Characteristics of effective control - Management

Characteristic of effective control

All effective control systems have general requirements . Their significance varies depending on the specific situation, but we can say with certainty that if the control meets the requirements, then its effectiveness is significantly increased. Consider each requirement.

Effectiveness . The violations detected as a result of the control, flaws, mistakes, mistakes in the activity of the enterprise (organization) must be quickly eliminated.

Flexibility . Effective monitoring mechanisms should prevent the effects of adverse changes and take advantage of new opportunities. Very few modern organizations operate in a stable external environment and do not need a flexible control system. Today even the most mechanistic structures require control mechanisms that can be adjusted in accordance with the changing situation and situation.

Systematic . Control should not be carried out from time to time, but constantly. In addition, all types and control procedures carried out in the organization should be linked into a single interdependent integrity.

Complexity . Control should cover not one or more of the indicators of the plan, but all indicators, all the activities of the enterprise (organization). The implementation of the control function in the organization should always be a single complex, rather than a set of randomly connected or not connected procedures.

Cost-effective . Effective control system should justify the costs associated with its creation and application. To minimize these costs, managers should use as few control mechanisms as possible, i.e. implement only those methods and methods that are really necessary to achieve the intended results. Benefits brought by control should be higher than the cost of conducting it.

Publicity . The results of the control should be known to the performers.

Timeliness . Control mechanisms should promptly draw the attention of the manager to deviations, so that he can prevent them from seriously affecting the work of the unit. Even the most valuable information is depreciated if it comes late. Therefore, an effective monitoring system should provide timely information.

Understand . The mechanisms of control, incomprehensible to those who use them, are meaningless. For this reason, sometimes it becomes necessary to simplify the control system. The use of a control system that is difficult to understand often leads to additional errors, staff dissatisfaction and to the fact that people simply ignore them.

The most important factor in increasing the effectiveness of control, and therefore, the change in the nature of management is the development of partnership - management carried out based on the participation of all members of the organization or group in management. Such co-management is characterized by the introduction and development of self-monitoring .

Partnership and self-control contribute to the integration of interests, intentions, intentions, aspirations, characterize the understanding and support of the head of staff. The effectiveness of self-control depends on the authority of the leader, management style, goals and socio-psychological atmosphere of the organization.

When organizations carry out their business in foreign markets, the control function acquires an additional degree of complexity.

Control on an international scale is particularly difficult due to the large number of different areas of activity and communication barriers. The effectiveness of control can be improved if the meetings of responsible managers are held periodically at the headquarters of the organization and abroad. It is especially important not to impose on foreign managers responsibility for solving those problems that do not depend on them.

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