Answering machine and mobile phone, Mobile phone - Business communications

Answering machine and mobile phone

Autoresponder is designed to improve the performance of various services. Voice mail is an important tool that is a necessary part of business communication. It saves time and lets you stay informed. However, they need to use it correctly. You should turn on the answering machine only when you need to leave the workplace. Returning, immediately listen to the recording, answer the calls without delay!

You should not tell the callers why you turned on the answering machine, for example: I'm dining out or I'm on a business trip, on vacation, etc. & quot ;. The message on the answering machine should carry the following information:

view: Hello, this is Love Timofeevna & quot ;, you called the phone & quot ;, call me dead;

choice: Leave your message & quot ;, Call the extension phone & quot ;, Now your secretary will be answered by a secretary, referent, my assistant. . & quot ;;

End: Please leave a message .

It is important to remember that recording on an answering machine distorts the sound and intonation of speech, so before you record a voice, you must carefully listen and evaluate the meaning, grammar, tempo and overall tone of the message. Remember the rule: less, better, more energetic.

And one more rule of good taste. Perezvanivat, leaving messages, is recommended in the following order: a) customers; b) partners; c) employees of the company; d) friends and relatives. Just like in a telephone conversation, you need to keep a record of the negotiations on a special form, with the required date and time.

If you call and the answering machine answers, you need to call yourself, your company, ask your question or something, and then, after recalling your phone number, ask to call you. It is necessary to say the main thing and very briefly. Do not forget to indicate when you can be found. And add a benevolent phrase about wanting to hear the addressee, thank and do not say "goodbye a man you have not seen. Do not leave the same message a few times, it's annoying. Moreover, you can not call during lunch or after work, most machines record the time of the call. Never use an answering machine to avoid talking to someone.

Mobile phone

Technical progress has expanded the scope of business communications, so when using a mobile phone, remember important etiquette standards that work to improve the business image, and not vice versa. If you want to look like a business person, always introduce yourself on a mobile phone, as well as on a stationary phone, turn off the phone at meetings, presentations, negotiations, meetings. Warning, if it is impossible to disconnect, that there will be an urgent call and you need to look at the message. New information should also be recorded, as well as after talking on the fixed communication channel.

It's important not to use caller ring tones, especially voice calls, when choosing the type of call, do not put the mobile phone on the table, hang it on your neck or on your belt (in this case you are at the phone, not vice versa). In the process of business communication, you can not talk while moving or moving, and also increase the speed of speaking, raise your voice and talk about business topics in public places. Still, the phone is more of a personal, intimate kind of communication.

All listed rules, norms and caveats are called telephone courtesy and constitute a significant part of the corporate culture and general culture of communicators.

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