Sui Southern Gas Company Management Essay

Sui Southern Gas Company, abbreviated as SSGS, was made on March 30, 1989, following a group of mergers of 3 pioneering energy companies namely, Sui Gas Transmission Company, Karachi Gas Company and Indus Gas Company. Sui Gas Transmission Company Small was created in 1954 with, the burkha responsibility of gas purification at the Sui field in Baluchistan and its own transmission to the intake centres at Karachi. Two distribution companies were established in 1955 and were in charge of the circulation of gas to consumers in Karachi and other cities over the rout of the transmitting pipeline between Sui and Karachi. In 1985, both of these distribution companies were merged to form southern Gas Company Limited and later, in 1989, Southern Gas Company Limited and Sui Gas Company Limited were merged to create a Sui Southern Gas Company Small.

Now SSGC is a public limited company, posted on the Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Stock Exchanges with an increase of than 70% direct shareholding by Administration Of Pakistan. It has an certified capital o RS. 10 Billion, out which RS. 6. 7 Billion is issued totally and paid up and it is managed by an autonomous Plank of Directors having overall control. Presently SSGC Panel has 14 customers drawn both from Open public and Private areas. The Managing Director/ Chief Executive is nominated by the Government Of Pakistan and has been delegated with such power by the Board Of Directors as are essential to effectively carry out the business of the company.

Today, SSGC's infrastructure facilitates more than million customers. Home consumers comprise the overwhelming most those users (98. 8%). However, Commercial consumers stand for 1 % consumption and Industrial consumers symbolize 0. 2% ingestion.


Human Resource Department (HR): It's the set of individuals who constitute the labor force of an organization. HR department assists as the backbone of any organization. It is liable to control employees' relations, privileges, exchanges, selection and dismissals, enquiry, payment and benefits etc.

In SSGC, the Man Resource Office is divided in 3 divisions namely Operational, Industrial Relationships and Organizational Development and Training. Operational Section deals with the affairs related to the Exec cadre while Industrial Relation deals with subordinate cadre. As well as the Organizational Development is engaged with HR planning and development. People Resource Division of SSGC practices "Equal Occupation Opportunity" benchmarks and believes that both, male and female should be treated fairly while selection, dismissals, training, providing benefits and compensations etc.

Main Functions of SSGC HR Department

Organizational Development

Leave Management

Enquiry and Discipline


Grievance Management

Contracts Management

Industrial Relations

Human Source of information Information System (HRIS)

Performance Appraisal

Transfers and Postings

(Let's briefly discuss about as previously listed functions)

1. Organizational Development: This section is headed by Mrs. Beenish Qasim, who's the Administrator of Organizational Development, also called, Training and Development. The main reason for this sub-department/ section was to give trainings to the employees so that their efficiency and output increases. Moreover, there was a training program called as "Succession Planning", where employees were given trainings for higher positions.

2. Leave Management: Leave Management is also one of the vital sections of HR section of SSGC. It really is headed by Mr. Waqar Haider. Leave Management, also known as "Absence Management". Employees' leave data is handled in SSGC in the program named "ORACLE". Leave of executive and subordinate employees is supervised. Leave program should be signed by the worried departmental mind before sending to to HR division to maintain a record of any employees' leave. Excess leave is communicated to the concerned department by HR supervisor to let employees know their availableness o f leave. In SSGC, normally, this is done on the month of Sept. Common leaves sanctioned by SSGC Man Resource division are

Sick leave: As much as 25 days and nights allowance to SSGC employees.

Casual leave: Around 3 informal leaves are permitted to subordinates employees and 5 informal leaves to the Executive employees.

Hajj leave: Hajj leave is allowed up to 30 to 35 days, depending upon the years of services or work of a worker in SSGC.

Leave without Pay: This is actually the case, when employees are in need of leave nevertheless they have already availed their maximum leaves, so HR department will offer their leave but without paying them their salaries. Maximum option of this type of leave is a month but this will need Managing Director's endorsement.

Official visit: Leave given for the purpose of official visit is perfect for 14 days and leave for established visit requires Taking care of Director's endorsement.

Official leave: Leaves given for the Festivals such as Eid, Diwali and Holiday. Supply is maximum 3 times.

Maternity leave: This leave is given for three months and three times in a whole associated with an employee's tenure in SSGC. Which leave required an agreement of GM Medical division and then goes for verification and maintaining a record at HR team.

3. Enquiry and Self-discipline: This section is headed by Mr. Sohail Jalil. When misconduct of a worker is been reported from the any of the department of SSGC, it's been then delivered to HR department to article an enquiry regarding employee's patterns and bad connection with other employee(s) in a formal document called "Charge sheet". This fee sheet includes; facts of enquiry, works of enquiry, prosecution version, security version, findings of enquiry and conclusions & advice. And after the whole process of enquiry, if employee found guilty, Standard Manager HR will suggest punishments mentioned in the guideline catalogs of SSGC; such as stoppage of total annual increment for 24 months, demotion for 12 months, Nonpayment suspension for 3 months or Dismissal (i. e. Firing) an employee.

4. Recruitment: Recruitment section is headed by Mr. Ali Akbar, who's a Recruitment Manager. Employees in SSGC are given Grades. Level 1 Designation presented minimal post while Class 10 Designation held the highest post and from then on Panel Of Directors is there, which are above Class 10 and aren't ranked according to the grade.

SSGC Human Source Department comes after 3 types of Recruitment

Internal Recruitment: This happen through job submitting program which notify about opportunities and required certification and invite trained employees of SSGC to use.

External Recruitment: This happen when HR office advertise the work and skills needed in newspapers, business mags etc so that folks from outdoors can apply.

Ex-staff Recruitment: This usually happen in rear circumstances, where the company need experience and want the job to be completed safely and in less possible time. After recruitment from either of the aforementioned kind of recruitment, HR office follows further steps of recruitment such as, Selection Committee, Selection and Interview, HEALTH CHECK, Security Clearance, Appointment, Succession Planning, Notice Times, Leave Formalities, Service type and after service settlement policy.

5. Grievance Management: Mr. Waqar Shaikh is brain of this section of HR division. This section essentially deals with the issues and complains of the employees in a formal treatment. Usually he grievances surfaced in SSGC are related to promotion cycle or promotion on seniority basic. When the formal program is received by the Brain/ Supervisor of Grievance Department, he then verify the application form then evaluate an employee's performance and then take whatever possible steps in his control to meet the person having such grievance.

6. Deals Management: This section is headed by Mr. Sattar Shahani. This is actually the function of HR Office of SSGC because the goal of this is to make an agreement or signed by both particular parties to work on some contractual basis to meet their obligations in order to deliver the targets required from the agreement. This section was proven when Ministry of Coal and oil put ban on the hiring of employees, for various organizations that comes under the ministry. So, anticipated to that, SSGC use to take people set for their ongoing assignments on contractual basis, so to run the projects smoothly without delays.

7. Industrial Relationships: This section is handled by Mr. Iqbal Hussain. This section is important since it deals with the relations of Labor Unions, other unions. Labor Union in SSGC is known as as "People's Labor Association" (PLA). The PLA negotiates with the top of this division over Charter of Requirements, on agreed terms so that counts regarding union participants should be settled. A lot of the negotiations placed are for supplying union employees with some benefits and benefits, depending on the performance.

8. Human learning resource Information System (HRIS): This section is headed by MR. Fakhar. It is a system, made to provide information found in HR decision making. The primary reason for this section is to keep up an archive of data related to Man resource Department. Such as record of employees dispatched on training, record of new employees employed, record of any staff who does misconduct etc.

9. Performance Appraisal: This section is headed by Mr. Ali Imran. The review on performance appraisal starts from June and results in July next yr. Performance Appraisal is conducted through some series of steps regarding Performance analysis and employees are given with monetary and non monetary benefits and benefits accordingly.

Step 1. Performance Plan: It really is regulated at the beginning of the year. The performance plan form is comprise of areas such as, ongoing duties, the duties employee is carrying out now, future designed objectives to attain and HRM development targets. In this step, employee is supposed to identify what development he / she be needed to perform his or her job more satisfactorily.

Step 2. Executive Input Form: The source form is filled by executives in the starting of the review time (i. e. June). Where it is being checked whether the goals and objectives set by the worker in the performance plan are being achieved or not. Evaluation at this time let the staff, a chance to judge his performance by himself set criterion.

Step 3. Performance Review Form: This step is the last evaluation step performed by SSGC Individual Resource Department by the end of the entire year. Sections brought up in this form are, name, office, grade, target achieved or not. And performance rate is given in line with the evaluation. Ranking 80 or above means performed extra ordinarily well, rating 66 to 79 means perfectly performed, ranking 51 to 65 means just performed corresponding to expectations, ranking 26 to 65 means performance below objectives and Ranking below 25 means performance not appropriate or poor performance.

10. Transfers and Postings: This section is going and managed by Mr. Dinesh Mehta sometimes supervised by Mr. Sattar Shahani.

In SSGC, copy by Human Source Department occurs in following 6 ways

Disciplinary copy: Management could use this transfer insurance policy as an instrument to penalize an employee, involved in undesirable activities. Staff is moved from convenient place to very good sited remote area as a abuse.

Interdepartmental copy: These transfers are created when one of the sections of particular section facing lack of employee requirement. The additional employees from other portions are transferred to that office in need.

Operational request established copy: These exchanges are created on operational question, also called "Job Rotation". In these exchanges, employee gets possibility to have varied experience of different jobs.

Performance based copy: These transfers are created to motivate an employee. Employee is used in the convenient and desired place matching to his wish credited to his prior better performance record.

Personal request transfer: Exchanges made on personal demand anticipated family reasons and medical issues.

Political requisition: Exchanges made of a specific employee scheduled to his or her political recommendation.


General Purpose: General Reason for my job research is Human Resource Department of Sui Sothern Gas Company and to be well aware with the actual fact that how the Human Resource Department performs an important role in SSGC. It serves as a backbone of the SSGC because it is the one which is responsible for recruitment process, selecting best employees for the business, giving them training in order that they should be beneficial along with providing them with performance appraisal plan so that they should achieve their target accordingly and focus on Company's future goals, missions and goals. It has several functions (talked about above). Each function is performed by different sections or sub-departments of Human Resource Section so that SSGC should work smoothly. Such functions of HR Division are

Organizational Development

Leave Management

Enquiry and Discipline


Grievance Management

Contracts Management

Industrial Relations

Human Source of information Information System (HRIS)

Performance Appraisal

Transfers and Postings

Specific Goal: Specific Reason for my job research is Functions of Individuals Resource Department and to concentrate only on the functions of Man Resource Department and also to see what these functions are being used for.


The scope of my review will be limited to only Human Resource Department and its own functions at Sui Southern Gas Company. My analysis research will not go through any department such as Marketing Team, Finance Department, Production Department, and Customer Service Division etc.


Following are my hypothesis (assumptions) regarding Sui Southern Gas Company

1. All People Resource Management work is handled automatically through Individual Tool Information System;

2. All employees are (including labor) are dispatched for trainings and workshops for his or her productivity and improvement of knowledge.

3. Increments and benefits are properly provided to every worker according to their work and conduct


After my results, I produce the next answers regarding my above mentioned 3 hypothesis

1. All work is supervised automatically via Human being Source of information Information System EXCEPT the attendance of SSGC employees. There's a manual attendance system in SSGC. So in my thoughts and opinions this attendance should also be based on automation computer system.

2. No educational training is provided to labor employees. So in my opinion, labor employees should be directed for educational training and workshops because being that they are illiterate, so educational training will not only enhance their knowledge and performance/productivity but also their frame of mind towards their peers and employers.

3. In my own hypothesis, all employees acquire increments and benefits BUT this hypothesis is completely incorrect. Increments and benefits receive on the basis of the seniority level and largely to the senior employees in SSGC.


My research for issue is unique and will help students of BBA with an advanced knowledge regarding People Source of information Management of Sui Southern Gas Company. Students will also be able to know the functions of Human being Resource Department and how these functions improve the betterment of SSGC. In addition, they will be aware of the regulations and code of conduct taken care of by SSGC regarding recruitment, leave management, transfers & postings, performance appraisal, labor union and misconduct etc. So, this gives them a standard notion of Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) and even this will be beneficial if indeed they want to do their internship from SSGC in Human Resource Office because my study is all about Human Resource Team and functions performed by People Resource Team.

Research Methodology

Observations: Within my task research at Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC), I detected numerous next things

Proper Industrial relations with Labor Union called as "People's Labor Association" (PLA) of SSGC. Mind of PLA negotiates properly over charter of demands with the management.

No misconduct habit or inappropriate attitude of labors/workers using their employees/ supervisors as a result of strict procedures and rules of carry out against misconduct habit of an employee.

Proper way of interacting with problems regarding any concern under the portion of "Grievance Management", going by Mr. Waqar Shaikh.

Proper record of an employee, who have been recruited, dispatched on training/ workshop, used in other branch, dismissed or even employee on leave through Human being Tool Information System (HRIS). However the only thing, that was manually tracked, was daily staff attendance.

Last, but not the least, I detected that there is no proper prayer room or pray area in any way at SSGC HQ Karachi. So for me, there must be a prayer room for females and gents so that they can properly perform their prayers.

Interview: I have asked several questions from the Deputy General Director (HR), Mr. Shahbaz Islam and I say thanks to to him to take out his precious a chance to answer my questions.

Q1. What is the Mission Assertion of HR Team of SSGC?

ANS: To proactively enforce best HR methods maintain transparency in recruitment, payment and benefits, job/succession planning undertake initiatives for communication, coaching, counseling and mentoring, improve personal performance, encourage imagination, team culture, ownership of strategic goals and seeing positive attitude towards change effort to equipment for organizational growth.

Q2. What is the Vision Assertion of HR Team in SSGC?

ANS: Focused on be proper business partner inculcating a culture resulting in efficient. Human Tool Management, impressive ideas, policies, procedures and self-renewal of individual capital through effective training and organizational development initiatives to achieve professional and encouraged workforce.

Q3. Is Performance Appraisal System the only path to judge the performance?

ANS: No! A couple of other methods that evaluate performance, such as; sometimes, employees are given specialist to complete the task on their own time and premises which means this can not only motivate them but also make sure they are examine their performance based on the completion of focus on their own. Another method is "Bonus System", in which the more employees benefit more than their working hours, the greater pay they'll receive. So in this way, employees perform more and examine that how much they did the trick extra to get extra.

Q4: Why there is a manual attendance system instead of having all the work programmed?

ANS: We are working on it and it will soon be changed into an automatic thumb recognition attendance system where every employee will be asked to put his/her thumb on attendance scanner and you will be marked "present at work" if his/her thumb found and matched. And also that data will be connected with Human Tool Information System (HRIS). So in this manner, employees' attendance record will be preserved.

Q5: How you usually motivate employees?

ANS: We usually motivate our employees with some following 3 factors

Laissez-faire policy: This coverage means that let employees determine that that they must do their work and what resources they will utilize is totally depends upon employees.

Training and workshops: To let them aware with the advanced solutions and methods in order that they should become more efficient.

Non-Financial Benefits: You can expect most of the time non-financial benefit s to our prestigious employees such as, giving them award on extra typical performance, 2 times leave grant, celebrating their birthdays and even sometimes, we grant living price and primary education expenditure of children to your worthy and devoted employees.

Definition of Key Terms

"Human Resource Team of Sui Southern Gas Company" (HQ)

Human Source: It's the set of those who make up the labor force of a business. It's the resource which handles all other resources. It really is just like a backbone of any corporation. It is in charge of employees' relations, protection under the law, recruiting, termination, settlement and benefits as well as interacting with union relations and employee's laws and rules of disciplines.

Department: Specialized functional area in a firm or a section, such as Accounts Division, Marketing Department, Human Resource Division, Sales Team etc. Generally every section has its own manager and chain of command word.

Sui Sothern Gas Company: It really is abbreviated as SSGC, and it is a company which gives Gas to local as well as professional users. It offers some mergers and almost all of the shares are owned or operated by Pakistan Goevernment.

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