As a result of studying this chapter, the student must:


• features of the valuation procedure in a modern company;

• principles for determining staff evaluation goals;

• rules for selecting candidates for the expert group;

• concepts workstation model and profession of profession & quot ;;

• Types of evaluation criteria and the rules for their selection;

• list of documents required for the procedure for evaluating staff;

• features of the choice of the evaluation method;

• analogues of modern methods of personnel assessment;

• organizational problems of personnel assessment in the company;

• problems of evaluating management personnel;

be able to

• Develop the structure of the procedure for assessing staff, identify the main steps in the evaluation procedure;

• Define the purpose of the evaluation;

• identify objects and subjects of the assessment;

• make up the optimal commission for the evaluation of personnel in the company;

• make a list of necessary assessment criteria for the position;

• choose the optimal method or set of valuation methods based on the objectives of the evaluation, position and financial and organizational capabilities of the enterprise;

• Solve problems arising in the process of the staff assessment procedure;

own skills

• Conduct a staff assessment in accordance with the developed evaluation structure;

• Optimization of the personnel assessment system in the company.

Features of the personnel assessment procedure in the company

Structure of the Staff Assessment Procedure

The staff assessment process must be structured in the same way as any other process in the company. At enterprises, a document such as the "Staff Assessment Statement" is often developed, in order to clearly define the order of the procedure, the choice of evaluation methods, and the order in which the evaluation results are used (Table 2.1).

Table 2.1

Structure Staff Assessment Rules



1. General provisions

Purpose of the document. Primary goals

2. Description of the procedure and the valuation methods used

Procedure, stages, regularity of the assessment. Description of the methods used in personnel assessment

3. The distribution of responsibility for the evaluation procedure

A staff manager and a line manager are involved in personnel assessment activities. If the company has a psychological service, its specialist is also involved in the evaluation process. Each of them is responsible for a certain stage within its competence. General control exercises and is responsible for compliance with the stipulated By the evaluation procedures, HR Director

It is important to break the entire evaluation procedure into three main stages: preparatory (or pre-pricing), main (evaluation): final (post-evaluation), each of which, in turn, includes several "sub-stages" (Figure 2.1).

Procedure of the personnel assessment process

Fig. 2.1. The procedure of the personnel assessment process

Selecting evaluation objectives

The formation of evaluation objectives is paramount in the personnel assessment procedure (for example, identifying the most promising employees for entering into the personnel reserve, analyzing the results of labor for a certain period for further promotion, assessing the employee's business and professional qualities for career advancement or team building ).

To simplify the definition of a goal, one can refer to different classifications of valuation systems, one of which divides the assessment into a primary one (during selection and hiring in a company) and a periodic one (research of employees already working at the enterprise). Thus, in the initial assessment, the goal may be to select the candidates most suitable for the vacant position, identify candidates with leadership potential, and with periodic evaluation - identify the professional qualities of employees for further training and improve their skills, evaluate the results of staff for subsequent motivation, etc.

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