A Critical Appraisal Of Emirates Airlines PR Marketing Essay

Virtual pr may be thought as the use of news or print out mass media to publicize the positive image of our company and its product and services along using its business operations strategy; it also contains creating and expanding good interactions with local press staff, customers and community.


Emirates Airlines commenced its business operations in the entire year 1985, with the financial resources of $10 million and machinery resources of 2 rented plane. The forming of a business was the response of Gulf Air towards its scale back business operations. Its maiden airline flight commenced towards Karachi on 25th Oct 1985. Emirates Airlines created a impressive record by getting maximum income within 9 weeks of its business procedures. New destinations have been supplemented by Emirates which includes Bombay, Cairo, Colombo, and Dhaka. Following the end of 2 yrs it improved its vacation spot to Europe commencing with London. Apart from them enormous places have been added by Emirates in immediate progression.

Mission and Eyesight:

Emirates' Objective includes sustaining and maintaining the consistent growth of its business with a growth rate of 20% in the future years.

The Perspective of Emirates is to create and sustain the marketplace leadership which seems before conservative keep track of.

Brief Explanation of Emirates Airlines:

Emirates Airlines is the area of the Emirates Group, a respected band of UAE featuring its global presence in worldwide market segments with an extraordinary brand image in neuro-scientific travel and travel and leisure and aviation. The hub of Emirates Airlines is situated at the International Airport in Dubai and its group is possessed by the federal government of Dubai. It is run as the nationwide airlines of Dubai and UAE. It has 2400 passenger plane tickets weekly providing services to the worldwide traveler to reach their destination. It is the top most airlines of the Middle East, receiving maximum awards because of its augmented business functions and services.

Figure : Organizational Composition of Emirates Airlines

Media Relations of Emirates Airlines:

Media relationships helped a lot to keep the Emirates Airlines in the world's marketing headlines. During the last year, the business has spent more than US$ 187. 7 million for over 40600 marketing articles which is the same as the value spent for the advertisements. With the help of such investment, the business contacted a great customer reach and press analysis demonstrates customer coverage provides an frustrating and positive response. Emirates Airlines first A380 aircraft have grabbed the great media attention internationally even although Emirates flight is not the first air travel to kick off such airplane.

The renounce service in Hamburg observed more than 800 journalists and stars. Through this wedding ceremony, the media relationships of the Emirates Airlines have obtained the global reach through interviews with the higher authorities of the company and the main element aviation writers who have experienced the product and services of such new and progressive aircraft. Through the six month plan of such unveiling and renouncement, the company has received more than 1000 advertising requests to supply the information and images of the recently innovative product. Because of these strong marketing relations of the company, more than 1000 aviation and lifestyle authors have observed the services of the recently launched product and offer their positive reviews by awarding it as a next generation aviation technology and travel comforts through such multimedia only which ultimately affect the global customer reach and really helps to attract increasingly more customers.

The opening of new Emirates terminal 3 at the Dubai International Airport was spread among the advisories and travelers through these strong advertising relations of the company. Media relations emphasized various areas of the new terminal in order to improve the features to the clients which attracted a massive potential customer range towards the merchandise and services of the business. To be able to strengthen the Advertising Relations, the business organizes media travels, video tracking and photography opportunities for various journalists in every six months. Besides the main news of the business, the global media relations also provides the multimedia coverage to the unveiling of various other places of the company in all in the global market which draws in the potential customers towards the five star best airlines of the world.

Media relations also support various other differentiated products of the business such as luxury hotels through public relations strategy and they also provide advertising support for facilitating its stock portfolio to other hotels. The inner understanding team of the company has launched a new interactive group world which keeps watch over the inner campaigns through integrating all the programs of communication including media relations which provides strength to the business to enhance the client reach.

Community Relations of Emirates Airlines:

Community relations include the interpersonal responsibility of the company for the stakeholders which influences the success of the company a lot. Along with the development of liberalization of traffic rights, the Emirates Airlines have developed a new section of public affairs and federal government engagements. The team of general public affairs launches a campaign in order to help the company in decreasing down the air passenger duty by the united kingdom government. It possessed launched a fresh publication which shares the airline industry media and related international policy news. This feature is also put into the website of the company. Industry affairs try its level best to represent the Emirates airlines at the IATA organization and services convention with regards to both the people and the cargo businesses.

The Company also offers became a member of the Billing and Settlement Programs with 99 other countries. The industry affairs start the net sales through the commercial finance institutions facilitated by the travel companies and thus adopt the IATA resolution changes. The environmental affairs kick off various environmental plans which tend to make the Emirates Airlines as the most Friendly to the environment airlines of the world. The ever largest solitary recycling program is the part of such jobs which tends to collect thousands tones of newspaper, cardboard, plastic and aluminum from the various buildings worried about the company.

Consumer Relations of Emirates Airlines:

Consumer relations are extremely essential for any business to be able to gratify them with the product and services through quality of their problems and grievances and make sure they are the devoted customer for future years span of time. For enhancing the consumer relationships, Emirates Airlines have different Customer Affairs and Service Audit (CASA) centers at various locations of every vacation spot which understand and resolves customer problems and problems. Last year, CASA continued to be decentralized by beginning a fresh office in Johannesburg, Osaka, Hong Kong, and Tehran which brings the strong network to the prevailing CASA centers at UK/European countries, America, Australia, New Zealand and India.

The development of such network helped the business in managing the claims of the clients as it shows 50 percent improvement in dealing with out such problems. This centre helps the clients to be handled concern at the local level itself and their problems get solved more effectively than earlier. Due to this service improvement in handling problems, 66 % decrease in Baggage Claim Processing has been detected. The company is planning to develop the training and development arrange for the CASA employees so as to improve their skills in handling the customer problems more successfully and effectively. THE DATA Website will support such plan to be able to share the related data and information. CASA shows an empathetic, caring and personalized behavior towards handling the client problems and problems and providing full support to the customers to gratify their expected requirements and quality to make them devoted customer for the merchandise and services of the company.

In order to support the growth, quality requirements and reputation of the business, the Service Audit Team constantly controls and screens the criteria of products and services. The Enigma Shopper team of the company monitors and evaluates the contribution of the staff towards maintaining the goals of the clients. Service Audit evaluates all the client services regularly in order to deal with the customers better. These services entail service delivery, international airport services, skywards, and the call centers managed worldwide to solve the client problems.


Though the general public relationships of Emirates Airlines impact a lot on the international advertising and the customers the company PR need to adopt various changes according to the requirement of competitive environment in order to take the entire competitive good thing about the global international market. Though the company has the strong media relationships which give a great exposure to every event kept in the business and the company also provides great opportunities of reports and situations to the advertising yet there are numerous changes which are yet to be integrated. These changes entail the utilization of social media for strengthening the media relations of the business. Now a day almost all of the companies are employing social multimedia such as Facebook, tweets, MySpace and different other social networking sites to be able to get great exposure from the customers and the advertising.

The same development is applied to the customer handling departments, to provide efficiency to the clients for communicating their problems and complaints, most of the firms are now taking help of cultural networking sites and the internet which is the fast and simple method of communication nowadays. The community interactions such as sociable situations and other environmental initiatives are now being spread and tell you the cultural networking sites by various companies. On this relation the Emirates Airlines are lacking as it isn't using easy and simple and the renowned method of pr and communication. Although company is developing various kiosks to take care of the customer requests, problems and complaints, though it is taking various environmental and industry affairs initiatives, though it is providing various opportunities of multimedia exposure, yet it requires to work with the interpersonal networking sites as the strongest and prominent method of public relations to be able to fortify the organization proficiently and effectively.

In relation to customer problem and complaints handling, the effort of the business to run CASA advertising providing training to the employees to solve the issues and claims of customer effectively is really appreciable as compared to the other companies of the same industry. The multimedia opportunities and other community development initiatives of the company are exceptional and appreciable in relation to fulfilling the corporate social responsibility.


PR play an extremely prominent role in retaining good rapport with the customers, press and community. General population relation assists with spreading information regarding the company to the target band of customers. It serves as the utmost cost effective tools of campaign which supports the promotion of the business's products and services. The info publicizes through public relation are relatively effective over a long-term basis and on the top geographical areas in comparison to other promotional tools and techniques. Emirates' Quest includes sustaining and retaining the consistent expansion of its business with a growth rate of 20% in the forthcoming years.

The Vision of Emirates is to generate and sustain the marketplace management which seems before conservative track. The Public Connection of Emirates Airlines with the customers, press and community prove to be very useful in the achievement of its aforementioned mission and eyesight which is also the trick behind its success and market dominance in UAE. In relation to Public relations division, the company is doing well and almost all of its initiative is appreciable yet there are numerous changes and upgrading as per the competitive environment which are would have to be used and applied to be able to have rate with the changing business environment.

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