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From last few years, Internet and Digital marketing has become a popular and effective setting of marketing for a number of companies all over the world. The article examines the analysis of e-marketing as an essential way of marketing in the present day day. Further, the current e-marketing strategy of Mothercare PLC is talked about. How e-marketing plays an important role in the success of Mothercare all around the globe. In the last mentioned part, there is a debate of new promotional strategies Mothercare can take up to stand out further in their business gain more attractiveness.


Mothercare is UK's favourite baby product merchant that markets everything a woman may need from the early stages of pregnancy, to children's school uniform. Mothercare supplies the best collection of push chairs, nursery furniture, accessories, maternity wear, bathing products, baby protection and feeding products, toys, car seats and baby and children's wear. The Mothercare group is comprised principally of two iconic retail brands with international appeal; Mothercare and Early Learning Centre. The Mothercare and Early Learning Centre brands are synonymous with children and parenting. Both these brands carry with them a reputation of specialism, safety, quality and innovation in providing products for mothers, mothers-to-be, babies and small children. Both brands are committed to offer their customers a multi-channel shopping environment through shops and

Internets, so that parents meet the needs and goals of these children, worldwide. Mothercare presently operates in about 50 different countries, primarily in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia. Mothercare boosted its presence in the retail toy market using its purchase of the Early Learning Centre (ELC) in the year 2007. In '09 2009, the number of employees working for Mothercare PLC was 7, 715.

Company History

Mothercare PLC is a English retail company founded in the entire year 1961 by Mr Selim Zilkha, an Iraq blessed businessman who also offered the U. S Army during World War 2. Mr Zilkha bought the 50-store W. J. Harris nursery furniture string and renamed it Mothercare, and expanded it until it had over 400 stores. He sold his involvement in Mothercare in the year 1981 and migrated back again to USA. Established Mothercare was initially posted on the London Stock Exchange in the year 1972. In the entire year 1982, it merged with Habitat to create Habitat Mothercare PLC and in 1986 Habitat Mothercare plc merged with English Home Stores to create Storehouse plc. In 1996, Mothercare bought Children's World from Boots. In the entire year 2007, Mothercare bought Early Learning Centre (ELC) in April 2007 for 85 million. In 2007 Mothercare launched Gurgle, a pregnancy and parenting interpersonal networking website and in November 2009 Mothercare acquired the 50% of Gurgle it did not already own. In July 2010, Mothercare bought the hallmark and brand of privately owned competitor Blooming Marvellous. Mothercare made total sales of $1, 154. 8million in the financial season 2007-2008 that was 12. 3% more than this past year. Out which, $35. 6M was the web income which was an increase of 17. 1% set alongside the previous time.

http://www. mothercareplc. com/ir/mtc/output/

Share price of Mothercare plc (in large numbers)

Corporate Strategy

The goal of Mothercare PLC is to be the world's leading specialist merchant of parenting and children's products. The acquisition of the Early Learning Centre in June 2007 was an integral step in the development of this proposition. Their objective is to develop exciting and impressive own-brand products under both Mothercare and Early Learning Centre brands.

Growth Strategy

The growth strategy of the Mothercare group is focused on four key levers that will deliver the potential of the Mothercare and Early on Learning Centre brands.

maximising the synergies from the integration of the Early Learning Centre;

restructuring the merged Mothercare and Early on Learning Centre property collection;

Driving the global reach of the Mothercare and Early on Learning Centre brands.

Current status of the company's e-marketing strategy

Marketing has been there since the day humans first began trading. Marketing was the testimonies they used to convince other humans to operate. Humans attended quite a distance since then, and marketing has too. The techniques of marketing have modified and increased. E-Marketing or digital marketing refers to the application of marketing techniques and ideas via electronic media and even more specifically internet. The terms e-marketing, online marketing and internet marketing tend to be interchanged and can be viewed as synonymous almost all of the changing times. When implemented effectively, the return on investment from e-marketing can much surpass than that of traditional marketing.

Sales at Mothercare's online and mail order section grew by 16. 3% in the financial 12 months 2009-10. Mothercare's online route famously offers customers a much broader selection of stock than its outlets, with more than 300 buggies. Also Leader Ben Gordon said: "Online sales makes up about more than 20% of its UK business.

Mothercare's e-marketing strategy is quite simple. They aim to make more products available online set alongside the stores in order to encourage online shopping. Mothercare realizes that it's a occupied world and many people nowadays prefer to shop online rather than in the stores. Also the target market of Mothercare is women who are moms or even to be mothers. Moms have a whole lot of work to do at home plus they can save time by shopping on the internet. Also it isn't very convenient to shop in the stores with kids. Their website www. mothercare. com is designed so that the users will be close to the web site and spend additional time on the site browsing through the different products. As a part of the company's effort of providing more information about its product range, the online catalogue is designed so that the client comes with an option of customising his / her search and finding the appropriate according to his / her choice.

Features of Mothercare's current website

Online business design: Exactly like almost all of the sellers, Mothercare's website is made up in accordance with the vendor model. The company does not ask for customers to subscribe yet, in order to improve the number of customers also to keep the existing customers placed about the new offers and promotions, the home webpage of the website has a subscription tab. People who are interested can fill in their details and sign up for free.

Custom search: The website has different tabs for different types of products. For example, there are tabs like maternity under which different kind of pregnant women wear is detailed and under toys & presents section products like toys, CDs and literature are stated. Customers can also search using product rules and brands. There is a custom search tab on the right hands top place of the web site where customer can type in the keywords and search the required product. For instance, if someone wishes to buy child blankets, they just have to type in blanket and press the search button. This saves time for most customers who shop online under a busy schedule.

Use of Graphical User Interface: In the homepage of the website, company publishes all latest offers, services launched, new price special discounts and latest/future in-store events are communicated through pictures and slogans. Mom care uses Graphical User Interface which allows users to interact with programs in more ways than keying in.

Online catalogue system: Mothercare grows a new catalogue every season. For example Mothercare Springtime catalogue was developed few months again. The catalogue has different parts like new arrivals, favourites, top offers etc.

Online expert service: On the home page of the website, there's a section for expert advice where customer support advisor answers concerns related to pregnancy, maternity, kids clothing etc. Also in the bottom of the home page, there's a tab called "baby & me". On this section, there are sites of various mothers, advices about how to manage the baby etc. The section guides new mothers how to care for the baby. For instance how to change nappies, how to bathe them etc.

Online Repository Management system: Mothercare introduced their On-line Data Management System (ODMS) for the maintenance of their catalogue and marketing images, it provided an easy vehicle for providing the franchises with a catalogue of POS for their shop screen needs.

Secure Repayment process: Adding to the business sales is Mothercare Direct, the email order catalogue and mothercare. com (shopping and information website). Mothercare needed something that would efficiently process orders through these programs, allow it to consistently meet its 4-day delivery promise and generate appropriate statistics that may be used to build up initiatives for building relations with its direct customers. Mailbrain was chosen for this job. Mailbrain combines traditional and e-commerce stations via a finish to end software solution that delivers an individual view of the client throughout the complete distance retailing process. Mailbrain is a secured system for maintaining secured obligations.

Policies of the business: The Company provides useful information about itself, its products, delivery details, offers, comes back policy, data safeguard, store locations, and jobs.

http://www. creativematch. com/newsfiles/Gurgle250. jpg

Gurgle: Mothercare, in a jv with cultural networking and digital marketing experts Media Burn introduction Gurgle. com to bring together an abundance of experience from both worlds to permit parents to create their own network, share their encounters and gather the latest expert information. Having launched in later 2007, gurgle. com is currently set to make a renewed impact as Mothercare flexes its retail muscle on the site's behalf. Backed so far by links to the website from mothercare. com and elc. co. uk, this in-store promotion marks a new era for Mothercare as it announces his entrance as a serious player in the ever-evolving world of interpersonal networking, having the brand nearer to its customers and offering them a really personal product. A total of 219 Mothercare stores across Great britain, Wales, Scotland and North Ireland will support gurgle. com by carrying dazzling posters promoting knowing of the website with the purpose of attracting more participants and traffic. Featuring a baby held in the hand of his mother's hand with a 'This Way Up' stamp on his rear, the posters were created by St Luke's Communication to mention the message that gurgle. com reaches hand for new parents. Posters will have prominence in-store for a minimum of half a year, with a refreshed burst of activity organized at that time. Partnering the poster activity will be an incentivised registration drive to encourage new users for the website. Communicated by using a leaflet drop in each customer's tote, parents will be urged to sign up to gurgle. com to make their own network of other mums and mums-to-be, becoming a member of communities with others in their geographic area or similar level of pregnancy to share photos, information, articles and information. New members who sign up for via the Mothercare promotion in the first fourteen days will also be in the jogging to earn 200 in Mothercare vouchers, with winners to be selected randomly. Gurgle. com will also be advertised in both Mothercare and Early Learning Centre catalogues, as well as the Mothercare publication. Mothercare LEADER Ben Gordon said: "gurgle. com is a natural extension for Mothercare, as it leverages the experience and authority of the brand to attain a broader spectrum of customers when they need advice most in their own homes.

Social Networking: Mothercare's home supplies the option of visiting its blog on cultural networking sites like facebook, twitter and bebo.

Search Engine marketing with Search Works

Mothercare PLC has appointed The Search works to control Mothercare and Early on Learning Centre's search engine marketing campaign. The digital marketing company will be accountable for creating marketing content that will increase both brands' account. The campaign aims at employing strategies that will increase the search engine rankings, heighten their visibility, and build on their reputation as market market leaders.

Environmental Analysis

Macro-Environmental Examination (PEST examination)

Before suggesting new viral marketing strategies that may be adopted by Mothercare, let us check out the macro-environmental factors that can affect the business.

Political/ Legal factors:

Instability of the united kingdom administration: Mothercare is a UK structured company and UK is one of the biggest contributors to its earnings. The instability of the government in Great Britain is actually a concern. Having a changing Government, there could be new laws into enforcement that might affect the business enterprise.

Political situation in procedure countries: Mothercare takes online delivery orders from all around the globe. The politics situation in European countries is of low quality especially in countries like Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal. These countries contribute to Mothercare's earnings to a great scope and instable politics situation will severely have an impact on its business.

Legal factors: Mothercare has already joined India, China and Russia which are believed to be the most speedily developing nations on the planet. The company is making huge profits from these countries however legal constraints in these countries are impacting on its revenue. For example, In India a overseas retail company cannot enter the marketplace with a completely owned subsidy. There is a 49% limitation on FDI in retailing.

Economic factors:

Level of Unemployment: Unemployment is high in Europe like Italy, Spain and Ireland and also countries like India which are major contributors to Mothercare's revenue. High unemployment reduces the demand for many goods and also reduced the purchasing ability of the consumers.

Economic Instability: High degree of instability and a concern with double drop in UK might induce Mothercare to sell more products online and also migrate to other rising economies of the world (BRIC). In such a case the online medium of offering has a very good potential model for the company.

Social factors:

Social networking: The climb of social networking gives a big platform for the company to proliferate its online business. The business already has its communal networking site called 'Gurgle' and gets a huge number of feedbacks and replies from the customers.

Customer likes and personal preferences: THE BUSINESS continuously will change its products and related offers with the changing customer preferences and preferences. Since Mothercare makes a great deal of income by its online sales fashion and technology are complicated parts of their business. The company needs to continually conform of changing habits in fashion and new solutions.

Wiki leaks: The most recent online debacle created by wikileaks. com is socially stopping individuals to trade or shop online.

Technological factors:

Web2. 0: Development of web2. 0 is the major reason for the development of Ecommerce (online trading). Suppliers utilize this technology to develop a customer interactive software wherein they can acquire remarks and feedbacks of the product/service.

Internet: Internet is certainly the greatest and most unique of technology to mankind. While using increasing supply and acceptance of online sites all over the world, companies like Mothercare can permeate markets all over the world

Development of Android technology: Android technology has revolutionised the development of mobile commerce today. Many retailers like Tesco & Debenhams use mobile phone applications in order to maintain close relationships with its customers.

Micro-Environment Analysis (Porter's five pushes)

http://mbaquiz. com/data files/porter. png

Degree of Rivalry amidst businesses: Mothercare is an extremely old and proven manufacturer of mom and baby products nonetheless it faces difficult competition from stores like Mamas & Papas, Hamleys toy store, Gadgets R Us Small and Katie's Playpen. These vendors operate at a lower level but give tough competition to Mothercare. Hence Mothercare has battled at home just lately despite being successful abroad, especially in countries like India and Russia.

Bargaining Ability of Suppliers: The Company offers the same products online that it provides in the stores and Mothercare is a huge and reputed country which functions in many countries of the world. Hence it preserves good romance with the suppliers and can swap suppliers if needed hence this lowers the bargaining electricity of its suppliers.

Bargaining Electricity of Clients: As stated earlier there are quite a few companies manufacturing and selling similar products like Mothercare hence customers have options. The option of internet almost everywhere and 24x7 helps it be more difficult for Mothercare. com (official website of Mothercare) to distinguish its online value proposition from its competition. Hence Mothercare faces a higher bargaining electric power from the potential buyers.

Barriers to New Entrance: Mothercare is more developed in Europe, Midsection East and Asia. In United Kingdom and other European countries there are very few entry barriers for retailers aiming to enter the market and sell products and services online. Yet, in Midsection East countries like United Arab Emirates and Parts of asia like India there are trade constraints however there aren't many barriers to create an internet business with the increasing penetration of Internet in developing countries.

Threat of Swap: In the present technology internet has almost no feasible swap, hence e-commerce is a safer program from replacement technology point of view, and makes it easier for companies who want for this medium as a choice of admittance. Hence risk of substitutes is low.

Recommendations on viral marketing to increase the reputation of Mothercare's website

After taking a look at your competition of the industry and the success of Mothercare, it has been analysed that Mothercare should popularise its website so that it can gain a competitive benefits and increase its online sales. An adequately designed viral marketing plan would allow the website to register more and more customers and increase its online market share. The steps that will be mixed up in viral advertising campaign are the following

Widget marketing: Widgets are the most typical and effective tool utilized by most marketers to raise the penetration of these website visitors. Widget is a tiny graphical device that will a highly targeted, often one, specific task. Retail companies like Tesco and Sainsbury's use widgets as part of their viral marketing campaign. Mothercare widget will be blue in coloring and will be similar to the Mothercare custom logo.

http://www. licensing. biz/media/images/news/4205/184_4547_Mothercare%20logo. jpg?i=1257155527

(Mothercare's Widget)

The Widget will also be offered on Smartphones such as Apple IPhone, HTC Wildfire, HTC Desire, Blackberry, Samsung Genio and Sony Ericson Xperia. The mobile enabled widget would raise the user basic of Mothercare through M business mode. Widgets might take time and manpower to develop, but the deployment and embedding cost nothing at all. Essentially, widgets are an exceptionally effective, low cost way of driving a car trained traffic and creating brand vulnerability.

Changes to the house page: The 'Contact us' tabs should be located in such place that it is obvious to the audiences alternatively than keeping it in the bottom left hand area of the site. Also the Customer Services quantity should be there on the home page so that customers can contact in case of queries and grievances.

Use of RSS feeds: RSS is a blend of web give food to formats used to create frequently updated works such as blog entries, media headlines, audio, and video recording in a standardized format. Mothercare can use RSS feeds to create their information on their site as well as links.

Keyword tools: Keyword tools are extremely essential to obtain rank on search engines. Keyword tools are needed to be able to determine the words that individuals uses when searching and exploring on the web. Bing have both free keyword tools that a lot of SEO uses. While using most searched keywords on this content of your website will generate increased traffic and raise the chances for your online business to succeed.

Request links from non-competing, quality companies related to the industry: This is a simple but effective little bit of internet marketing advice. Links allow you to get quality traffic while increasing the prestige of your business. Guests that type in your site from a web link that they find on another site are predisposed to believe that they will find something of value there (if not, why would the site take the time and effort to connect to it?). The added benefit to link constructing internet marketing techniques is they can give a tremendous boost to your hyperlink popularity, which really is a major factor in determining how your site gets ranked in search motors. Mothercare can require links from companies like Amazon which is non-competing. http://www. mediumblue. com

Make promotional offers entice the attention of the audiences: Mothercare. com provides whole lot of information about the latest offers however it could be produced more eye-catching. For example, there's a free delivery offer on orders above 100 which a great offer however the offer is posted on the still left corner of the website. Such important offers should be viewed in such a way that it could appeal to the viewers.

Write informative articles about the business and products and make them available to online publications and site owners: There are numerous sites that allow offering original informational articles for others to create. First, all of these sites require anyone who's reprinting your article to provide a link back to your site, which can provide highly targeted. That is also other ways to boost your link popularity, which is quite crucial to your search engine rankings.

Few things to avoid: There are a few things that the company website must avoid like bad consumer experience and usability, poor navigation, sluggish performance and lack of ability to make changes.

Online Customer support: Some companies like Hutchison 3 Global Services (3 mobile) use online chat system in which a customer or the website user can chat with a company consultant and ask doubts and concerns to the agent about the company or the merchandise. Mothercare can also utilize this strategy to provide quick online assistance.

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