Training as a phenomenon - Active teaching methods

Training as a phenomenon

There are various definitions of training as an adult learning method (Table 10.1), from which it follows that the working definition of training, proposed back in 1991 by the UK Human Resources Commission, reflects the main content of this scientific category: the purpose of which is to change the attitude, knowledge or behavior of participants with the help of training experience, and aimed at developing skills to perform a certain activity or several activities.

Table 10.1

Definition of training

Definition of the term training


Teaching technology to action based on a specific concept of reality in an interactive form

E. V. Sidorenko

Form of interactive learning, the purpose of which is to develop the competence of interpersonal and professional behavior in communication

F. M. Kodzhaspirova

A way to organize the activity of participants in space and time with the aim of implementing changes in their lives and in themselves

And. V. Bachkov

Method for creating new functional formations that control behavior

Q. V. Kobzeva

A way of reprogramming a person's model of managing his behavior and activities

With. I. Makshanov

A special method of obtaining knowledge that differs from its analogues in that all its participants learn from their own experience of the present moment

With. A. Gladyshev

A means of psychological influence aimed at developing knowledge, social attitudes, skills and experience in the field of interpersonal communication

L. A. Petrovskaya

End of Table. 10.1

Definition of the term training


A group of methods for developing abilities to learn and master any complex activity, in particular, communication

Yu. N. Emelyanov

Teaching interactive activities with the consolidation of the acquired skills

Q. Aminov

Intensive form of staff training, combining short theoretical seminars and practical skills training in a short time


However, the opinions of specialists differ not only in the definition of training, but also in respect of its thoughtfulness and preparedness. Thus, EV Sidorenko writes that interactivity involves the search for new ways not previously envisaged and the best may be that which arose from the joint activity in the training, and not what was prepared in advance. Such new achievements are not an incidental one, but one of the most important basic results of the training. From this point of view, training on pre-prepared materials is not a training.

Many people follow a different point of view. For example, L. Rye: training is "any planned sequence of actions designed and aimed at helping an individual or a group of people learn how to effectively perform a job or task. (This sequence can be either a training session at the workplace or outside it, a seminar, an open instruction package, or an Internet program) .

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