Logistics service in the marketing work, Conclusions - Logistics

8.6. Logistics service in sales activities

Any company that cares about the successful development of its business, focuses primarily on customer requests, monitors consumer demand. The basis for the demand of any product is its utility and quality.

Goods that are reusable items need service. The more expensive the product, the more attention should be paid to the manufacturer service. If a product that is not supported by the manufacturer in the form of service, will go on sale, then such products will not be in mass demand and will not find their buyer.

When buying household appliances, the first question that is asked of the seller is the question of guarantee. Warranty includes warranty repair and purchase of spare parts. In the absence of service workshops for a particular type of technology, consumer demand falls sharply.

The requirements of the buyer force the manufacturers to take care of the service of their products. The more complex the technique and the wider range of products, the more difficult it is to track the required level of spare parts, the frequency of their production, the geography of consumers.

In order to reduce the costs associated with the creation of spare parts, it is necessary to monitor their optimal demand, which is carried out using a request for spare parts from the service departments. To maintain the required level of service of its products, a specialized service is created at the enterprises, which deals with both service maintenance and monitoring of spare parts.

Using a logistics service helps enterprises systematize the process, establish a relationship between the enterprise and the service. Logistic services are carried out either by the supplier himself or by a forwarding company specializing in the field of logistics services.

The entire list of works carried out in the field of logistics service can be divided into three main groups:

♦ work related to the presale preparation of the goods:

♦ services provided during the sale of goods;

♦ service of the sold goods.

Focusing on customers' requests, the finished products can be pre-sales. For example, if it is electronic or mechanical products, then, as a rule, it requires mandatory testing or adjustment. To perform these functions, it is necessary to train and train the sellers of equipment maintenance.

In the process of selling goods, there may be various logistics services, for example:

♦ availability of stock in the warehouse

♦ Order execution, including selection of assortment, packing, formation of cargo units and other operations;

♦ ensuring the reliability of delivery;

♦ Providing information about the passage of goods.

After-sales services - this is warranty service, obligations to review claims of customers, exchange. Creating a register of goods sold allows you to accurately determine the list of quality goods, identify permanent marriage and make suggestions for the correction of this marriage. The entire list of after-sales services should be provided by specialized service departments with certain experience.


1. The object of research in marketing logistics is the material flow at the stage of shipment of finished products to the consumer, as well as the accompanying material information and financial flows.

2. In marketing logistics, the decision to choose a distribution channel is an integral part of the strategic marketing plan. The system of distribution of goods is formed both by suppliers and by buyers. It must follow the concept of marketing, focus on target markets and have sufficient flexibility to allow an organization to respond to changes in the market and the emergence of new opportunities.

3. The size of the remuneration of the intermediary depends on the number of marketing functions performed by it and. more specifically, on the effectiveness with which they are performed. The effectiveness of most marketing systems increases with the appearance of intermediaries. Although it is not difficult to pass a mediator or to refuse his services, one can not do without the functions that he previously performed, and the costs associated with them.

4. The choice of the mediator affects the adoption of a number of important decisions. These include price policy, conditions of implementation, territorial rights and division of responsibilities. It is necessary to choose between intensive and extensive market coverage. An important aspect of relationships with intermediaries is the recognition that intermediaries are independent of suppliers and marketing firms should be directed to them, rather than go through them.

5. The sales process includes inventory management and physical distribution. Both parts can become powerful marketing tools for effective use. These areas of management can not only help control costs, but also significantly improve the level of customer service.

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