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15.4. Human Resources Security Audit

A human resources safety audit is conducted to verify that the organization meets the security objectives and objectives. It explores the processes of security planning, decision-making, delegation, policymaking and implementation.

Security audits are conducted using external resources, but the more managers, employees and representatives of the organization are attracted to it, the better. Often, audits are conducted under the supervision of the committee on occupational safety and security, while members of the organization take an active part in the audit.

Managers can also be responsible for conducting audits in their departments, and, even better, auditing in specific areas can be taught to individual employees of these units. The audit will be easier to carry out if you prepare checklists in advance and simple forms for recording the results. Some organizations use outstaffing services for independent audits.

The audit of occupational safety and health should cover the following aspects:

1. Does the health and safety policy comply with legal requirements?

2. Are managers responsible for OSH?

3. How do the heads of structural units deal with health and safety issues?

4. Is there a department for occupational safety and health? If not, why?

The main task of the audit is to develop recommendations. Those who conduct the audit must assess priorities and costs, and then draw up an action program for acceptance by the manager.

15.5. Organization of conditions ensuring the preservation of health and safety of human resources

Health and safety concern both linear and functional leaders, but the main responsibility lies with management in general and with heads of structural units in particular. Here are the specific activities:

1. Leaders develop and implement a policy on safety and security, and provides procedures for conducting risk assessments, audits and safety inspections. It is important that the responsibility of managers is monitoring and evaluation of health and safety, as well as taking corrective action if necessary.

2. Heads of structural subdivisions can more effectively influence the issues of labor protection and safety of human resources. They exercise direct control and they are constantly monitoring the emergence of unsafe conditions or working methods and immediately take action. They also have a direct responsibility to notify employees of a health and safety hazard so that they do not take any risky steps.

3. Workers should be notified of what constitutes safe working methods, as such methods affect the workers themselves and their workmates. If the management and the heads of the structural units are responsible for information and training, employees are also responsible for taking into account what they heard and learned about the way they do their work.

4. The managers of the occupational safety and health department give recommendations on health and safety and practical methods of work. They conduct security audits, as well as accident investigations together with heads of structural units and representatives on health and safety issues, keep statistics and report on current trends and necessary measures for line managers.

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