Socio-psychological climate - Organizational behavior

Socio-psychological climate

Socio-psychological climate (SPK) - the social and psychological state of the collective, the nature of value orientations, interpersonal relations and mutual expectations in it. Depends on the environment and the level of development of the team, directly affects the activities of its members, the implementation of its core functions. Distinguish favorable and unfavorable, healthy and unhealthy SEC.

Favorable from the point of view of the organization is the SEC of such a team, values ​​and attitudes in which fully meet the objectives of the organization: its members have a sufficiently developed need for work for the benefit of the organization; interpersonal relationships contribute to achieving high productivity and meet the requirements and expectations of the organization.

Favorable from the point of view of society is the SEC of such a collective, values ​​and attitudes in which fully meet the objectives of society.

Favorable from the point of view of the members of the group is a joint venture, whose values ​​and attitudes correspond to the needs and expectations of employees.

Since the needs and expectations of employees, society and organizations are always subjective, and very often different, the problem of their interconnection, reconciliation, finding opportunities for cooperation while maintaining the focus on achieving the goals of the organization and society (which also does not always coincide) looks extremely complex and which does not have unique and universal solutions. Usually favorable SPK is correlated with mutual trust and respect of the members of the group to each other, mutual information on important issues, mutual assistance and collective and mutual responsibility for the common cause.

Signs of a favorable psychological climate are also the high demands of the members of the collective to each other; benevolent and business criticism; free expression of one's own opinion when discussing various aspects of the work of the collective; absence of pressure from managers on subordinates; satisfaction with each membership in the team; a high degree of emotional and behavioral involvement and mutual assistance in the event of various difficulties of production and household nature among colleagues; taking responsibility for the state of affairs in the team by each of its members.

On the contrary, if zeal in work predominates (take more from society, give less to it), disrespect for comrades, indifference and callousness in communication, mutual harboring, non-disclosure of "rubbish from the hut" etc., then there is an unfavorable SEC.

There are often cases of unstable SEC, when a deep interest in the content of labor is combined with indifference and callousness in communication, etc. The specific sphere of manifestation of the CPC is the relationship between the leader and ordinary members of the team, the style of leadership and leadership in the team. The leader is obliged to ensure the formation of a favorable SEC by using methods of social management, overcoming conflicts and developing team cohesion: staffing the team taking into account the psychological compatibility of its members, methods of socio-psychological training, business game, etc. The problem is the SP K deviant or partially deviant groups exhibiting (with the favorable evaluation of the members of the CPC group, high cohesion and compatibility), such qualities as group egoism, group aggression, groupism , dependency.

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