Items of procurement activities and nomenclature of...

Procurement items and nomenclature of purchased resources

In the most general form, the nomenclature of purchased external resources is divided into the following large groups.

1. Main production and non-production assets: technological equipment, machines, rolling stock, computers and other objects for which amortization is charged, as well as special services (for example, major repair and reconstruction services).

2. Material resources of production: raw materials; basic materials; semi-finished products, assembly units, components and components for assembly (manufacturing) of GP; instruments; fuel and energy for production needs; industrial packaging, etc .; services of contractors of industrial character.

3. Material resources of non-production purpose: office supplies; furniture; products of type M RO ( Maintenance , Repairs and Operations - goods and services for maintenance, repair and maintenance); office equipment (computer accessories, floppy disks, CD and other carriers, network equipment, printers, fax modems, telephones, printer and fax supplies, paper, stationery, etc.); software; non-production services.

4. Finished products for resale.

Procurement of the resources of the first group is not of an operational nature, each position of them requires usually detailed preliminary study, investment justification, for each of which a separate contract is usually drawn up. When purchasing these objects, the supply department of the company plays an auxiliary role.

The second group is the main concern of the supply department of the industrial company. Determination of the sizes and timing of orders for the purchase of these items should be closely linked with the production plan, which in turn is formed on the basis of the sales plan, i.е. orders for their purchase are transferred from the planned information system. The costs of their purchase constitute a large share of the cost of production, and, as a rule, working capital for these purposes is replenished by loans from banks. Therefore, most of the working hours of the supply department employees are devoted to these nomenclature positions, because these products are the main zone of their responsibility. The planning of the demand for these resources is usually carried out using the MRP software module ( Material Requirement Planning). These nomenclature positions can be purchased both under long-term contracts and on single orders.

Prior to January 1, 2002, legislation singled out the category "Low-value and wear items" ( IBP ) , which meant part of the material -production reserves of the organization, used as means of labor not more than 12 months.

Resources of the third group, not directly related to production, are necessary for the company to carry out daily activities. Basically these nomenclature positions are easily accessible on the first request (paper, stationery, inexpensive type fasteners, etc.). From the supply department position, the logic of working with such nomenclature positions is usually reduced to finding a reliable supplier that arranges for the quality and price of products, establish a reliable supply channel with it, after which the supply becomes a routine function: the next purchase order is placed and this supplier is produced almost automatically, often on the basis of concluded long-term contracts and sometimes even without documenting the supplier's notice (for example, ordering by phone). Periodically (usually on an annual basis) an evaluation of the supplier's activity is carried out, if necessary, it is changed.

The fourth group - GP for resale - is purchased by trading and other companies. The main tasks of supply services at the same time are placing orders, determining the delivery schedule and the size of the purchased lots of goods to optimize the levels of inventory in accordance with the sales plan. An important role in this group of products is played by consumer goods (FMCG - Fast Moving Consumer Goods), as many standard logistics technologies for transportation, warehousing and cargo handling are currently being developed for them.

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