The Stakeholder Proposal Process Management Essay

A person, group of persons, or organization which has a direct or indirect stake within an organisation because it can affect or be affected by organizations action, objectives, polices. (Business dictionary, 2012)

Stakeholder proposal process:

The expression stakeholder and engagement both have different meanings for different people therefore it is difficult to comprehend what people want to think and say about these words. These words are used together to establish an operation which is theoretical a translucent process

Stakeholder is merely described in a reference to a particular issue e. g. as a local resident in a specific area you may well be a stakeholder in a choice about what would be the opening and shutting timing of the restaurant. But you'll not be a stakeholder in a choice in what kind of restaurant/food they will serve but health and local specialist might a stakeholder in both decisions.

Many authors referred to this phrase in various way.

According to (Glicken, 2000) 'A stakeholder is an individual or group inspired by and with an capacity to significantly impact (positively or negatively) the topical area of interest. ' However, matching to (Slocum et al, 1995) 'Dynamic involvement of men and women to make decisions about the execution of processes programmes and assignments which impact them. '

Freeman (1984) clarifies that anybody or group of people who can straight or indirectly have an impact on or can be afflicted by the organisation's actions, objectives and regulations. Shareholders including traders, owners, associates, directors, people getting stocks or stock, banking companies, anyone creating a financial stake in the business buyers, consumers and customers.

Stakeholder proposal is the process utilized by an organisation to activate significant stakeholders for an obvious purpose to achieve accepted results and stakeholder engagement is the procedure used by an organisation to activate relevant stakeholders for a purpose to accomplish accepted outcomes. It really is now also known as a simple accountability tool, since it obliges an organisation to entail stakeholders in classifying, understanding and answering to sustainability issues and concerns, and to report, explain and be accountable to stakeholders for decisions, activities and performance.

Quality stakeholder engagement process should include:

Clearly determine the scope and have an agreed decision making process;

Focus on issues material to the company and/or its stakeholders;

We need to identify quite stakeholder and their interest associated with our restaurant.

We need to assess the power and influence of stakeholders in link with our restaurant.

Define appropriate project to each stakeholder and we need to identify the stakeholder's risk relating to our restaurant.

Create opportunities for dialogue and become integral to organisational governance;

Have an activity appropriate to the stakeholders engaged

Be timely; be clear, flexible and responsive.

Stakeholder engagement must be rooted in the culture and main functions of the company. To accomplish this, this involves an assurance to the ideas and incorporation of stakeholder engagement with organisational governance, strategy and procedures. Through this confidence and incorporation, the outputs of stakeholder proposal lead to proper and operational results.

Whenever we take up a job or business it is vital for us to identify key stakeholders and their type and also identify their interest associated with our business or task.

Different kind of stakeholders:

Usually stakeholders have three types

Primary stakeholder

Secondary stakeholder

Key stakeholder

Primary stakeholder:

A principal stakeholder includes any group of individuals or an organisation which can be eventually affected by the actions of the organisation both in positively or adversely way. In our restaurant business principal stakeholders are customers, lenders, suppliers and owner of the building.

Secondary stakeholder:

Secondary stakeholders are those who could be indirectly influenced by the activities of the organisations. In our restaurant business secondary stakeholders are city council and environmental regulators.

Key stakeholder:

Key stakeholders can participate in first two categories and these peoples or organisations can have large impact upon in your restaurant.

Key stakeholder includes;

City council




Owner of the building

Environmental authorities and trade authorities.

The Need for Meaningful Stakeholder Proposal:

Stakeholder proposal is premised on the concept that 'those organizations who can affect or are damaged by the succession of an organisation's purpose' should be given the chance to observe and input into the enlargement of decisions that have an effect on them. In the current society, if they're not actively searched for, sooner or later they may lay claim to be consulted.

Situations could come up when organisations do not aggressively engage but are obligated to do so by the demands of society as a result of an emergency situation. In response, organisations seek the services of crisis management types of procedures, and are often obligated into a protective negotiation with stakeholders, resulting in a considerable and long lasting lack of reputation. This sort of user interface is often opposed and damaging of trust.

Meaningful engagements happen in organizations as many organizations are well aware of current changes in the wider population and exactly how they spread to organisational performance. A relationship with stakeholders is a mean to control the impact therefore of these changes, a lot of which are molded due to great negative impact of global economical downturn. Organisations can either seek to decrease risk by using stakeholder management, or through the use of meaningful stakeholder engagement exploit new developments to identify and set up new opportunities; the latter is characterised by way of a readiness to be open to improve.

As with another business process, proposal process should be organized, logical and really should be applied extensively. A process is provided by stakeholder proposal which takes in to account organisation from the starting place of planning and determining objectives through to post monitoring and evaluation. This process is displayed as a group as it is frequent where lessons are discovered from past experience and can then shape the future planning and engagement.

Stakeholder mapping and their importance:

Stakeholder mapping is procedure for listing the entire stakeholders according with their interest and power or affect on a specific company. (Bjorn Andersen, 2008) Each stakeholder is different from other in conditions of their power and their interest. Some stakeholders have more power and more interest within an organisation plus some stakeholders have more vitality with less interest in an company. Therefore, stakeholder mapping provides us a framework which helps organisation in term of stakeholder management. By using stakeholder mapping company categorise each stakeholder in different category and then spend additional time and money on those stakeholders who have more interests plus more power and company also helps you to save time by spending less time on those stakeholders who've less power and less interest.

Stakeholder's Mapping

http://open. jorum. ac. uk/xmlui/bitstream/deal with/123456789/650/Items/B324_1_004i. jpg

http://open. jorum. ac. uk

Key players:

Key players are those stakeholders who have more power plus more interest in our business or organisation. In key players' stakeholder management process organisation need to actively entail these stakeholder in almost atlanta divorce attorneys part of the project. Because these are the stakeholders who have more power, affect and interest in our organisation. In our project suppliers, lenders and house owner has high electric power and high interest therefore, these stakeholders are key player inside our project.

Keep satisfied:

These are the stakeholders who have less interest but more vitality in our organisation. Therefore, company always must try to keep these stakeholders satisfied at on a regular basis and company always need to feed these stakeholders with the information that they need.

Keep educated:

These stakeholders have with high interests but low power. There is a very less chance that these stakeholders will create any trouble in our project, but these stakeholders have high interest inside our project. Therefore, company always must try to spend relatively less time upon this stakeholder and keep them satisfied. For example, neighborhood and neighbourhood individuals who have most passions and low electric power and they cannot create any trouble but their interest's level is quite high.

Minimal effort:

These are the peoples with less pursuits and low electricity. Company should need to invest less time and money on these stakeholders.

Understanding stakeholder:

Engagement process includes the knowledge of the different stakeholders and also understanding their needs and needs. In this process we need to understand how best we can indulge all different stakeholders and how to talk to them. We have to consider some key questions to determine how we can perform this process efficiently.

This key question includes;

What financial and non-financial interest they may have?

We need to know if stakeholders not in favor of our restaurant project then how we will manage their bad attitude towards our task?

What is their current common sense about our restaurant project?

What kind of information they might need from us?

How we need to talk to them?

To get the answer for every one of the above questions we need to ask directly to the potential stakeholders. Stakeholders are peaceful open up about their view plus they feel free to touch upon an organisation's insurance policies and actions. By asking these questions and interacting with stakeholders helps organisations to create a strong marriage with the stakeholders which will help organisation in a long run. Being truly a project runner we need to ensure that stakeholders know that things will get better after the task is completed and you will see now extra financial cost or any other burden about them. If we don't ensure them you will see amount of resistance in future and this resistance could have an impact on our project.

Stakeholder management:

Successful project requires a careful stakeholder management. Therefore, we need to ask questions who are the stakeholders? Stakeholder is any group/person or any organisation that has immediate interest inside our restaurant and they can be immediately affected by the result in our restaurant. Therefore, it's important for us to comprehend the key points and issues which stakeholders have to be able to handle them and keep everyone on board throughout our restaurant project. (www. projectsmart. co. uk)

In stakeholder management process we need to identify our key stakeholders then we need to determine what's their needs, needs, interest and electricity associated with our restaurant and then we have to learn how to control these stakeholders. Therefore, controlling these stakeholders is different from handling other stakeholders. For instance in our job of starting a restaurant on oxford highway we've some stakeholder e. g. city council which could be directly afflicted by the outcome in our restaurant and if we affect this stakeholder our restaurant could be finished before it starts.

Purpose of the stakeholder management:

Purpose of stakeholder management is apparent however this notion has been overlooked by the majority of the organisations. We need to consider those stakeholders who can make an impact on our job in later period. In recent years we have discovered many examples that many organisation those who were overlooking their stakeholders now they are considering their stakeholders with an increase of care and behaving more responsibly towards their stakeholders. (www. triplepundit. com)

Fast-food large Burger king and McDonald faced criticism for supporting the reducing of the Amazonian rain forest from beef suppliers. Now Burger ruler and McDonalds began to take action responsibly by altering their insurance policies and bettering their CSR's and they are reporting more carefully and they're taking care of their stakeholder's relationship. (Hype, 2012)

Advantages and disadvantages of stakeholder management:

An organisation can get many advantages and disadvantages for taking care of the stakeholders carefully.

Stakeholder management reduces the chance of failure of an project.

Quality of any job can be upgraded by interesting the stakeholders.

Serious issues which can affect our task can be diminishing at early on stage by participating all the stakeholders.

Managing and discovering all the stakeholders is a costly process because every stakeholder has different requirements and needs from other.

Managing all stakeholders is challenging it is absolutely hard job to control all stakeholders because every stokehold aspect something extra standard output from assembling your project.


After extensive study and research; researcher is able to draw a finish that stakeholders are essential and crucial part of the organisation and organisation cannot deny form undertaking stakeholder analyses atlanta divorce attorneys stage of the project. Because organisation's future depends upon better stakeholder management if company fails to achieve this task they will end up facing extreme pressure from stakeholders and they might lose their business too and task may fail and we've seen many examples in earlier.

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