Wal Mart Global Extension Strategy Management Essay

Wal-Mart is the greatest retail chain on the planet and also the world's largest firm. The company started its globalization in the entire year 1991 when it opened up a Sam's team near to the Mexico City. In the entire year 1993 the business did set up the Wal-Mart International that was to oversee the growing opportunities of the company worldwide. Consequently, the business has loved the overseas operation growth and also consumer approval. Wal-Mart has never changed its brand names, the every day low price and high moral requirements although its method of competing in the overseas has changed over time. Because of its entry into the foreign market segments it modified its local regulatory frame work and customer tastes.

Wal-Mart global expansion strategy

The global development strategy of Wal-Mart is provision of goods at low prices that can raise the living standards of men and women round the world. This strategy involves globalization efforts of the business to enter the overseas marketplaces. Regarding to Troy (1), underneath brand for the Wal-Mart's company is "bigger and cheaper". This is because the company intends to keep up its good deal kind of management while at exactly the same time pursuing the hostile store expansion worldwide. This enlargement is facilitated by opening of new stores and clubs world wide.

How do they enter into the market segments?

Wal-Mart recognized that if indeed they took too long to enter the international countries they would be allowing the rivals a business lead that is too difficult to close. In order to avoid this end, they ventured into foreign countries to focus on their expansion efforts. Which means that the key method used by the Wal-Mart Company in entering into new market segments is by venturing into international countries. This is guaranteed by either offering the merchandise in other retail stores which in turn distribute to the clients or by opening up its store which will be used in the distribution of its products. For instance as mentioned earlier, by the entire year 1993 Wal-Mart international operation had only 1 Sam's club in Mexico but it ventured fast in to the neighboring counties like Argentina, brazil, Indonesia china and Japan. This countries where perceived to be unique in the retail market in terms of the logistical systems, consumers and romance between your suppliers and vendors.

How do they develop while in the market?

While in the market, Wal-Mart Company opened (build) more new stores in the countries it acquired ventured into thus replicating the local operation abroad. The business also extended its marketplaces by acquiring potential companies. In addition, it picked up new ideas from other countries which helped greatly in the expansion of its market segments. This included the gravity wall from Brazil, reselling shoes from Canada, reselling cycle racks from Canada and so many more (Deresky 455).

Markets where Wal-Mart has prevailed and the reasons for the success

Wal-Mart Company has been most successful in countries (markets) like Canada, Mexico and the UK. In Canada the company purchased all the 122 Canadian woolco discount stores thus becoming the Canada highest volume level discount retailer. The primary proponent for the company's success is the low prices of the merchandise and the capability to strip costs from the source chain which impresses the experts. The suppliers are firmly authorized to disperse goods at the Wal-Mart's center within 15-30 minutes of the stipulated schedules inability to that they would be fined. Again it has a great deal of bargaining capacity to extract price concession from the suppliers. In UK Wal-Mart attained ASDA stores that have been 232 in amount thus becoming the largest retailer for the reason that country (Wal-Mart. com 1). ASDA warded of price competitions which overtook all the other companies in the united kingdom. In Mexico, Wal-Mart Company purchased the controlling interest of the Mexican largest dealer (Cifra) which operated stores through the region. It modified the merchandise so that they could meet up with the objectives of its Mexican users (Tilly 1). There is certainly one common theme for the success of the three countries. For example they have received a few of the best companies in this countries thus becoming the key large scale stores and they also have customized their products to meet the needs with their immediate clients.

Markets where in fact the Wal-Mart company has been unsuccessful and the reason why of the failing.

Wal-Mart has failed in Germany and South Korea market segments specifically. In Germany, the business found it difficult to adjust to the German ways and it therefore exited selling off its store (Knorr and Arndt 23). In South Korea, the Wal-Mart company also exited retailing off its store since it also cannot localize its procedures (Awbi 1). There's a common theme as to the reasons these two countries failed and it was because the two couldn't adapt to the needs of the various people (South Koreans and Germany). These failures are specific or relevant in each country and also similar. For instance as stated above they have failed because they didn't localize their businesses. To be specific the reason why as to why it failed in Germany is basically because the Germany customers did not show much concern for the EDLP methodology and many people also disliked its relatively low pay and ultra-frugal insurance plan on professionals business bills. In South Korea it experienced procedure difficulties because of its merchandise mix and the stores that have been too much from the location centers. Another problem was high food prices and insufficient food freshness (Deresky 458).

How will culture hinder the growth of Wal-Mart far away?

Wal-Mart's culture is a hindrance to the business's expansion. This is because some of their tactics do not match some people in some countries (Kitlerphiroj 1). For instance in Germany the Wal-Mart's expatriate professionals were confronted with massive ethnicities clashes which were helped by the refusal to learn the German words. Its culture which engaged items departments, supercenters far from town centers and low pries didn't decrease with the South Koreans who disliked the firms products, the locations and high prices of goods which led to their closure. The company's culture of acquiring building and companies and low prices helped the business in countries like Mexico, Canada and the united kingdom for they truly became the largest sellers in these countries.

Has Wal-Mart had to improve their level and method of political interaction with government authorities as they may have widened internationally?

Wal-Mart had to improve the particular level and approach to conversation with some governments in the process of their international expansion. Including the China's finance, banking, taxation and insurance organizations were bureaucratic and burdensome because the regional division of fund guidelines and taxes rules created problems. For example a company with joint endeavors in numerous locations offered by a single supplier were required to make separate payment for each project to the dealer. Wal-Mart Company worked together with the Chinese administration to put up a holding corporation that could combine joint venture syndication and financing.

How effective has Wal-Mart been at preserving their business design as they may have widened internationally?

Wal-Mart has been effective in the maintenance of its business design during the international expansion since it has maintained its low price culture towards its customers. Again, it includes managed to be the greatest retailer in a few countries like Canada, United Kingdom and Mexico.

The four most important lessons

There are some lessons which may be learned out of this case. One of them is that companies should focus on to meet their customers so that they can get the chance to expand. For example most of the Wal-Mart's customers are satisfied with the reduced prices of commodities. It has not only increased sales but also earnings. Another lesson is the fact that companies should think about the opinions, likes and preferences of the individuals in a particular country before establishing a company in a foreign country to avoid considerable losses. The other lesson is that a company should make an effort to localize or understand the people's preferences and tastes after having a careful research have been completed to avoid misconceptions that may bring losses. Another lessons is that the companies that have the eye of venturing into business in foreign countries should change and even discuss with the various governments concerned such that they could have a favorable condition to thrive in businesswise.

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