Leadership In Context ALONG WITH THE Saf Leadership Doctrine Management Essay

Leadership have been described as "the process of affect others, perhaps true to state that leadership have grown to be feature of most culture throughout record. It offers certainly been an essential quality in all cultures that have survived and flourished. The objective of this article is to describe the understanding of authority in the framework of SAF, the SAF control competency model and Construction & Behaviour / Competency / Skill methods. It'll then responded on the ideas or issues to which there are a couple of things to be evaluated over the idea or theory and followed by the representation from lessons 1 to 5.

What Is Leadership

What leadership methods to me and just why it matters in Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF)? Management is a responsibility to lead a team or organisation in order to carry out the quest or complete the task effectively. As an officer in the armed forces, I must have the ability to inspire the folks by showing my character, prices of existing fields and have got good communication. This ability has been cultivated since the starting when I signed up with the organisation.

In Royal Brunei MILITARY (RBAF), the context is described leader and manager. Both approaches are different, where a innovator serves as a "someone who shows just how, urges and goals", and supervisor is "someone who oversees, supervises, courses and administers". Therefore to work in what we do we must have both skills. As a leader will need to have vision, having the ability to communicate that vision and encourage our visitors to follow also to take willingly. In addition to that, the core principles explain how we as a market leaders and managers must become a job models for our subordinates to check out. It describes how we must behave in order to stimulate and guide those for whom were accountable in RBAF.

The SAF Control Doctrine (Construction & Competency Model)

What is exceptional in the SAF Control framework is the order of two main forms, namely by means of triangle and circle. SAF is rolling out extensive and proceeding towards the course of the third Generation SAF. In the second form of the framework explains the routine of control for the required way. The uniqueness of this framework offers pictorial understanding this is and thought management in both kinds of order. Each form has a platform as a distinctive feature information are summarized the following

In a group each leader must focus on affect people who have a good understanding of the quest and objectives, functioning environment and the required results. Triangle offers a framework to look for the need for leaders to effective command in the SAF. Great things about this framework create consciousness in carrying out their responsibilities and tasks and know where in fact the weaknesses that needs to be upgraded. For understanding the context of authority, the triangle condition consists of four domains that are worth, competencies, styles and self. The form of the circle can identify the contextual through three domains, namely the quest and objectives, functioning environment and desired effects.

This framework is not only expanding the set of "ingredients" for effective management, but also emphasized the initial importance. This framework called the SAF Management 24-7 as shown in Body 1. Every blocks affect a head and moving trip through the contacts within a circle. Type of this framework can be used to service Tri and to the second-rate and middle managers. Contextual insight 3 domains have marriage with manifestation of authority in the SAF. If each one of the domain name is failed, then overall will be unsuccessful.

Figure 1. SAF Leadership Framework 24-7

Behavioural / Competency / Skill Approaches to Leadership

The SAF Control Competency Model involves five competency domains and 14 skills are normal to the SAF. In the skill domains are divided into 3 levels of management of different Behaviours; Direct, Organizational and tactical. The style methodology emphasises the behavior of the market leaders. Style approach differs from characteristic and skills solutions because it focuses on what leaders do alternatively than are. A couple of two key behaviours which can be task behaviours and romance behaviours. The duty behaviours facilitate goal fulfillment or reach the targets. Marriage behaviours help subordinates feel safe with themselves, with one another and the situation. The central concentration is how market leaders combined these two behaviours. Blake & Mouton developed a model that defined leadership behaviours over a managerial or authority grid. The basic tenet is that based on matter for creation and concern for folks, the command style will belong to one of the 4 quadrants.

By understanding the behavior that lead style can be seen how you will play the role as a innovator. The main concentrate is what leaders do and how they action. As shown in Number 2, the managerial behaviour is the preferred style area to use which is both matter for individuals and results, looked after depend the region of environment you operate. However, this style is gentle, but production will run smoothly. The behaviour way required a great depth of understanding to study linkage to command.

Figure 2. The Authority Grid

What are the difference concepts between management and management?

The terms management and management are distinguish differently by various people. The largest difference between professionals and market leaders is the way they inspire the people who work or follow them. Back to the definition, authority is a process whereby an individual influences several individuals to accomplish a common goal, whereas management is to exercise managerial, administrative and supervisory route of a group or organization. Authority and management share many similarities. Both authority and management involve effect, working with people, and dealing with effective goal management. However, the fields of authority and management can also be considered completely different.

To distinguish between authority and management, an evaluation between authority and management activities is shown in Body 3. An individual can be considered a great leader, a great supervisor, or both, but each area requires the mastery of just a bit different skills and competencies.




Seeking order and stability

Seeking adaptive and constructive change

Kotter (1990)

Do the right things

Do things right

Bennis & Nanus (1985)

Multidirectional relationship

Develop mutual purpose

Unidirectional relationship

Coordinating activities

Rost (1991)

Source: Northouse, 2007, p. 9-10

Figure 3. Assessment Function of Control and Management

Although there is a clear difference between management and authority, two jobs are overlapping. Take for example, Dispatch CO lead the command of the dispatch for patrol with his crews. When CO calls for fee on planning and handling, he is involved in management. When CO became administrator in influencing the ship's team to accomplish their task, he is involved in leadership. Both processes have an impact on the ship's team to achieve the job. Overall, this is will depend on the tasking given where in fact the CO may take more authority and less management or vice-versa.

Do I'd like more leadership/management oriented responsibilities?

Again taking an example as Ship CO where his command may vary depending on his job and works together with his team. His management function will demand more concerning take care of the men like the ship so ship organisation will run efficiently. As shown in Physique 3 above, management is about seeking order and stability; leadership is approximately seeking adaptive and constructive. When you can find more leadership responsibilities, it required time and focus of work for Ship CO that will have an effect on changes on his crew.

My strength and weakness

By understanding the authority in framework, more in-depth considered to show that there are weaknesses in my area of leadership. In lessons 1 to 5, can be make a difference whether my command style and management effectiveness for this has been achieved or have to be developed. As shown in the diagram on Physique 1 above, the authority competency platform & model, generally through this form of triangle and circle guidance can create in one of 4 blocks. The knowledge of military command and the difference between management, authority and demand give an overview and their marriage to my reflection. During this course, the key concentrate is to look and think into my Personal Mastery and Home. In addition, the 5 competency domains and 14 skill domains can be taken as education knowledge.

The MBTI tool is described about the tastes to tell apart my kind of personality if the function of judging (thinking and feeling) and perceiving functions (sensing & Intuition). My account obtained was based on ENTJ (Direct & Decide), power of character that helped me through personality Extraversion and Thinking. However, to assist on my weakness parts, I have to look into Introversion which many of this kind should appreciate deep thinking technique and understanding the logic.

Meanwhile, IDAP methods provide important responses to steer me towards attaining the desired direction. From brief to long-term goal that measure my success. Power and weakness of the evidence provided will establish and improve my weakness area with the aid of training method. Interviews were conducted with the Directing Staff to judge my IDAP. To attain my goal is to do a reflection on my strength and weakness and taking the responses positively.


The article has explained on my understanding on management in context and the important of it with regards to RBAF. The SAF Control Framework & competency which has a unique to SAF and the Behavioural / Competency / Skill methods to control give more thought on style procedure and competency website which is common to SAF. To sophisticated further, it talked about the difference between authority and management and their duties. As a director and a head both jobs are significant with their style approach towards the task. Overall my representation on the lesson 1 - 5, has significantly open up my understanding especially the various tools (MBTI and IDAP) that may further improve my command knowledge during this course.

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