Corporate Community Responsibility In Uk Airways Management Essay


This assignment concerns with an study of business ethics in British Airways (BA) and in particular a meeting that occurred in August, 2005, with it wedding caterers contractor, Gate Gourmet.

The objectives of the assignment are;

To examine BA's procedure towards CSR.

To find out whether Gate Premium employees are part of BA's stakeholders.

To clarify the negative effects.

To explore honest issues mixed up in particular of outsourcing.

The objective of this assignment will be achieved utilizing the theories, concepts of business ethics.

This project discuss in regards to a variety of interesting conclusions about how BA manages CSR and the particular problem with Gate Premium.

(2. 1) Benefits about Uk Airways (BA)

The English Airways group involves British Airways plc and a number of subsidiary companies including English Airways Holidays Small.

British Airways is one of the world's leading airlines with a network that delivers passenger and freight services to 149 spots in 72 countries. In 2004/05, English Airways transported over 35 million travellers and practically 900, 000 tonnes of cargo. Its flight network is centred on the uk, where 85% of its 47, 500 labor force is based. The main activities of English Airways Plc and its own subsidiary undertakings will be the operation of international and domestic scheduled air services for the carriage of people, freight and mail and the provision of ancillary services.

British Airways flight network generates economic value by meeting the demand for business travel, by offering vital arteries for trade and investment, as well as providing leisure travel opportunities for individuals and family members.

There eye-sight is to become the world's most accountable airline plus they have recognized that this is best achieved by ensuring their flying activity is sustainable. They are suffering from some strategic goals and ideas to deliver that vision.

There are several reasons why British Airways thought we would engage in CSR. The first is since it is a tool to help achieve the company's long term strategic goals in providing expansion opportunities around Heathrow international airport. Secondly, increasing business efficiency and minimizing costs through throw away and energy programmes provided a strong business circumstance for CSR. The company also thought CSR could help them with risk management by discovering hazards to health, safeness and environment which could hinder its chance to attract traders and grow the business. Last but not least, it recognised it needed to take action to improve its corporate and business reputation, and customer feedback (both commercial and from everyone) unveiled that they expected English Airways 'to do the right thing'.

Its approach in addition has been affected by the popularity that airlines generate major interpersonal and economical benefits, but also have significant effects on the environment (for example, through noises and air quality) and on neighborhoods around international airports.

In producing its Weather Change Programme, Uk Airways has already established to beat several challenges, some of which still continue to be. The politics environment in which the company functions harbours many different views on climate change and there are different levels of awareness surrounding this issue. Which means that airlines take different views, as do government authorities. In the united kingdom the government (through its White Paper on aviation) has managed to get clear that broadening the aviation industry means that the industry must offer with environmental issues. However, the government authorities of many Europe have not gone through such detailed appointment and evaluation and may well not have such quality on the problem. Another concern to the company was the cost implication of taking action when others within the industry were not

Ref: www. britishairways. com

2. 2. Triple IMPORTANT THING Concept (TBL)

Triple important thing was introduced by Elkington in 1999. Triple important thing is a distinctive method of community development that integrates environmental stewardship, ecological development and interpersonal justice. The triple important thing comprises of "social, economical and environmental" the "people, entire world, profit" phrase was coined for shell by sustainability.

Triple IMPORTANT THING efforts are as varied as the organizations and neighborhoods in our point out wide network. This process is adaptable and innovative, creating new economies that protect, enhance and bring back natural, cultural, traditional and community resources.

The Triple Bottom Line standards for

Economic - (Income).

Social - (People).

Environment - (Entire world).

Economic (Profit)

This is more about making a honest earnings than raking a earnings no matter what - it must be produced in

harmony with the other two ideas of individuals and Planet. While many major corporations used to sneer at the thought of a Triple Bottom Line reporting system. With a positive circulation on effect with their suppliers. Because resource chains are also responsible to the overall impact of a company.

A narrow concept of economic sustainability targets the financial performance of the

corporation itself: the responsibility of management is develop, produce and market those

products that secure long-term financial performance for the business. This consists of a focus

on strategies that lead to a long-term rise in share price, revenues and market show rather than short term explosions of revenue at the trouble of long term viability.

Social (People)

This is also called Human Capital. It certainly just means treating your employees right, but furthermore also the community where your business operates. In this area of the Triple IMPORTANT THING model, business not only ensures a fair day's benefit a good day's pay; but also plods back a few of its gains into the bordering community through sponsorships, donation or jobs that go towards the normal good.

The key concern in the social point of view of sustainability is that of communal justice. Despite the impressive advancements in benchmarks of living that lots of folks have enjoyed; there are growing disparities of income and riches within many countries. In a far more just an equitable world, living specifications will lead to more monetary prosperity.

Environment (Globe)

This is Natural Capital. An enterprise will make an effort to reduce its ecological impact in all areas - from sourcing raw materials, to production techniques, to delivery and administration. It's a "cradle to grave" deal with and occasionally "cradle to cradle" i. e. taking some responsibility for goods after they've been sold - for example, offering a recycling or take back program.

The importance of Triple IMPORTANT THING reports are

Economic increases: Careers created, Small businesses started or expanded, environmentally responsible industries involved, Poverty reduced or alleviated.

Social advancements: folks of training collar or low-wealth employed; educational systems improved upon; racism dismantled; electric power shared.

Environmental stewardship: land/normal water resources covered; working lands locally-owned; normal water quality improved; local plants and herbal products propagated.

2. 3. Financial duties of BA.

Aviation must be excellence within the entire climate platform with open access to cost-effective market-based equipment including carbon trading, Clean Development Mechanism(CDM) credits and probably credits from Minimizing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD) in expanding countries. Uk Airways is participating in a respected role within the aviation industry in developing and promoting proactive alternatives for post-Kyoto aviation insurance plan, through the International Air Transportation Association (IATA), Relationship of Euro Airlines (AEA) and a passionate group of companies called Aviation Global Deal (AGD). The AGD proposal is a sector-wide coverage based on carbon trading that will require all airlines to take part on an equal basis. Carbon allowances are allocated partly by auctioning, with the resulting revenue being collected by the UN body and aimed to specific environmental projects in developing countries. In this manner the proposal meets both the competitiveness and common but differentiated obligations (whereby developed countries consent to take the business lead on addressing environment change) rules.

2. 4. Social obligations of BA.

British Airways offer support in the form of funding, free plane tickets, excess baggage, products, cargo space and fundraising occasions. Our priorities for support are Education and Children Development, Aiding our Colleagues, Environment, Sustainable Tourism and Heritage. The Community and Conservation started in 1984; they offer these projects in and around the earth.

Many of BA staffs are involved in Charity work in and in another country as the part of the management they support their staffs in their charitable work.

Few charity services talked about below.

1) The BA community volunteering accolades.

2) BA supplying scheme.

3) BA fun works for Cancers research UK.

4) Action for street children volunteer programme.

Change for Good is marketed by onboard announcements and the showing of your onboard

video. There are nearly 2, 400 English Airways cabin team customers who co-ordinate the onboard collections from our customers. There's also collection items across British Airways offices so our fellow workers can also contribute to the program.

E. g. : UNICEF.

2. 5. Environment responsibilities of BA.

BA was the first airline to are accountable to the Environmental performance. This is called one of

the strategies of BA. They help in minimizing the price travel better. They reduce their impact through the latest technology including airframes, motors and alternative fuels. To do this strategy they are suffering from a Comprehensive program,

Climate change - there overall strategy is to ensure we totally contribute our show of global carbon dioxide emission reductions by 2050

Waste - there concentrate on reducing, reusing, recycling and dependable disposal of there waste

Noise - minimizing our effect on local communities round the airports they serve.

Air quality - improving air quality for community's surrounding the air plug-ins they serve.

(2. 6) Conclusion

British Airways use the methodology of CSR They truly thinks now they may have all the essential elements in destination to deliver their overall vision to become the world's most accountable airline.

Ref: www. britishairways. com

BA's procedure towards corporate cultural responsibility using Triple IMPORTANT THING.

Triple bottom line was introduced by Elkington in 1999. Corresponding to him TBL signifies the idea that business does not have only one goal-namely adding financial value but that it has a extended goal set in place which necessitates adding environmental and cultural value too.

To understand the components of sustainability which symbolizes it's essential for to us to examine them independently. The components are divided into three.





When there was a dispute between Gate Gourmet's and BA's there have been 100, 000 passengers

Whose plane tickets were terminated they endured because the seat tickets which the passenger purchased were not reimbursed nor transferred to the other plane tickets. The strike possessed cost almost 50 million which brought disturbance to more than 100, 000 individuals.

Thousands of employees who went on strike which brought on disruption to the people as the flights were cancelled. This is the season where in fact the BA went on tremendous damage and made a decision to retain the services of unofficial labour.

As this attack went on the middle of the summertime season were within were whole lot of people who had to visit back and were N number of visitors to arrive, this also could be a reason for BA to travel under Bankrupt. The employees were alert to the situation and they had a upper hand to the problem.

There were few Employees who even argued "We have an extremely hardworking and professional labor force, the existing situation is very much indeed an exception to that rule. " Along with the restructuring plan led to a large number of job losses. However the restructuring undoubtedly resulted in financial success. However, they have to still focus on full devotion of its employees to match its restored financial success.


British Airways offer support in the form of funding, free plane tickets, excess baggage, products, cargo space and fundraising situations. Our priorities for support will be the Community and Conservation started in 1984; they offer these projects in and around the world. Many of BA staffs are involved in Charity work in and abroad as the area of the management they support their staffs in their charitable work.

Few charity services described below.

1) The BA community volunteering prizes.

2) BA presenting scheme.

3) BA fun works for Cancer research UK.

4) Action for road children volunteer programme.

Change for Good is advertised by onboard announcements and the showing of your onboard video tutorial. There are nearly 2, 400 British Airways cabin crew users who co-ordinate the onboard selections from our customers. There's also collection points across Uk Airways office buildings so our colleagues can also contribute to the program.

E. g. : UNICEF.


BA was the first flight to report to the Environmental performance. This is called one of the strategies of BA. They assist in minimizing the cost travel more effectively

They reduce their impact through the most advanced technology including airframes, machines and substitute fuels.

To achieve this strategy they are suffering from Comprehensive programmes

Climate change - there overall strategy is to ensure they totally contribute their show of global skin tightening and emission reductions by 2050.

Waste - give attention to reducing, reusing, recycling and in charge disposal of waste materials.

Noise - reducing our impact on local communities around the airports they serve.

Air quality - increasing air quality for communities round the airports they serve.

Ref: britishairways. com

3. Explanation about Gate Gourmet's is also part of BA's stakeholder? Using Commercial Public responsibility theory.

Before we discuss concerning this matter we ought to understand the definition of whom the worker is and who the contractor is. Worker is someone who is hired to provide services to a firm frequently in exchange for compensation and would you not provide these services within an unbiased business.

Contractor is a person or business which provides goods or services to some other entity under terms given in a contract. Unlike a worker, a contractor can not work regularly for a company.

Contractors aren't an integral part of company shareholder, how ever before it has been argued that contractor's are not genuine shareholders of a client. However, in order to learn whether this is actually the case; the concept of salience of stakeholders will be utilized.

Stakeholder is a Person, group, or firm that has direct or indirect stake within an organization because it can affect or be affected by the organizationHYPERLINK "http://www. businessdictionary. com/definition/organization. html"'HYPERLINK "http://www. businessdictionary. com/definition/organization. html"s activities, objectives, and plans. Stakeholders are shareholders, customers, collectors, suppliers, employees, federal and community of a business. Gate Premium is a food distributor for English Airways. This implies they are the stakeholder of BA. Stakeholder plays a vital role for an organization. It is vital to examine stakeholder importance in order to control these stakeholders. Mitchell et al (1997) suggest there are three key romance factors more likely to determine the value of stakeholders. In addition, it called 'Salience of Stakeholder';

Power - The conceived ability of stakeholder to impact organizational action.

Legitimacy - If the corporation conceives the stakeholders' activities to be readable, proper or appropriate.

Urgency - the degree to which stakeholder statements are conceived to call for immediate actions.

Ref: britishairways. com & Pedro Longart, Lecture hand-outs, 2009

4. Negative end result of the Hit.

There were lot of negative benefits arises due to this commercial disputes at British Airways (BA). To be able to understand why problem we must analyse about the shareholders.

In this dispute Gate Premium staff became key players. The negative final results of this strike receive below;

The English Airways had cancelled over 700 flights and lost an estimated 30 million as a result.

100, 000 passengers acquired their journeys disrupted. With some postponed for days and nights.

It can be concluded BA affect happen because the value of Gate Premium worker became key players. They were not put their attention. Because of that problem was arising.

Ref: britishairways. com

5. Moral Issues mixed up in modern practise of outsourcing

Ethical issues of involved in modern practice of outsourcing discussed by sheffi in 2005 and Emmelhainz and Adams in 1999. Sheffi said that companies shouldn't rely in service provider should either have used more than one creator. Otherwise, the relationship should be nearer so the companies knows more about what contractors is doing.

He also described that some firms, like lenders have been criticised for poor customer support from outsourced Indian called centers, also Nike and Distance have been attacked above the sweatshops allegedly operate by some of their suppliers.

He said outsourcing a task does not signify it is no longer a firm's problem.

Emmelhainz and Adams said as there is a switch towards global resource and competition specific firms look like faced with the chance of your extend string of responsibility.

Once it was correctly acceptable to claim that the ethics of any firm's suppliers, or a company effect on its competitors, was simply not any of its business, this no longer appears to be the truth. Hence, organization have to take their ethical responsibilities a lot more broadly. Which means supply chain needs to be used as a conduct for ethics management and laws.

(Pedro Longart, Lecture hand-outs, 2009)

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