The Benefits Of Agricultural Education Management Essay

Biotechnology: Nebel and Wright (1981, 6th ed. p. 252) define biotechnology as "genetic engineering, the transferring of genes from one species to another".

Sustainable development: Nebel, Wright (1981, 6th ed. p. 16) explained "the globe Fee on Environment and Development described the term as a kind of development or improvement that "meets the needs of the present without compromising the power of future decades to meet their own needs"".

E-business and information technology: Daft (2003, p. 748) points out E-business, or e-commerce, "as business exchanges or orders that occur electronically".

Entrepreneurship: Daft (2003, p. 170) explained entrepreneurship "is the process of initiating a business enterprise, organizing the necessary resources, and assuming the associated dangers and rewards".

Human resources: Fossum (2006, p. 525) clarifies Human resource professionals as "a person accountable for developing and utilizing employment policies and routines and advising collection managers on occupation issues".

International business: Daft (2003, p. 109) clarifies international business includes "business businesses conducted in several country".

Leadership: Daft (2003, p. 751) identifies "leadership as the ability to influence people toward the attainment of organizational goals".

Supply-chain management: Described by Daft (2003, p. 715) as "meaning the series of suppliers and purchasers covering all stages of processing from obtaining recycleables to distributing done good to final customers".

The Great things about Agricultural Education in Liberal Arts Colleges


Many colleges have chosen to grow their Expert of Business Supervision programs by offering specific MBAs. The universities are offering these area of expertise or "niche MBAs" (Holloway et al. , 2003, p. 1) hoping of persuading potential students to wait their college or university. The colleges offer the typical MBA, that allows the students to obtain their business level, and end it with a field of expertise, such as agriculture business. The schools offering the area of expertise agriculture-MBA are hoping to supply the students with a definite advantage of having an MBA with an additional education in a specific area. This area of expertise MBA will maybe supply the students with an edge over students with an average MBA when they finally do enter in the work market.


The field of research will give attention to the huge benefits that students are based on obtaining an MBA level with an agriculture-related niche. To get the colleges because of this review, I sampled the field by executing internet searches in a variety of websites using key term and subject searches. I did not notice any specific benefit from one key phrase or the other. I searched each college or university I selected with both search phrases to make certain to obtain similar results each and every time.

Research method

This analysis will make use of the analytical-descriptive kind of methodology as discussed by Creswell (2009, p. 152). This technique involves examining the centered and independent factors in the study. The dependent variable will consist of the area of interest MBA, and the indie variables would be the various specialty divisions one might obtain the area of expertise in, and the benefits reaped from obtaining this degree. I mentioned the universities that offered an MBA along with agriculture-related specialization, and looked further into specifics such as

The emphasis of the agriculture area of expertise degree

Relevancy of the agriculture level in relation to today's daily issues.

The benefits will be mentioned and their relevancy to daily life issues will be evaluated.

Numerous Schools offer Agriculture-related Specialty MBAs.

Canadian colleges

Many colleges offer agriculture levels, however now some colleges are offering their MBA degree with an agriculture-related area of expertise level. Every category the following is really important to agricultural and ecological issues. Relating to Holloway et al. (2003, p. 1)

"the specialty can include, however, not be limited to, the following areas"


Applies to crop dusting


Creating insect and disease resistant seed.

Sustainable development.

Protecting farm garden soil from erosion.

Preserving wetland areas in areas.

E-business and information technology

Processing agriculture loans

Processing natural and drug-free cattle sign up paperwork

Procuring substitute livestock through internet-viewed livestock sales

Creating agricultural computer software programs

Energy Management

Manure redistribution

Rural wind flow turbines


Farm ownership

Financial Services

Farm loan advisor


Field erosion prevention

Health administration

Rehabilitative use injured farmers

Personal health care on distant ranches

Personal medical care preventative education

Human resources

Dairy plantation managers

Feedlot managers

Crop farm managers.

International business

Participating by nurturing Verified Natural Meat that qualify for international shipment


Farm career managerial positions

Participation in local fee board panels

Participation in local and express livestock regulatory groups

Public relations

Editor of plantation or agriculture magazine

Representative for livestock organizations

Science and technology

Genetic research (pet and crop)

Supply-chain management".

Commodity procurement for feedlots

Agricultural retail businesses items procurment

Several Canadian universities offer MBAs with a related agriculture specialty. Athabasca

College has students signed up for their agriculture-MBA program with farming backgrounds and other related fields such as


Government agencies

Animal-health providers

Research and development" ((Holloway et al. , 2003, p. 1).

The students must take given business classes and end with other agriculture-related classes of their choice. The agri-MBA allows the students to follow employment in several areas, like a commodity broker, as a realtor at the Farm Service Firm, or as an animal pharmaceutical health sales administrator.

Guelph College provides an agriculture-MBA with classes in farming and farming financial management/business. In addition, Laval University offers an agriculture-MBA in agri-food management, and requires multi-language classes. "Its MBA in agri-food management is a cooperation between its business institution and the faculty of agricultural and food sciences" ((Holloway et al. , 2003, p. 1). "This specific kind of MBA in agri-food management was designed for people who have a degree in food or agri-food knowledge, or who have another degree with least three years' related experience" (Holloway et al. , 2003, p. 1). Many farms now require their workers be bi-lingual, so the multi-language classes would be very beneficial in a management position at a feedlot or milking facility with a multi-ethnic employee pool. These niche levels would assist students with obtaining career in a management position in businesses like a cannery, meat control plant, cheese handling vegetable, or even in the restaurant management position. Douglas (1985) acknowledges "the problems of agriculture are compellingly important: they take care of to the correct nourishment of the world's growing society for the indefinite future" (p. 12). The MBA in agri-food management is a diploma highly relevant to many regions of work and worldly matter.

United State governments Colleges

Several United Areas' universities also offer agriculture-MBAs. School of Nebraska provides an agriculture business/Get better at of Science degree. It comes with agri-business into their M. S. degree to give the university student an agriculture business Master degree. "A number of the areas students may specialize in at the University Of Nebraska (2010, p. 1) include


Water Resources Planning and Management

Environmental Studies

Great Plains Studies".

Streeten (1967) state governments in a report about development policy, "A discovery in agriculture is essential for at least five reasons, namely, it is necessary to be able to feed and offer with raw materials the speedily growing and indeed increasingly speedily growing population"

(abstract, p. 1). Drucker (1993) acknowledges "The United States still has the world's best agricultural basic, even though farmers now constitute only 3 percent of the working populace" (p. 72). The University or college of Nebraska offers their students a graduate degree in a number of agriculture related areas that can be applied to many disciplines of work positions. An agri-business degree from the School of Nebraska would give a potential employee an advantage over someone with a non-agriculture history. The School of Nebraska graduate with an agri-business level would be able to get involved in watershed management, pasture land management, DNR erosion problems, and lagoon/manure waste materials management for feedlots. Matching to Borsari (2001) "the new technology of specialists in agriculture must better understand agricultural and environmental issues from the ecological perspective" (p. 336). Devising an idea to plantation without ruining or disrupting the ecological situation has become a significant factor in preserving the American plantation. Becoming knowledgeable in this field would make a blended business degree very good for gain employment in these areas. Ag1Source Professional Workers Solutions agency works together with job seekers and employers to match the properly trained person with the correct employer. If someone wanted employment assistance, a few of the areas Ag1SourceProfessional Workers Solutions are participating with are:






Farm and Ranch

Equipment" (Ag1Source Professional Workers Solutions, 2003).

This website utilizes a form that potential employers and employees must complete prior to being considered as a person. Potential employees are questioned on the previous training and education relevant to agriculture work. Ag1Source Professional Personnel Solutions (2003) suggests "We utilize an approach to identify and appeal to only those people that can make a difference in your company" (p. 1). Naturally relevant training and education is going to be under demanding scrutiny prior to being determined as a potential employee.

Purdue University also offers an agriculture-based graduate master's level. Their program is called The Agriculture and Expansion Graduate Program. Saunders (2003), who's the head of the Graduate program, says in the school website that "Purdue University's graduate studies program in Agricultural and Expansion Education in the Children Development and Agricultural and Agricultural Office prepares individuals for professional jobs as teachers in both college and non-school adjustments. The goals of your program are to instruct students how to build up and implement programs that put together individuals for the agriculture, food, fibre and natural resources in our daily living" (p. 1). Relating to Rockman, (2004) "In this particular globally connected world, using its growing populace and vast amounts of information, the ability to constantly learn, to have the ability to find and assess useful information, to think critically, also to solve problems is of increasing importance" (p. 66). Both claims support the benefits of obtaining an agriculture-based Master's degree. Rockman (2004) agrees that "information literacy principles can be integrated into transition classes, as well as into core research classes in the discipline" (p. 17). The education will prepare students for a number of positions varying from coaching to marketing, retaining our natural resources in the areas and in our general public parks.

Correlations Between the Various Types of Specialty MBA Diplomas and Agriculture


Colleges have improved their curriculum and are now offering numerous Get good at of Business degrees with an agricultural niche. The specialties change from business issues to more hands-on plantation issues. A diploma with one of the specialties allows a graduate to follow career in many areas that could not be possible without agriculture knowledge.

Aviation applies to more areas than simply commercial plane tickets; it is very popular South Dakota, where in fact the fields are incredibly large and the areas are free from obstructions, to apply fertilizer and pesticides by air. The crop dusters are contract personnel who generally own their planes. It is season work occurring throughout the growing season.

Biotechnology consists of creating problem-free strains of crop seeds and genetic engineering. This profession wants an extensive research background plus understanding of crop issues. The crop knowledge must have the ability to engineer a seed with the capacity of withstanding this problem that crop has been stressed by. It would be utilized whenever using the varied screening equipment and computer programs.

Sustainable development is vital to the preservation of areas and wetlands

It is more equitable if land erosion is averted rather than corrected. Once critical top ground is lost, it's very difficult to displace the nutrients and raise an excellent crop. Wetlands create clean water by buffering the runoff drinking water prior to getting into the waterways and watershed areas.

E-business is more common to farmers than most people realize. They constantly package with prices influenced by overseas exchanges. Many farmers address international business regulations if they increase livestock that are accredited to be shipped internationally. Information technology is used every day in their tractor Global Positioning Systems, and with the livestock management software programs.

Energy management consists of farm-related processes such as manure circulation on previously used crop fields. Farmers must test the dirt and receive a mineral examination prior to manure application. Many ranches still utilize windmills to create normal water for cattle in large pastures. If someone needs career in this field, windmill farms have become more popular across Iowa, Kansas, and South Dakota.

Farmers will be the ultimate business businessperson. They take the entire blame and credit for his or her business success or failing. They offer the operating finances, pay the bills, and bank or investment company the revenue.

Forestry management requires keeping windbreaks between domains and roads, using coverage to prevent erosion, and also as coverage for the house site and barns. This knowledge aids in preventing many physical problems from the weather elements.

Health administration can be related to actual medical work in treatment centers for hurt farmers or integrated in a private manner on the plantation where disaster assistance may very well be over an hour away for most ranches.

Human tool management knowledge is important to people who utilize others or work in a managerial position on large meat, dairy, or crop farms. Possessing command skills is important if one if in charge of arranging employees' work duties, and implementing the required changes daily programs requires.

Employment as a supervisor in charge of supply-chain management may entail procuring commodities for a plantation, or working at a general population retail business advertising agriculture equipment. Pr is important in both situations as one would be required to package with people on the one-to-one basis placing your order and retailing goods.

As you can see, a Grasp of Business level with an agriculture niche has many applications in the work market. Potential employees would be well-equipped to acquire work in professional areas as well as farm positions. Information is likely to be a key element in determining one's occupation position in the years to come. "Information culture theorists anticipate the climb of a fresh service school of knowledge employees, men and women whose work is characterized by high degrees of technical skill and theoretical knowledge, and which correspondingly wants very long periods of education and training" (Webster et al. , 2004,

p. 112). Advanced schooling is likely to be required in many areas. Webster et al. (2004) points out that "knowledge, corresponding to information world theorists, is gradually supposed to influence work in two ways. Is the upgrading of the data content of existing work, in the sense that the new technology adds somewhat than subtracts from the skill of personnel. The other is the creation and extension of new work in the knowledge sector, in a way that information employees come to predominate throughout the market" (p. 111). The brand new information society is after us and if one is to be successful, one must be well educated. Rost (1993) also concurs that "management is one of the concepts and practices that will be transformed as Traditional western societies move from an commercial to a postindustrial paradigm" (p. 127). Knowledge staff will be the new employees of the existing society.


After researching the numerous universities that offered MBA diplomas with an agriculture area of expertise, it is clear this type of a degree is applicable to many job fields. There are a variety of fields designed for study, which allows all potential students to choose a college or university with a area of expertise degree of their liking whether it's business or hands-on plantation oriented. I've concluded from my study that a Get better at of Business degree with an agriculture niche is a viable degree that is relevant to a divers job field.

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