Working with and leading people within an organisation

a) Primarily, Elite Tennis must know what types of positions they need to recruit for and how many employees they need to hire for their new project. They also need to see if they are going to recruit people from within the business or externally. If Top notch Rugby is recruiting internally, they can gratify their staff giving them the possibility to change their job roles, increasing or widening their duties and being more versatile in their work.

Having a concept of what the work entails, enables the business to have a better vision of what's required to fulfill the position in the very best and effective way. In this respect, the company would normally consider information associated with qualifications, experience and the personality of the potential employee. For a good example if the company is searching for an teacher in skateboarding, BMX and scooter traveling they must bear in mind to employ folks who've sufficient knowledge in these sports activities.


For a firm to employ people, a whole lot of work must be done step-by-step.

First we need to make a vacancy and job information and attach them mutually.

The job information will be as follows
Title of position



Sport Facility


Elite Tennis


Instructing persons of all age groups in skateboarding, BMX and scooter driving. Homework must be exercised in regards to to the health and safety of the customers all the time. Extra attention may be required with respect to the particular group being instructed.


A good know how in one of these sports activities, experience in coaching would be a secured asset.


Friendly and outgoing but disciplined.

Any conditions

Willing to focus on a shift basis.

The Vacancy will be the following

Date positioned: 1/5/10

Job name: Scooter, BMX and skateboard trainer.

Description: A skilled BMX, scooter and skateboard trainer is required credited to an

expansion in Elite Tennis. The preferred candidate should have sufficient

knowledge and connection with either of the sports. The candidate must also

be prepared to instruct persons of most ages. Preceding experience in virtually any of these

sports, would be looked at as a secured asset.

Salary: To get discussed.

Duration: Permanent

Location: North England

Start particular date: 1/6/10

Contact Name: Tom Smith

Contact phone: 111 11111 11

Contact email

After the job explanation and the vacancy being made, the HR must consider the vacancy for his staff. He must first post the advert internally to see if he has any interested employees that would like to gratify this post. If no employees will apply for the work or neither of the personnel which have applied has the necessary skill, than the HR must then post the vacancy externally and advertise the vacancy through Job centers, marketing advertising and the internet.

The HR doesn't have to publish applications because he doesn't expect a big number of men and women to apply because of this kind of job but he will want to get a good comprehensive resume.

After obtaining the CV's the HR than needs to shortlist the applicants, this is performed by choosing the job seekers who have achieved the HR's goals. When the applicants have been shortlisted then your medical trials and the proficiency testing will take place. The medical screening is a common test to look at if the required health requirements are achieved by the applicant and meet the conditions of medical and safe practices legislation at the task place. Within the proficiency examining the HR assesses the applicant's capacity to get the job done for which he might claim the necessary abilities.

After all the screening has been done, than the interview will need place, where in fact the HR by making use of his interviewing panel will have a chat with the candidates and hopefully choose the best the one that will load the post.


The term succession planning means that the business guarantees that employees are recruited and developed to fill each key role in the company. This is done by training, coaching and mentoring employees so that regardless of problem where you have a worker that's going to leave the business enterprise, you will always have another employee to displace him.

Elite Golf can benefit from such a process by instructing every skill to every trainer. For example if you have two experts, one on skateboarding and the other on BMX and scooter traveling, you train every professional both the three skills so that if you should have one on unwell or on leave you will always have someone to make the work. Thus the business will not retain the services of any par timers when the time staff cannot make it to work. Therefore with succession planning a company can reduce its costs.


Elite Tennis must make sure that their organization can take honest and legal implications as a tactical priority.

When recruiting new personnel Elite Tennis must be aware that the recruiting process will be good and affordable to candidates. Which means that they'll let no candidates but their way to the job by giving products or something similar. When it comes to selecting candidates, they need to be determined and approved by HR pros. Elite Tennis must be aware of the non-public information of the applicators such as get older, family circumstances and intimate orientation so that this personal information wouldn't normally change what sort of HR professionals can take their decisions. Test and reference data can be used as verification of the applicants' suitability. When arriving to find the candidates, candidates must be matched against the selection standards first and the individuals will be in comparison to make the best option for the company.

I feel that by recruiting personnel ethically and taking concerns of the legal implications Top notch Playing golf can make a good opportunity to prospects and later a good achievements to the business.

http://www. naceweb. org/legal/faculty_guide/

Task 2a)

A group culture is the behaviour, beliefs and prices of a specific social, ethnic, age group, ideas and skills. A group Culture can even be seen as the work environment, the frame of mind and the design of work of employees.

A culture will have an impact on goals, targets and strategies of the business. It establishes the way employees are cared for and identifies the personality of the business and the identity of the brand.

If Elite Tennis games perceives herself as a well-established strong culture, then it will have the best benefits to endure and situation and the self-confidence to face any crises. If situations and strategies and improved and the marketplaces are unstable, the business continuous on, this is because the culture of your company gives the stability and reduces the vulnerability to the company.

If Elite Tennis games offers a culture where employees are treated with respect and pay back or recognition for good work is given and performance benchmarks and strategic tips are clear then the company can achieve success.

In this case Elite Tennis games can achieve success by concentrating on customer services as her first priority, having a exciting culture, which gives you higher production, having a more contented workforce which means a lesser staff turnover and having an improved performance which gives you higher quality.

Elite Rugby can make or recruit a head in the company's team which will definitely help the company to build an improved and better culture.

http://www. hinduonnet. com/jobs/0905/2009052750040400. htm


The team charter is a team-oriented doc with the purpose to support them in carrying out the required job. This document offers guidelines on behavior, administrative functions and interactions. It also provides the associates awareness in team anticipations and each team member's role within the team.

The team charter for Elite golf would be developed prior to the new coaches are recruited and also would be visible for everyone to see it and also kept up to date by team consensus.

This file would entitle to encourage fellow workers to are better and happier jointly as one team so the trainees of skateboards, BMX and scooters would think it is more enjoyable and so they will teach them better and with an increase of confidence.


The team charter recognizes a team's goal, approach, and infrastructure to support them in carrying out the project. It is a team-oriented report that provides guidelines on behavior, administrative functions, and relationships. It allows associates who are normally not really acquainted with their peers on the team to understand team goals and their role within the team energetic.


The team charter is developed early on in the task by the team to be utilized as guidance for team behavior and administration. Throughout the project, it may be modified by team consensus, but it is generally posted in a highly visible location to ensure that team members can utilize it as a reference.

http://e-articles. info/e/a/name/Team-Charter/


With a good team with characteristics such as trust between participants, communication and collective nature Elite Tennis's job will run smoother and unwanted costs are reduced.

Belbin offers different roles that will assist Elite Tennis games to work and understand one another better.

Plants is a job that will help Elite Playing golf with the task to carefully turn the purchased waste land in to the BMX, skateboard and scooter center. This is because crops role is very usefull when it consists of creativity at the beginning of the job.

Resource Investigators gives a good hand as it pertains to communication with other member as well as discovering, reporting and investigating the new wasteland task so as to notice if the job is going to be successful.

Although Monitor evaluators are very gradual in decision making, they can give a good hand in Top notch Tennis as it pertains to assessing and analyzing ideas about the wasteland.

Coordinators gives a good side coordinating the personnel as it pertains to the task of the wasteland as well as the staff of the business in general. It is because they work towards the goal and they work collaboratively.

Due to shapers possessing a good drive they can drive some shape in Elite Tennis's discussions and activities and they make things happen because they are good effective associates.

Implementers can provide a good side to Elite Tennis games as it pertains to putting into action things in the project, it is because they can be highly disciplined, they are really members that can be relied they certainly job how it needs to be done.

Team Workers is one role that Top notch Tennis must rely on. This is because they are really supportive and they can adjust to every situation and when they can prevent when problems come up, thus the task keeps on with less problems.

Completer-finishers will play a good part when it comes to making the track for the BMX, skateboard and scooter, it is because they are assured when handling a project, thus they provide attention to detail and accuracy. Top notch golf will spend a a relatively good of money when managing this project, so a good attention can help the business make less blunders.

Specialists can help Elite Tennis because they know how things go better than everyone else plus they give you a good selection of skills thus the less faults the lesser the costs.

http://www. belbin. com/


Elite Golf will be better off employing a leader when compared to a manager. It is because the company involves more leading people for example trainers, than taking care of work. The leader in this case took the risk of turning a wasteland into another court, whereas the supervisor would definitely try to minimize the risk. The leader seeks eye-sight and his horizon is defined long term, in this case he say the new task of the wasteland as on the long term profit will be produced.

After all, one needs to be good at leading first, than managing. Which means that first we see which kind of project we will do and just why, then we observe how will the job be so when.

However I assume that they may be two unique types of action, that are both essential and look for different things.

http://changingminds. org/disciplines/leadership/articles/manager_leader. htm

http://www. thepracticeofleadership. net/2008/04/08/leaders-vs-managers-are-they-really-different/


There are four different styles that Elite Tennis can use when it comes to leading people.

There is the Exploitative autocratic where in fact the leader has no rely upon his subordinates, he doesn't talk and thus not really a team worker.

The Benevolent authoritative I where in fact the head has unreal trust in his subordinates but he motivates by pay back.

The Participative is where in fact the innovator has al little self confidence in his subordinates, motivates and uses opinions but is often the first choice who makes the decisions

The democratic is the first choice where he has one hundred percent trust in his subordinates and enables them take decisions. He induces by rewards and would like sharing of ideas and beliefs.

I feel that Elite Golf should make use of the participative leading style. It is because when a team will feel confident and trusted then better ideas will be shared to team and so an improved work is distributed throughout the whole company. He troubles and motivates his subordinates with the aim of receiving good, much better and creative work and in return he rewards them. Although he listens to his subordinates and providing them with the opportunity to participate, he'll still have total control in his company because it is the leader who retains the control in decisions and so the opportunity of Elite Golf altogether chaos is disregarded.


Elite Tennis games can motivates its employees but providing them with new duties for example who works in the membership restaurant as a waiter can even be a mind waiter in order to increase his job range and so presenting the waiter job satisfaction.

Elite Playing golf can also motivate its employees by giving new opportunities, for example if someone working in the club restaurant is interesting in BMX, skateboarding or scooter riding, Elite Tennis can provide him this opportunity by training him and use him if the instructors will be on sick and tired or on leave.

Another important motivating factor is empowerment. For instance along the way of the new facility being built, a whole lot of small decisions needs to be taken, Top notch Tennis can stimulate its subordinates by giving them more responsibility when concerning decision making, therefore subordinates will be empowered by more liberty and self-control over their work. Finally I believe that scheduled to employees being more determined and thus happy, better work will be carried out.


I think that above all, all learning styles can be found by the average person, either by the individual knowing it normally or knowing it by socializing.

There are four types of learning styles these are Metacognitive, Kinaeshetic, Visible and Auditory.

The Metacognitive is when the average person that is learning thinks about how he has learned, what he have learned and exactly how will he put what he has discovered in the foreseeable future.

The Kinaesthetic is the type of learning that you learn by doing actions. For example, this type of learning makes practice when doing sports activities.

The visual style is when the individual learns what's meant to learnt by viewing and being attentive for example television set.

Another style is the auditory style, which makes practice when the learner learns by hearing.

Elite Rugby can observe their employees, in this case their trainers, and see which style is most likely to complement. I think that Elite tennis will likely observe that their trainers will have the Kinaesthetic learning style; this is because this type of learning is by coming in contact with and repeating action, which eventually the average person will remember.

Another style that may use Elite Tennis is the visible and auditory. They can put this style into practice by showing videos to their trainee's before they begin teaching them pretty much, thus trainees will have a good knowledge before they actually start rehearsing the activity.

Learning styles can be determined by Elite Playing golf through psychometric assessments, appraisals and observations.

With the help of your psychometric test Elite Tennis can measure the sensitivity, cleverness, aptitude and personality.

By observing and appraisals, which is more a more practical method, Top notch Tennis are observing every action of the average person examines it, evaluates it and compares it to the specific standards.

http://www. thefreedictionary. com/psychometric+test


Type Of Organisation

Organisational Goals

Individual Organisation

Individual Organisational Goals

Club Restaurant

To make profit

Fine eating out - Top notch Tennis

Grow by providing good and not expensive food.


Teach customers

Elite Tennis

Ensure all trainees's learn the activity and meet their goals.


Leader/ Manager

Assistant director in sports

Assistant manager in catering

Team Leader

Head Waiter

Team Leader

Head Coach


Court Hire

Tennis/BMX, Skateboard and scooter lessons

Function Room

Club Restaurant

In this type of organization the business strategically is split into two sectors, the catering sectors and the athletics sector.

In the catering sector the first choice is more concentrated onto how he's going to maintain and entice more clients. He has the function room to lead, that requires making adverts and presenting the best service ever to the clients that wishes to utilize it. In the catering sector the leader should be aware that the top waiter is looking after the restaurant which includes drink and food and considers that the restaurant works smoothly and therefore draw in customers.

In the sports activities section the team innovator must be aware that the court docket is in good condition whereas if anyone wishes to employ it the customer will enjoy it and therefore come again. The team innovator must also remember that the head mentor is taking care of his trainers by keeping them determined and since they are offering the best teaching possible.


Elite Golf can monitor its personnel performance by observing for its staff performance and keeping files, therefore a good appraisal. By viewing your staff and keeping documents you are studying if your personnel does a good job or not. Top notch Tennis games can also execute a performance review, that you are assessing your staff's job as explained by their job description

Elite Rugby can experience numerous kinds of performance issues such as inappropriate behaviour, late entrance, missed deadlines, claims from customers and repeated problems, which fall into three categories such as efficiency, attendance and execute issues.

When facing these kinds of problems the administrator need to calm down, addresses the problem before the individual only, doesn't generalize and doesn't make it personal.

Other alternatives for Elite Golf are to ensure that there is communication and trust between your assistant professionals and the team market leaders. If the person is certainly going through personal life difficulties Elite Tennis must be sure to give them external support.

Elite Playing golf must find the reason for the situation before taking any action and facing the problems immediately and finally they will move ahead by concentrating on success.

http://www. officearrow. com/small-business-management/managing-people-addressing-performance-issues-yes-it-is-hard-oaiur-203/view. html

http://www. dop. wa. gov/strategichr/ResearchAndResources/HRManagementIdeaBank/Pages/AddressingPerformanceIssues. aspx

http://www. catererglobal. com/rzhowtomonitor. html

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