Examples of solutions for S & amp; OP technology - Supply chain management

Examples of S & amp; OP solutions

1. SAP is releasing a new composite solution for trading SAP xApp Sales and Operations Planning (SAP xSOP). The SAP xSOP package is designed specifically for solving complex business tasks, planning sales, rapid design, developing new strategies, and for reducing risks. The SAP xSOP solution package is developed on the basis of the SAP NetWeaver platform and is compatible with the existing IT infrastructure of the company. SAP xSOP is quickly implemented and integrated with other applications through business templates. The SAP xSOP solution builds all operations performed by various employees of the company - from the managers of the trading floor to the CEO - into a single system, and the company is managed in accordance with a single business plan, even though the data for a particular business object can be are derived from several independent sources, "says Andrew White, an analyst at G & amp; rtner.

Each user will be able to access a single source of information about finances and sales, but with the required degree of detail. This approach is implemented using the scoreboard mechanism, or panels ( dashboards ), configured in accordance with the prescribed user roles. Built-in indicators for key performance indicators (KPIs) will be divided into several categories - supply, sales, demand, assets, budget. A list of such key metrics can be customized and expanded by users.

The applications included in this package are aimed at facilitating the work of financial and commercial departments, supporting operations for collecting, analyzing, planning and controlling operations from the central office, allowing to reduce the time for searching and compiling necessary information and making it more visible, which will facilitate the process making management decisions. All this will allow us to build a unified chain for working with information, avoid inconsistencies in planning financial goals, marketing actions, inventory management and equipment management tasks, and will allow to refuse large amounts of manual labor. The proposed composite applications are designed not to replace, but to expand the software products used, to fill gaps in the management of various processes in the supply chain, ensuring maximum preservation of the investments made. They can be easily configured, reconfigured, thereby allowing the counterparties of the chain to respond quickly to the changing market situation, including creating new products, following the regulatory acts adopted, adding any required functionality.

The SAP hApp Sales and Operations Planning package was released in March 2007 as a stand-alone solution and as an addition to the mySAP ERP 2005 system.

2. According to the press service of the company "i2 Technologies", supplier of integrated solutions for supply chain management, the company "Tata Steel" is going to increase productivity and improve the quality of service for the production of flat products with the help of solutions "i2" thanks to optimization of assets and improvement of supply discipline. The company Tata Steel will implement 12 Sales and Operations Management Workflow (business management processes for sales and operations) that include i2 Demand Manager (demand management), Master planning (creation of master plans), Profit optimization and demand fulfillment (optimization of profit and satisfaction of demand), as well as individual i2 solutions, such as 12 Factory Planner (production planning ), Material allocator (material distribution), Inventory optimization and transportation planner (inventory optimization and transportation planning). As stated by Dr. T. McGergey, Deputy Managing Director of Tata Steel, "we are confident that the" i2 "solutions will help us increase the flexibility of the supply chain and shorten the lead time for the production order, which in turn will improve the discipline of supply and will increase customer satisfaction .

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