is also a united states translation of.


Transport services market - Management of transport systems. Logistics logistics

Transport services market the central place in the structure of the transport industry is the transport services market. there are operators who carry.


Risk Management in Supply Chains, Risk Identification - Supply Chain Management

Risk management in supply chains at the present time, risk management (risk management) is an independent field of knowledge and, in fact, a specialty.


Chapter 25. Cargo unit - an element of a through logistics process...

Chapter 25. cargo unit - an element of the end-to-end logistics process 25.1. the concept of the cargo unit, the role in logistics and characteristics.


Determination of stock size, Determination of the...

Chapter 18. defining inventory size 18.1. determining the optimal size of the current stock consider the procedure for determining the optimal size of.


Benefits and example of using VMI technology - Supply Chain Management

Benefits and example of using vmi technology the implementation of the vmi program, depending on the conditions and agreed arrangements, can be both.


Local transportation, Provision of vehicles at the disposal...

Local transport in the vast majority of cases, local transportation is carried out by road. a characteristic technological sign of local transportation.


Harmonization of objectives and incentives, Improving the reliability...

Aligning goals and incentives sc managers can improve coordination in the supply chain by agreeing on goals and incentives so that each counterparty is.


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