A Critical OVERVIEW OF Hbls Advertising Campaign Marketing Essay

The impression behind these adverts was to help make the consumers believe that HBLs product/service is very user-friendly, it is so user friendly that even someone like Mr. Bean can use it.

In the bank service industry, HBL (Habib Bank or investment company Limited) took a very strong step by coming up with a highly attention grabbing marketing campaign for HBL's mobile phone and personal banking by firmly taking Mr. Bean's look alike to signify the ease in banking. The communication that the advertising campaign gave across was "Har aik kay liye aasan"

The theory behind this advertisement advertising campaign was tell everyone that the product/service of HBL are so simple, user friendly and easy to use a person like Mr. Bean can naturally use them. Humor can not work for every and every kind of advertising so the lookalike figure of Mr. Bean did not aim for the right audience for HBL's product and services. The prospective market for such kind of product and services are employed persons, SMEs, retired persons and commercial people.

Target market

In one of the ads, Mr. Bean awkwardly handled an ATM machine in an exceedingly clumsy manner and it shown that bank is an elaborate process normally a figure like him can easily operate it with HBL's services. Banking sector customers aren't young adults or children who can simply be amused by such kind of character types, they are adults and commercial clients who are not easily amused by such kind of advertisements.

HBL is an extremely conservative loan provider with a higher account in the international market, they need to stick to the conservative method of communication in advertisements with right target audience rather than adopting revolutionary tactics of advert.

The target market for HBL's products are the individuals who are either utilized or even retired staff who are opting for easy banking solutions. To open an account in a loan provider, one must be above eighteen years so this concentrate on group would have been affected by smart marketing techniques or adverts.

HBL's advertisements having Mr. Bean was either for a very permanent brand entity development or only a bad marketing strategy since it were children only who have been easily influenced by way of a personality like Mr. Bean.

Wrong Brand Ambassador

When a Celebrity like Mr. Bean (lookalike) stars into an advert, that means the creator of that add wants to utilize the charisma, recognition and relevance of that particular person to make the target audience feel that they need to have this product/service in order to be associated to that particular celebrity. But unfortunately no professional, business man or grown-up person wish to be associated to a debit card when he pictures Mr. Bean deploying it. So in reality this campaign will this make the product/service a failure.

Banking is a significant Business

A large ratio of potential bank sector customers are beyond their young age group. Every teenager can't be impressed or persuaded to buy or use something associated with a brandname ambassador Mr. Bean. Personality attributes of Mr. Bean may be used to target small children ageing from 4 to 12 years. Aged business men and specialists cannot be expected to watch his films or Television programs so how can one expect to be associated with such a personality. Moreover the actual potential prospects of a bank or investment company would not like to be associated with someone funny, witty, dumb or a funny character.

Fake Mr. Bean

Copy cats are not an inspiration but rather a disgrace for the individuals they represent therefore the brand managers of HBL must have tried to use another strategy.

Humor Appeal, Not very done well!

The humor element which was found in HBL's commercials didn't prove laughter amidst viewers, perhaps a smile but definitely not laughter. This sort of humor can work for new entrants on the market but not at all for an established entry like HBL.



Global and commercial banks in Pakistan nowadays are facing a threatening situation. Government legislation are escalating from day to day. Competition is emerging from international marketplaces to non-banking companies. The need to commit more in cutting-edge information technology is growing on the daily basis.

Consumer trust in traditional lines of business is ever before shrinking. As the money cost and rates of interest are rising, trust in commercial banking is plummeting.

With all such diverse troubles rising, what strategies and contingency ideas if the top management come up with at commercial level for permanent plans to achieve success over another decade.

It is found out that consumers at the commercial bank largely require trust and convenience. New strategies should be executed now to identify what opportunities lies ahead in this ever fast changing environment so that their banking industry may effectively emerge from this uncertain period.

Banking industry in Pakistan has a varied environment consisting for a few large banks and some small and medium sized finance institutions. However competition is ever growing in such a kind of industry. It really is more becoming a game of success of the fittest.

The poor financial expansion rate in the country and energy crisis in the united states have exhausted hopes for quick restoration of the overall economy, leaving no option for competitive banking institutions to stay in the overall game.

In such a kind of environment new strategies have to be implemented to further influence consumers to invest more and put their trust into the banking industry where they might invest more despite having the ever before changing current economic climate and government restrictions.

With such a kind of environment, this project would analyze a definite bank's advert strategy through content evaluation and how it used it with their advantage to affect and stimulate consumers.

This Project would be a critical review HBL's advertising campaign of using the portrayal or personification of Mr. Bean's identity in advertising regarding phone bank, personal bank, debit card use and Banker's cheque.

This is task will review critical subjective advertising such as telephone banking, HBL banking, the use of debit cards and banker's bank checks offering Mr. Bean look alike as the primary actor. This study includes an analysis of the kind of advertising advertising campaign using this content examination model.

About the company

Habib Bank Small was founded in 1947 and has its head office in Karachi, Pakistan. Nauman K. Dar operates as Chief executive and CEO of HBL.

Habib Bank Limited and its subsidiaries, provides bank and other financial services principally in Pakistan. The company offers a combination of retail, investment, commercial, and commercial banking services. It also has procedures in the Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, and the Middle East. As of December 31, 2011, HBL made up of 1, 464 branches, including 22 Islamic bank branches in Pakistan, as well as 42 branches beyond your Pakistan.

About Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean is a popular personality because of his unique way of getting close day-to-day problems in a fairly roundabout way. He's a lovable persona who everyone wish to help out of his sticky situations. Being truly a man of few words, his laughter is universally popular.

His everyday tasks appear to get him in and out of amusing problems. Mr. Bean is always accidentally leading to chaos every way he transforms. Mr. Bean means well, but can often be ignorant and very inconsiderate. Mr. Bean is similar to a child in a man's body.

His personality can be summarized in the next words hapless, uncomfortable, self-conscious, childlike and disaster-prone. While a lot of the humor is the fact that universal physical comedy adored by small children, NOT Men and women!

Background to the problem

The real concern is if the advantages of such a marketing campaign is an enormous decision in the right way or not by introducing Mr. Bean's personality in banking adverts as banking is a significant business and portray it with a persona like Mr. Bean who's considered to be lunatic and a funny personality.

Whether it works for the good thing about the lender or not.

Many questions occur such as

Does indeed this make product / service work?

Do we really need analysis?

Unless these issues are satisfied, there goes yet another step into the realization of the campaign to consider whether it succeeded or not.

This job will try to answer these questions specifically that this marketing campaign Mr. Bean is a successful or not?

We will mainly assess the efficiency and relevance of this particular campaign, a critical point of view using the model of content analysis.

Theoretical framework

The important factors to examine that this advertising campaign is successful, we will verify it through the Content analysis construction is which is given below.

Steps in Content Analysis

Develop Operational Classification of Test Universe

Specify Research Hypothesis or Questions

Specify Sampling Plan

Determine Treatment of Duplicate Ads

Obtain Advertising

Train Coders

Develop Category System

Apply Findings

Analyze and Interpret Date

Code Materials and Assess Reliability

Pretest and Revision

We would first get started with the formulation of research questions or hypothesis that needs to be identified for conducting our content evaluation. After which then comes the introduction of data collection musical instruments, data collection, research of natural data and ends with the conclusion and program for decision making.

Specify Research Hypothesis or Questions

In the first step we would get started with the standards of the study hypothesis or questions that what needs to be learned out of this content research. This specs is important because it focus the content analysis and influences accurate decisions made at the end of each step.

Research Hypothesis and questions about Mr. Bean's Add Campaign

Prior research shows that the persona of Mr. Bean's identity in the HBL cellphone bank and debit cards advertisements is not really much influential rather than social than the usual banking adverts. This research hypothesis will see whether these aspects impact on the consumers or not.

Research Question

Advertisements having Mr. Bean's imitation character personification does not have affect on consumers in comparison with the usual banking advertisements.


Ho: HBL's marketing campaign having Mr. Bean personification have a connection with the Product/service.

Ha: HBL's advertising campaign having Mr. Bean's personification does not have a relationship with the Product/service.

Such kind of hypothesis also depends upon the advertisement's content that involves such type of questions as well.

What benefits are our competition connecting in their advertising?

What visible devices are being used in HBL's advertisement in comparison with their competitors?

What kind of guarantees, appeals or advertising propositions are being used?

What tone or techniques are being used?

Do different emails or selling propositions come in our competitor's advertising?

Develop an functional explanation of the sample universe.

This step involves defining the sample universe, in cases like this the populace of advertising which will be examined. A proper constructed operational description would eliminate all ambiguity and evidently define which advertisements we are trying to target in which time period.

Operational meaning of the test universe

This content examination will study the HBL's advertisements having Mr. Bean's look like character. The sample universe consists of ads showing in 2011 and 2012 in the electronic media.

Specify Sampling Program

The sample plan would determine how specific type of advertising from the sample universe will be determined.

Sampling Plan

Seven advertisements were selected randomly from a variety of HBL's ads displaying Mr. Bean's lookalike personality in the electronic media. These advertising were about Debit cards use, phone bank, HBL's ATM monthly bill payment, funds transfer banking and HBL's service online banking.

These seven advertisements were specifically picked because all these ads involved Mr. Bean's personification. These advertisings have been broadcast in the electric media in 12 months 2011 and 2012.

Obtain advertising

Seven advertisements were selected to execute content analysis.

HBL's Debit Card advertisement. This ad also highlighted the famous Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi. This advertising was of total 45 moments duration.

HBL's phone banking banker's cheque ad. This advertisement also presented the famous Pakistani model Ayyan. This advertising was of total 43 seconds

HBL's ATM advert. This ad involved the use of bill payment through ATM. This advertisement also featured a few of the famous Pakistani cricketers. This advertising was of total 50 seconds

HBL's mobile bank advertisement. This advertisement involved the use of mobile banking for funds transfer. It also included the famous Pakistani cricket Shahid Afridi. This ad was of total 45 seconds.

HBL's Debit credit card service advertisements. This advertising was of total 38 a few moments.

HBL's online bank advertisement. This advertising was of total 38 moments.

HBL's phone bank advertisement. This advertising was of total 44 seconds.

Determine treatment of duplicate Ads

Many ads look more often than once in confirmed time period. It could also appear several times in the same television set program. Therefore to code duplicate advertising in this sample wouldn't be necessary that is treating each instance of the duplicate ad as another ad. We would eliminate duplicate occurrences.

This content research will concentrate on advertiser's brand strategies so duplication would be eliminated. In this case, the emphasis is on communications and content rather than visibility. Conclusions will be attracted about the advertiser's strategy by coding multiple occurrences of the same advertisement.

Develop a Category System

Development of an category system which involves two steps.

Classification of categories of interest

Specify dimensions of each category

Each category will stand for some information which will be extracted during the content examination. Great good care is taken by figuring out each category. The group of categories decided on for these particular advertisements is comprehensive. Categories are properly tagged and have a direct relationship to the study questions and hypothesis.

Step 1: Classification of categories of interest in HBL's advertisements

The categories preferred for this particular content research which will mirror about the competitive advertising strategies used for the HBL's advertisements.

Commercial format

Rhetorical style

Production technique

Setting of ad




Emphasis of ad

Use of content appeals

Commercial structure

Primary product benefit

Additional extra benefits

Type of providing proposition

Commercial tone

Type of brand identification

Musical elements

Commercial characters

Product Introduction

Commercial Approach

Step 2: Specify dimensions of each category

This step would identify the specific limitations of each category picked. The identification of the dimensions come from preceding research or advertiser's tactics within the goods and services category. These category proportions are relevant to the objectives of our content evaluation.

Category Dimensions

Commercial format Announcer


Celebrity endorsement

Issue Dramatization

Rhetorical style Informative

Production strategy Combination

Setting of ad Inside-general


Inside-store setting


Speaker Anonymous announcer

Voice-over Male

Dress Formal suit


Emphasis of advertisement Issues

Use of content appeals Personality characteristics

Commercial framework Front-end surprise

Middle surprise

End surprise

Unexpected setting

Primary product gain Easy

Reliable service

Secondary benefits Fast service

One stop solution

Type of offering proposition Ease

Quick service

Commercial shade Humorous



Type of brand id Banking service/Product

Musical elements Tender Catchy tone



Commercial characters Mr. Bean

Pakistani Cricketers


Product Intro After 20 to 30 secs of the advertisement

Commercial Procedure Emotion

Preparing a Code Book

A code e book is the dictionary of content examination. It contains meanings and even more elaborated details about the categories and measurements preferred for the HBL's advertisements. Code book is important to perform content analysis because they offer reference for many coders.

Code Book for performing content research of HBL's marketing campaign boasting Mr. Bean's personality.

Category: Commercial Format

This category handles the format of the commercial. What it includes and what exactly are its main elements

Announcer: After 10 to 20 seconds of the commercial, a male announcer uses his words narration to elaborate about the product/service benefits.

Lifestyle: The commercial uses the approach to life of Mr. Bean's character. It highlights the lifestyle of Mr. Bean's figure and how he's involved in serious situations including mental work but it is eased by using HBL product/service.

Celebrity endorsement: Some of HBL's advertisements also included some famous Pakistani crickets and a famous Pakistan model Ayyan.

Issue Dramatization: The plot of each advertisement is based after a storyline and what crisis it creates in the commercial.

Category: Rhetorical style

This category handles the procedure of the commercial. What's its purpose and what the commercial is wanting to accomplish.

Informative: The commercial is actually trying to teach or give information about its product/service to the audiences about how precisely it is much easier to use and what are its benefits in a funny or comical way.

Category: Creation technique

This category is approximately the production approach used in the commercial. The speech narration in the backdrop combined with the character's appeal in the advertisement.

Combination: HBL's commercial is a combination of both tone narration in the backdrop explaining about the product/service combined with the character behaving out in the industry.

Category: Setting up of ad

This category deals with the ambiance or the encompassing in the advertisements. A total quantity of seven commercials are selected to perform content analysis. The options of the mood of these advertisements are given below

Outside-general: Among the commercials had everyday living situation setting where the character is traveling to places and using the product/service.

Inside-home: One of the commercials acquired a home-based ambiance.

Inside-store environment: Three advertisements possessed a store atmosphere setting.

Outside-general: Two commercials had outside basic ambiance setting. One in a cricket earth and one outside of a lender.

Category: Speaker

This category says us about the presenter in the advertisements.

Anonymous announcer: HBL's commercials used a male tone of voice narration in the background to spell it out about the product/service benefits and its uses.

Category: Voice-over

This category says us about the voice over used in the commercials

Male: A male voice-over was used in every one of the HBL's commercials.

Category: Dress

This category tells us about the dressing design of the main persona in the HBL's commercials.

Formal suit: In the majority of the HBL's advertisements, Mr. Bean's personality was found using formal light gray coating with a darkish pant except for one commercial where he was putting on a white umpire halloween costume.

Category: Emphasis of ad

This category would tell us about the emphasis in the advertisements. What is the foundation of each advert and what conclusions are attracted from it.

Issues: Each commercial quite simply revolves around the character of Mr. Bean. How he behaves and gets himself into banking troubles and exactly how it is settled through HBL's product/service.

Category: Use of content appeals

This category would identify the charm in the advertising campaign.

Personality characteristics: All HBL's advertisements portray the fraudulent persona of Mr. Bean. Mr. Bean's persona is cherished and adored across the world by his witty and amusing patterns. HBL's commercials use the personification of Mr. Bean's personality to make it attractive for the audiences.

Category: Commercial Structure

This category refers to the utilization of shock and unforeseen elements in the HBL's advertisements. Five measurements of the HBL ads are the following

Front-end surprise: The first ten mere seconds of the commercial consists of the starting of Mr. Bean's persona in a storyline. It uses the suspense component so that visitors may get wanting to see what comes next.

Middle surprise: The center part of the commercial (11 to 20 mere seconds in a 40 second advertisement) uses the factor of something happening unexpectedly in the industry.

End wonder: The last ten seconds of the commercial presents answer to the viewers and uses the product/service or its brand in the concluding series with the product/service information.

Unexpected setting up: The product/service is shown within an unexpected way to the viewers in a storyline so that the viewers gets amused by it.

Humorous intro: In every the HBL's commercials, the first 10 mere seconds of the commercial always runs on the funny intro.

Category: Key and Extra product benefits

This category explains to us about the primary and secondary product benefits in the commercial. Primary selling benefit receives the greatest amount of emphasis in a commercial. Extra benefits may also be mentioned along using its key benefits. The four proportions used in this particular category are given below.

Easy: The commercial principal focuses on the simple service provided by the brand.

Reliable service: The main target of the commercial is to stimulate the clients about the simple and reliable service the brand HBL provides to its customers.

Fast service: The commercial offers quick and faster service solutions to its customers.

One stop solution: The commercial also offer one stop solution to banking problems that is their product/service Debit greeting card.

Category: Kind of selling proposition

This category would reveal that which kind of selling proposition will the brand HBL is trying to speak in its advertisements.

Ease and quick service: HBL's major concentration in its commercial is to provide quick and easy solutions to banking troubles through the utilization its product/service for example

HBL Debit card use

Phone Banking

ATM use

Category: Commercial tone

This category would tell us about the commercial tone in the advertisements. Which kind of tone does indeed the HBL advertisements follow?

All HBL commercials are humorous, amusing and comical in aspect which revolves around the type of Mr. Bean who's within an amusing situation that occurs because of a banking trouble.

Category: Kind of brand identification

This category instructs us about what type of product/service campaign it is and what are its main areas of brand id.

Banking service/Product: HBL advertisements are promoting its standard bank service along with its products such as Debit card use however the primary concentrate of the advertisements is on its service industry.

Category: Musical elements

This category would tell us about the musical elements used in the HBL advertisements.

Soft Catchy firmness, Melodious, Tempo: HBL advertisements have tender catchy tones with melodious background music and rhythm which goes alongside well with the storyline and what is happening in the commercial.

Category: Commercial characters

This category explains to us about the type of characters that are used in HBL commercials

Mr. Bean: The fraudulent personality of Mr. Bean is the main character lead in every HBL's commercials

Pakistani Cricketers: A few of HBL's commercials also features some famous Pakistani crickets like Shahid Afridi, Yonis khan and Umer Gul

Model: Among HBL's commercials also featured a high Pakistani Model Ayyan.

Category: Product Introduction

This category tells us when the product/service information in the industry is viewed.

After 20 to 30 moments of the advertising campaign: The info about the product/service of HBL is displayed after 20 to 30 a few moments of the beginning of the commercial where a situation has happened regarding Mr. Bean and the HBL product/service is the solution to the complete plot.

Category: Commercial Approach

This category says us about the commercial way.

Commercial Procedure: In all HBL's commercials, a humorous mental approach attracts feelings rather than logic. There is humor engaged which can charm to the audience or even to the customers. Gleam positive approach involved where the commercial tells the customer how he or she will be better off if the product/service can be used.

Code Sheet

A code sheet is nearly the same as a study questionnaire. It is where individuals would evaluate the advertising and track record their observations. A code sheet would be prepared following specs of categories and sizes within a particular category.

Code sheet for the HBL's marketing campaign displaying Mr. Bean's character.


HBL's Debit Card advertisement.

HBL's phone banking banker's cheque advertising campaign.

HBL's ATM advertisement.

HBL's mobile bank advertisement.

HBL's Debit card service advertising campaign.

HBL's online bank advertisement.

HBL's phone banking advertisement.

Category: Commercial structure

From a range of 1-5, 1 being the lowest ranking and 5 being the best rating,

Rate the commercial structure in HBL's advertisements in your impression, which was more appealing for you?

_____ Front-end surprise

_____ Middle surprise

_____ End surprise

_____ Unpredicted setting

_____ Funny intro

Category: Primary and secondary selling benefits

From a range of 1-5, 1 being the lowest rating and 5 being the highest rating,

Rate the Primary and selling benefits which in your view was important in the commercial

_____ Easy

_____ Reliable service

_____ Fast service

_____ One stop solution

Category: Commercial Approach

From a range of 1-5, 1 being the cheapest ranking and 5 being the best rating,

Rate the commercial way which according for you was more important in every HBL's advertisements.

______ Humorous approach

______ Positive approach

From a variety of 1-5, 1 being the lowest score and 5 being the best rating,

To what stretch does the commercial use a rational versus emotional way? The commercials were

_____ Entirely rational

_____ Mostly rational with some emotional elements

_____ Both logical and emotional, equally

_____ Mostly psychological with some rational elements

_____ Entirely emotional

From a variety of 1-5, 1 being the lowest ranking and 5 being the best rating,

To what expand did the commercial use a confident versus negative approach? The advertisements were

____ Totally positive

____ Usually positive with some negative elements

____ Both negative and positive, equally

____ Largely negative with some positive elements

____ Totally negative

Train coders.

After the introduction of code e book and code sheet, coders are picked and trained. Individuals must be preferred with similar track record and relevance to the adverts and commercials that the content analysis has been conducted. Training of coders is essential in order that they may really know what the researcher is wanting to attain through this content evaluation model.

Once determined, coders are trained in the coding method. Working out process commences with the examples of commercials being shown to them, description of category system and their proportions, category meanings and conclusions of coding.

Pretest and revision

Every content evaluation is improved with the help of pretest and revision of the research materials. Pretesting improves the category system, category explanations and coding materials. The replies or each coder are then reviewed and further used for evaluate category explanations and dimensions.

Code the Materials and examine reliability

The coding process is done after the pretest and revision where coders monitor advertising and record their observations. Code mattress sheets would be further examined through the questionnaire survey form.

Holsti's method wouldn't normally be performed in this content examination as statisticians have criticized this approach since it overestimates stability.

The reliability of the info gathered would be further evaluated by using correlation statistical approach.

Analyze and Interpret Data

Descriptive figures can be determined for the categories that show up on the code sheet for determining variables. The descriptive analysis of categories would be shown in the interpretation of results and findings.

Apply the findings

The goal of this content examination was to find advertiser's strategies in the HBL's advertising. The final step up this content examination was to find advanced understanding about the content. After executing this model, we came to find out how commercials were set up and utilized. The effect was the relationship between advertising form and content. It also increased our understanding of how changes in the characteristics of advertising affect consumer reaction to the advertisements.

Statement of the problem

Does the HBL's marketing campaign featuring the imitation persona of Mr. Bean is influential or not?

Does it have an impact upon people towards HBL's brand image or not?

Purpose of the research project

The reason for this research study is to find out whether the artificial personification of Mr. Bean's character in HBL's advertising was an effective advertising strategy or not.

Did it offer an influence upon visitors to get motivated to the brand image and its product/service?

It is also to determine whether to portray a funny persona Mr. Bean as a brand ambassador for HBL's product/service advertising for the decided on target market was a good decision or not.

Significance of the research Project

This research study would help us to understand the advertiser's routines and strategies used in the HBL's advertisement by portraying a funny character's personification. It could also help us to understand the partnership between advertising content, its results, its impact upon people and consumers and exactly how it can help the brand image towards its products/services.

It in addition has helped us to recognize the content found in the particular advertising. The categories and dimensions in a commercial into a deeper point of view. How an advert is structured and employed from an advertiser's viewpoint and what exactly are the possible consumer responses to the advertising.

Literature Review

This research project would assess HBL's marketing campaign through content evaluation model and discover if it was effective and productive in chasing consumers through their advertising. In addition, it will test to see if the bank's brand image and position was advanced through their adverts or not.

The articles in the HBL's adverts on tv can be analyzed and interpret using the content analysis as a research method. There are several of research workers who may differ in this respect to the type of content evaluation as a qualitative or quantitative method.

"Most authors include a quantitative element in their explanation of content research" (Neuendorf, 2002:10; Riffe et al. , 2005:25; White and Marsh, 2006:23; Zikmund and Babin, 2010:196)

"Emphasis is placed on the scientific aspect of content examination that sets it apart from "more qualitative or interpretive communication analyses" (Neuendorf, 2002:10)

There is an over-all agreement on the use of content evaluation to investigate the emails and their extensive application which further analyzes the components of the marketing communications, advertising and marketing

Content analysis may be used in both qualitative as well as quantitative research examination, being "qualitative in the development phases of research and quantitative where it is applied to determine the rate of recurrence of phenomena of interest. " (Harwoord and Garry, 2003:480)

As with all the current research methods are concerned, "Content analysis is a organized process. Its main emphasis is on evaluating communication content" (Riffe et, 2005:23; Zikmund and Babin, 2010:196)

This research will examine the content of advertising and marketing communication in HBL's advertising campaign using the personification of Mr Bean's character to create laughter in understanding its bank practices.

Content Analysis studies "objectively quantify this content of communication between sender and a recipient" (Harwood and Garry, 2003:481)

"Various degrees of analysis are discovered such as images, words or role portrayals" (Kolbe and Burnett, 1991:243)

Analysis of advertising content includes focuses on for examining of format and content to be able to develop far better advertising to try to determine images, storyline or personifications of advertising on culture. This research will concentrate on portraying Mr. Bean identity in HBL's advertising. Such kind of content evaluation will generally follow a certain organised process.

Research Design and Methodology


Research designs are worried with turning the study questions into a assessment project. For this function, individuals were first trained and given perception on the task and its target. These were first shown all worried adverts of HBL displaying Mr. Bean to judge the advertising content.

Then these were given questionnaires that was mainly descriptive and explanatory. This research strategy was conducted from those people who also acquired preceding knowledge to advertising research and content. The questionnaire included 12 questions.


The Questionnaire developed was close concluded. The respondents included both male and female students who had prior knowledge about advertising content.

Sample Size

Sample Size was 30.

Research Technique

The respondents were students who had prior knowledge about advertising research and content. The circulation of questionnaires was 100%.

Sampling Technique

The collection data was analyzed through SPSS 16. The developed hypothesis was analyzed by using the crosstab statistical approach.

Analysis of data and interpretation of Results


Ho: HBL's marketing campaign having Mr. Bean personification have a relation with the Product/service.

Ha: HBL's marketing campaign having Mr. Bean's personification doesn't have a connection with the Product/service.

Method: Crosstab statistical Method

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