Team structured work to acheive organizational objectives

This survey discusses at length the utilization of team based mostly attempting to achieve organizational & strategic objectives. The record at length discusses processes involved with individuals towards obtaining organizational goals & targets. The discussion in addition has centered on tools & techniques designed for target setting, performance measurement which could be used for proper monitoring & control & further facilitate necessary corrective action to be studied to avoid any deviation from the expected degree of performance.

In regards to doing in a team specific commitment is highly important. In encouraging commitment it is highly important that appropriate management styles & trait should be applied. This report highlights the utilization of such authority styles & how each style would contribute towards providing 100% dedication towards a established plan of action.

In short it can be talked about that the statement would encompass major areas in the management of associations & people within an organization that could allow the corporation to go towards the desired level of performance that would provide value towards various stakeholders linked to the organization and would allow the organization to be successful in the competitive corporate world with appropriate strategies & objectives facilitating the accomplishment of strategies.

LO1 Having the ability to set performance focuses on to meet Strategic Objectives

Links between team performance and Strategic Objectives

A team is basically a assortment of individuals that posses a set of skills that go with each other.

Teams essentially are to handle tasks which can be complicated, and where various input is necessary.

Naturally a team would be produced to attain a certain purpose. within an organizational context teams

Would be responsible for the achievements of proper objectives

The team would require different people with different competencies to handle the tasks

Required to achieve a strategic target. Further a team should have a team head who be in charge of the achievement of the objective & in essence would perform a job of your manger where the individual would carry out planning, managing, coordinating, handling & commanding.

The website link between performance of a team & strategic objectives is seen in the following example

For example a marketing administrator of a cleansing powder developing company would set an objective to achieve a rise of 10% market show for its products. Hence different alternatives such as advertising, campaign, exporting, improving quality & lowering price can be found out.

After evaluating different alternatives the marketing administrator may select advertising as the most well-liked method. after that a team may be developed to handle the marketing campaign. To be able to

Be successful individuals of marketing, fund, IT & procurement have to work in cohesion to attain the target (team would involve people from above function)

Tools & techniques available to placed team performance targets

In order to for a team to provide a high degree of performance teams need to be provided with focuses on to achieve confirmed objective.

Several such techniques are for sale to a team head or team supervisor to set targets for the team that the average person manages.

One such strategy is the Balance Scorecard developed by Kaplan & Norton. Balance Scorecard encompasses an array of standards into performance measurement & would entail qualitative and non qualitative aspects. . . Under Balance Scorecard performance is assessed predicated on four perspectives.

Financial Perspective

Under the financial point of view performance is assessed predicated on financial perspective with the aim of maximizing the talk about holder prosperity while stabilizing financing. Measures used to set performance targets can be Mentioned as follows. E. G :-Come back on Investment (ROI), Go back On Collateral, Standard Costing, Costs, NPV. , IRR

Internal Business perspective

This world evaluates the efficiency effectiveness in operations. Methods used to create performance goals can be explained as follows. E. G:- Range of defective products, Machine down times, enough time try process a person order, time try service a customer.

Customer Perspective

This would measure the ability the business a of delivering & creating value to its customers. Actions used to create performance targets can be stated as follows E. G:-Percentage loss of dissatisfy customers, quantity of new customers enticed, amount of customer claims.

. Creativity & Learning Perspective

This would measure the ability the organization to innovate. Steps used to create performance goals can be mentioned as follows E. G:-Number of new products introduced, level of worker retention.

Other performance focus on setting tools

Several Other performance focus on establishing tools are also can be discussed are

Network Examination (Found in Project management)

Network Examination is a method to plan & sequence the various jobs which must be carried out in a project. . This would ensure that tasks are believed through and prepared in the most effective way.

Network Analysis is particularly good at discovering the critical tasks "that would allow task to avoid delay& complete promptly to achieve job targets. . .

Gantt Charts

Gantt charts are a method used to plan and sequence different project tasks. this is a good communication tool since it can be easily understood, nevertheless the critical activities aren't identified & a higher likelihood of the project activities heading behind routine can be diagnosed.

PERT (Job Evaluation & Review Strategy)

PERT is a way of considering uncertainty in projects. Instead of simply estimating one time estimation, three are projected. These being truly a pessimistic estimate (p), expected estimate (m), Optimistic estimation.

Using these estimations an average can be found using the formula

P + 4m + O


Value of Team Performance tools to evaluate future team performance

The value of team performance tools would be essential in regards to to identifying whether the real performance level was achieved contrary to the planned degree of performance if achieved it'll be important to learning for future performance. On the other hand if the real degree of performance was below the expected degree of performance the older management or market leaders of the team could identify the vulnerable areas of and appearance into whether the targets placed were natural.

Further if required above mentioned tools can be used to reset the goals & probably also try to create improvements to the performance tools or try new performance tools as all tools have its merits & demerits.

LO2: Being able to agree team performance focuses on to donate to meeting proper objectives

2. 1 Determination of Performance goals within teams against current performance

The placing of targets would be an important aspect in assessing team performance. As a matter of known fact it is focuses on would be used to determine if the genuine performance achieved is higher or lower than the expected level of performance. Target environment would be important to recognize & compensate exceptional performance. Thus deciding the correct performance targets are important.

In order to determine required targets within groups several factors should be considered.

Past experience of working in similar situations

This provides a concept on today's requirements predicated on the past working experience which would identify the deviations, positives & weaknesses in different situations.

Availability of Resources

In order to determine appropriate goals the option of resources too needed to be taken into account as without appropriate source levels target success would be difficult.

Nature of the performance targets

This is where realistic goals should be arranged to stimulate individuals to provide advanced of determination towards providing 100% performance.

2. 2 Encouragement of Individual Determination to team performance

In the framework of a business it is very important that each member of a specific team is engaged to perform if you want to achieve organizational goals.

The most significant resource to an organization is people or recruiting. quite simply teams would contain individuals who would participate a team in charge of achieving certain goals. In order to achieve goals different individuals in a team would be allocated certain duties. Which would be predicated on the talents & skills of each individual. Actually an effective team would require people with different degree of skills & competence that could cover an array of areas. Hence if the team member or several participants do not perform to the expected level it would negatively have an impact on the success of organizational goals.

If not properly attended to this may lead to conflict, de desire & redundancies which may affect adversely for accomplishment of organizational goals.

Thus it's important on the part of a team leader or team supervisor to encourage individual commitment towards carrying out within clubs by rewarding, spotting exceptional performance that would further encourage individual commitment.

2. 3 Software of delegation, mentoring & training to achieve organizational Objectives

Delegation is the function of entrusting another person to make decisions within sphere requirements. Delegation will lead to authority being directed at the person to the person to whom the wok is delegated. that one person will be responsible to the superior.

In the case of delegation a good example is a marketing manager of a washing powder production company would placed an objective for being the leader in the market in this region. That your marketing administrator would appoint a separate team to carry out the marketing campaign. this would permit better efficiency & efficiency& allow the staff members to build up while the director concentrates on proper issues.

Further mentoring& instruction is an activity that involves guiding, Counseling and most significantly training mentoring would permit a team leader or administrator to motivate individuals of the team to accomplish organizational objectives. Further successful mentoring may create better marriage in just a team & allow team members to build up their skills quickly.

In relation to the aforementioned example it's the marketing supervisor would provide tips on the alternatives available to perform the advertising campaign &provide important info on how the marketplace behave, kind of information required, simple on competitor action, pay back & acceptance of those who have demonstrated exceptional performance.

2. 4 Evaluate a team performance intend to meet organizational targets.

Objectives are specific goals of an organization. . . Aims should b e SMART. Hence the following team performance plan would be examined on these SMART factors.

This is the team performance arrange for a team to of the confectionary making company to increase the market share of 1 of its products by 20% by the 2013. Out of several alternatives it is set to improve quality of the merchandise. the following plan can get.

Obtain funding to carryout research of the current product quality of the merchandise. This is finished with either in house specialists or even an exterior expert can be appointed.

Examination of the machines & development lines of the sweets & if not up to standard make an effort to either replace or repair machines. . Carry out necessary evaluations (financial & technical)

For this activities to be managed successfully team members from finance & processing should be working jointly.

Sourcing of high quality flavors, materials to create sweets & improve d presentation of the merchandise.

Testing of the products & perform a study on the comments provided by the those who were mixed up in trial

Re starting of the brand or rebrand the merchandise, perform appropriate offers using the promotional mixture.

Obtaining of trademarks & Quality Certificates from organizations such as ISO.

Further try out export opportunities of the product.

The above performance plan would show that it would strive towards achieving the SMART features of the given goal & also stresses how different individuals from different functions such as financing, marketing, procurement, exports & production can work together as a team to accomplish an organizational goal.

LO3 have the ability to monitor activities and activities identified to improve team performance.

3. 1 Monitoring team Performance & start change

In the case of a scheduled appointment of an team it is important that monitoring & controlling is properly completed so that the team would deliver the required degree of performance & any deviation from the actual degree of performance can be recognized & corrected. Cases for such monitoring & control systems are Budgets, Variance evaluation, Code of conduct, Internal Audits, Procedures

In order for such control systems to use information is consistently requires information known as responses. Feedback entails two types.

Single Loop Give food to Back

Actual situation is weighed against control System benchmarks & if deviations are discovered control

Action would be studied.

E. G- Criteria & Variances

Double Loop feedback

The real situation is compared with the control system standards & if necessary the standards are also revised to meet the real realities.

Ex:-Flexible Budgets

Control Systems Can be of two types

Open Loop Closed Loop Control


Open Loop Control System

An open loop control System might take action regardless of whatever the manipulated result may be.

E. X "Traffic lights

Closed Loop Control Systems

A shut loop managing system would screen the primary system closely, takes its productivity s as its inputs compares them with the specifications & can take action only when there is a deviation from the typical.

Ex- Budgetary Control, Quality Control

Post Conclusion Review /Audit

Further a Post Conclusion Review /Audit Can are completed, To be a monitoring & managing device normally used in a project founded environment. It really is normally completed at the end of a job so that lessons can be learned for future assignments. however if completed simultaneously with a specific set of activities corrective action can be studied then & there. This might include

Team briefings

Customer debriefing

Review against project targets (time Cost quality)

Effectiveness of the team & t he team director.

Review of benefits gained by the deliverables

3. 2 Analysis of team performance against decided objectives.

With mention of evaluation of team performance, analysis can be carried out by a post review especially regarding tasks post reviews are completed after the job or even during the project. in order to evaluate team performance against an arranged objective part 2. 4 conversation of this survey are useful.

The review would involve team briefings, customer briefings, review against promptly achievements cost & quality. Further the effectiveness of the team & its management may also be evaluated, benefits gained by reaching the target. ( lowering wastage by lessening the level of poor sweets )too would be examined.

Such an evaluation may be vital as another learning towards arranging realistic focuses on & also as on increasing future team performance

3. 3 The impact of the team performance in adding to meeting strategic targets.

A Successful performance of an team to attain a strategic objective would allow an organization to attain a competitive edge in the business area where it functions, Motivate other staff members to attain such results. Optimum utilization of organizational resources. Further this might allow organization to move towards new business areas & create a performance focused culture within the organization.

LO 4 are able to apply influencing & persuading skills to dynamic & politics of personal interactions

4. 1 Influencing & Persuading methodologies to gain commitment of individuals to a plan of action.

Managers & leaders may need to use different methods to encourage subordinates to add towards

Carrying out a course of action

For the discussion Huneryager and Heckman theory of Dictatorial to laissez-Faire style is used.

The theory would consider four types of authority styles which are


A dictator is a innovator who determines and enforces his decisions on his subordinates. Generally a innovator of this character may take a no nonsense approach and controls every aspect of his subordinates. That is quite uncommon in modern organizations, but may are present in family owned or operated business. This sort of leadership may prompt subordinates to provide 100% dedication mostly scheduled to concern with the first choice & as time passes can lead to de determination as this type of environment may be highly pressurizing & nerve-racking which may prompt employees to leave without thought for rewards. this type of management was proven by Henry Ford of Ford electric motor company.


This procedure too is comparable to the dictatorial command style. Under this style too the leader will need decisions & inform his followers of the decisions for those his decisions. This approach also may well not work within the permanent as employees may feel neglected as their insight is not considered in the decision making process. this type of way was visible from the mature management of Enron.


A innovator who listens and discusses issues with his followers features their views but will take decisions by himself. From the leadership styles reviewed this process would demonstrate a much better chance of motivating subordinates to provide 100% dedication to a plan of action as the views of the subordinates too are considered in decision making which would improve determination among subordinates. This sort of leadership is visible from Sam Walton of Walmart,

Lassiez Faire Leader

This kind of leader would essentially do nothing he'd permit the subordinates to do anything they like. However the innovator would only be engaged if his management is threatened. This type of approach may allow subordinates a high amount of autonomy & may affect visitors to deliver advanced of commitment. However the level of control may be loose & hence there may be situation where the expected outcome might not be performed.

4. 2 Impact of individual Dynamics, Interests & organizational Politics.

Individual Dynamics would play a substantial role in conditions of protecting the commitments of individuals for a particular plan of action. For example a person with a charming or motivating personality may stimulate subordinates to attain a certain goal. E. G " Jack Welch of Basic Electricals & Sam Walton of Wall structure Mart. Further this kind of market leaders are discovered as task experts in line with the grid of Robert Blake. A democratic leadership style sometimes appears in this kind of leadership. Generally it is the more participative or a consultative procedure by individuals of the top management typically encourage higher level of commitment that would lead to better performance.

Further the setup too would play a vital part in creating higher level of determination towards a plan of action. Specially in the context of an organization with a matrix composition may have an improved chance of reaching targets because of the involvement of a team than a department or efficient framework as coordination and communication tend to be low.


The brief statement analyzed team based working & first of all discuses on arranging performance targets to set strategic objectives, further tools & techniques available to set performance goals are recognized & the worthiness of those tools in order to measure current & future performance is identified.

In the second part of this report the debate focuses about how performance focuses on can be placed to achieve proper objectives with the use of techniques such as delegation mentoring and instruction to accomplish organizational goals. further the talk highlights how to judge team plans that are developed to attain an objective.

The next part of the report targets monitoring team performance so that activities can be controlled in the event the genuine performance is deviating from the expected course further the impact of team performance on meeting strategic objectives are clearly mentioned.

Finally the report would focus on identifying methods of persuasion that could drive individuals to execute at an optimum level in a team founded environment. Further this part would discuss how individual dynamics, organizational structure, politics would effect on team performance.

Thus it could be said that the survey would provide appropriate suggestion about how team centered working can be used to achieve organizational goals & gain competitive benefit on the market.

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