Analysis of the results of lies in business, The first level...

Analysis of the results of lies in business

Analysis of the results of lies in business is advisable to conduct at socio-psychological and organizational-system levels.

The first level of analysis is individual (psychological)

Inclusion of this level in the system of socio-psychological analysis of the results of lies in business is due to the fact that the phenomenon of lies arises and manifests itself in the process of communication, and therefore is a phenomenon of social psychology. At this level, the phenomenological status of the individual and individual attitudes toward lies in communication are analyzed. The phenomenology of the individual level has been studied in the book "Psychology of lies", and also in some sections of this book.

Falsehood destroys personality

The formation and development of the phenomena of lies at the individual level destructively acts on the mental, motivational and emotional spheres of the liar's personality, which does not mean a reduction in his fraudulent motivation and qualification. On the contrary, failures literally temper the experienced fraudster: he becomes more resilient and inventive, his assertiveness is perceived by others as a special enterprise, and his failures are solely the intrigues of competitors and corrupt officials.

Effective and successful scammers condescendingly laugh at our thesis about the destructive effect of the phenomena of lies on the mental, motivational and emotional spheres of the liar's personality. We will not give them a thoughtful reminder of who laughs last - they themselves will see when their businesses and destinies begin to collapse.

Is it not destructive for the psyche of a normal person (and from a psychological point of view, most business scammers are quite normal people) are the stresses of humiliating their personal dignity after exposure? For example, the lawyers of the former chapter WorldCom Ebbsrsa chose, as they thought, the trouble-free tactics of protecting their client: they argued that Ebbers generally did not know how to use e-mail and therefore could not participate in fraud with accounting statements. The head of the largest telecommunications company - computer failure!

It is clear the resourcefulness of lawyers Ebbers - they were paid for the successful misleading of judges and jurors, for withdrawing the client from punishment - but not to the same degree! Of course, 25 years in prison, received by Ebbers in July 2005, are not 85 years old, which "shone" boss WorldCom at the beginning of the process, and the maximum possible reduction in the term explains the willingness of the lawyers of Ebbers to go for stupid statements: for them the question is extremely simple - the less to sit their client, the better he and the lawyers themselves. Shame and humiliation is experienced by Ebbers, not by lawyers.

Is not it because of destructive stress that the former CEO of "Enron" J. Skilling was hospitalized on suspicion of insanity? The very Skilling who, during one of the interviews at Harvard, asked if he was clever, replied: "I'm damn clever." He's smart. Fucking. We agree. What was to happen if, on the morning of April 10, 2004, several Manhattan residents filed a complaint with the police that a man was standing on the corner of one of the streets and loudly declares that "FBI officers are around him"? The soon arrived police squad brought a man to the New York Presbyterian Hospital in a state of "deep mental disorder." This person was J. Skilling. As usual, the doctors on duty at the Presbyterian Hospital categorically refused to comment on the state of health of their patient.

Recall that J. Skilling was at the head of "Enron" for six months and resigned four months before the scandal associated with the financial statements of the concern. Earlier he said that he did not know anything about the financial fraud in the company. J. Skilling voluntarily surrendered to the FBI on February 19, 2004, but was not arrested. You can build different versions of the possible simulation of crazy Skilling and sophisticated accurate calculation in order to avoid a long term of imprisonment - after all, "fucking smart." But let's not forget that we are talking about one of the influential managers of corporate America and an incredibly vain person. Even if Skilling feigned the madness, in what psychological abyss he had to collapse to go to the play "nuts", and even more so for him it was terrible - the mental illness was real.

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