Google's Human Resource Management

James Bushor

Many organizations desire to be in a position to retain their employees because it benefits their organizations in the long run. Today, there a wide range of organizations with high employee turnovers. High employee turnover can be considered a huge problem for some organizations because employee turnover is the number of employees they have to constantly hire to ensure that their organizations are operated regularly with the goals. High employee turnover can cost organizations at high expenses and can demonstrate a poor outcome on organizations. Ignoring this particular problem can lead to a destruction of an organization. Therefore, developing employee retention techniques is a easiest way to ensure a needed variety of employees remain employed while maintaining work performance and productivity. If employees are pleased with their jobs at their organizations, it can lower their turnover rate. There are various organizations that successfully maintain steadily its range of employees by its recruitment, selection, and retention practices. Google is going to be used for example during discussion on this paper. Google has successfully maintained its retention of high quality employees by its retention program. Lombardo (2017) mentioned that "Google's success is dependant on its high quality human resources. The business generally emphasizes smartness and excellence among its employees. Google's human resource management also includes carefully selected strategies, methods, and approaches for recruitment and selection, as well as for the retention of high quality workers. The firm's recruitment practices and selection process ensure an enough workforce. The retention programs at Google are made to retain excellent employees. These programs also attract employees to the firm. " Another section discusses how Google successfully maintains its range of employees by which consists of strategies, methods, and approaches for recruitment and selection, as well as for retention of high quality employees.

Lombardo (2017) explained that "Google's human resource management runs on the mixture of internal and external recruitment sources to keep up the adequacy of its recruiting. The business uses promotions, transfers, and trainees/interns as the main internal recruitment sources for HR needs. On the other hand, the external recruitment sources at Google include educational institutions and respondents to job advertisements. " Google ads are mostly posted on Google's Careers website and on various websites through se's and institutions. Also, Google sends their high-skilled recruiters to various educational institutions to give a presentation about its opportunities. Google successfully permits a regular arrival of qualified employees with these recruitment practices.

Google's human resource management has settled the most significant criteria for selecting applicants, that happen to be smartness, creativity, drive for excellence, and alignment with the organization. Google will not view work experience as a significant criterion for the selection process. Google mostly seeks potential job seekers that shoot for excellence and innovation. Google has goals to maximize innovation to support its broad differentiation strategy. That explains how Google successfully created a multitude of applicable products and services that they offer to the world. Google's selection process commonly involves criminal background checks, preliminary screening, on-the-job tests, and interviews. Google's human resource management uses various procedures and steps for various positions within Google.

Google provides compensation packages to retain high qualified employees, which is one of the key Google's HRM tool to ensure that Google's functions are consistent with its goals and activities. Google's compensation packages are competitive and above average. Google provides high salaries and wages, free meals, incentives, and advantages to employees. The typical design of Google's offices highlights fun and creativity, which attract and retain high qualified employees. Google's HRM provides coaching and mentoring program to retain and develop employees with leadership potential (Lombardo, 2017).

With those strategies, methods, and techniques that Google uses, organizations can perform their goals to retain a number of employees. Also, those practices can decrease the costs of hiring process dramatically. Each organization's HRM should seek guidelines that are shared widely by many organizations and also, they need to create a new practice that supports their goals. Each organization's HRM should be encouraged to talk about their finest practices with other organizations even though they might be in a competitive recruitment.


Lombardo, J. (2017). Google's HRM: Recruitment, Selection, Retention. Retrieved from http://panmore. com/google-hrm-recruitment-selection-retention

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