A Marketing Examination Of Pipers Crisps Marketing Essay

A SWOT research is a good approach; it helps to examine a company overview position in relation to its internal and external conditions. "A SWOT examination is and how it could be used to examine and plan for business developments"(Book 1 what is a business PG 30) From the SWOT analysis; the human source management, accounting and funding, and marketing functions need to be strengthen. There is absolutely no clear organisational structure within the business enterprise. The accounting function seems to be lacking clear information on prices and areas to market their products. The marketing function seem not to have a clear online marketing strategy, as there are no clear lines for focusing on customers or promoting the clean brands.

How to fortify Piper Crisp

Human resources function- Clear organisational structure

Accounting function- Set price for their products with an increase of places to sell their products nationally and internationally

Marketing function- Needs a clear marketing strategy with co-ordination, relating to the 4 P's price, product, campaign and spot to enhance the marketing targeting

Q B.

Piper sharp is a small business and it's less inclined to have a formal organisational composition. However, it will have its own quality culture. Two good examples are from Drennan 1992, who proposed there are 12 key factors that form the culture of a business; "the affect of a prominent head - the perspective, management style and personality of the creator or innovator in an enterprise often has a substantial influence on the values that the business tries to promote" (E book 1 Exactly what is a business PG 47) Having a strong idealistic leader is a common factor Pipers Crisps will have such a defining culture. This is illustrated in the event study with a Albone refusal to market his crisps for Harrods and PrЄt a Supervisor because of his ideals.

The second factor that will effect the culture will be its goals and belief "goals, beliefs and beliefs - reflected in objects, activities and words, that is, in Trice and Beyer's symbols" (Booklet 1 what is a business PG 47). The employees will have a common goal and belief of their company. This is showed in the event analysis by "Pipers now creates special packets including an Eastern Airlines aircraft in the picture on the front and also other delicate plugs for the airline" (ECA PG 9)

Piper clean having a strong leader is where the culture will progress from, he stands up for his ideals and he's not easily swayed by money or even more business, this is exhibited by him turning down business from Harrods, PrЄt a manager and major supermarkets.

Question 4

Marketing function

The marketing mixes are a combination of price, product, advertising and place that help to deliver something in an effective approach to customers"Marketers can influence this setting by manipulating the marketing combine" (Reserve 4 An introduction to marketing PG 16). Piper crisp does not have an extremely clear online marketing strategy because they are the priciest crisps on the marketplace. Plus they have limited places to sell their clean. However marriage marketing through promotional communication appears to be used to catch the attention of and keep customers.

Francis Buttle 1996 theorized that products today are generally the same, thus it's difficult to find an obvious difference. "Product quality is becoming generally high and businesses have found it increasingly difficult to be competitive on superior quality exclusively as most opponents are able to offer similar quality. That is forcing businesses to get competitive edge in other ways" (Booklet 4 An launch to marketing PG 19) Piper clean is obtaining this marketing romantic relationship by not providing in normal supermarkets and turning down well-known businesses to market their own brand of high quality crisps, creating brand commitment by stimulating the general public understanding by not "selling out". This is confirmed in the paper article entitled: The rural revolution by Gareth Chadwick. The Individual Weekend, 20 March 2005

Pipers crisp can increase sales by increasing the use of free promotion of newspapers, media coverage and the internet. This is achieved by using the internet to promote public interest at a nationwide and global scale to market their high quality products. Thus amplifying the problems of being a tiny countryside company seeking to defend myself against bigger companies, preferably this will gain general public support to purchase their crisps which would be indicative of the public's ongoing support and solidarity. That is confirmed in the graph below.

Figure 4. 4. The promotional blend (Source: Blythe, 2001, p. 175, Amount 9. 3)

Q. B

To create a profitable relationship; the inner (Micro) and exterior (Macro) environment shows a marketing relationship that shows that Piper crisp is targeted on the life span value of customers and suppliers. From research study "These suppliers all have a tale to share with and we notify it on the packets. It's a kind of joint branding, " said Albone. "We built our business on our romantic relationship with suppliers" (ECA PG 9). This implies that the Biggleswade Company and the Fiaz family are local suppliers and are area of the sharp branding. "Because they build long-term human relationships with a smaller volume of suppliers they can ensure stability of supply, both in terms of quality and delivery" (Reserve 4 An benefits to marketing PG 26)

The customers are also creating a permanent marketing marriage with Piper crisp. This is showed in the event review. "He argues, undercut his central of original customers; those who guaranteed him in the first years. "They are the people who helped me and helped my business" (ECA PG 9). This shows that Piper crisps ideals their customer's ideas. Shape 2. 1 shows this relationship

Customers/ Eastern Airlines

Pipers Crisp

Biggleswade & Fiaz family

Q. C

From Piper crisp SWOT evaluation; two pressing human resources problems are corresponding to Fowler 1996. There are no clear organisational structure in place which includes policies and seeks. Secondly, Piper clean must have the right personnel in the right areas of the business, especially if there is a shortfall of quality visitors to hire. To perform an effective business everyone must knows their region of reasonability. "Different functions are accountable for making different aspects of the business enterprise happen, but have to interact so that overall goals can be achieved" (Reserve 1 What is a business PG 59)

Two problems the accounting and financing function faces are; there is not a standard value in the stores because of their crisps, this is the basis of accrual accounting; the gross earnings "The theory is that all sale generates a earnings which equals the deal price less the price tag on whatever was sold" (E book 3 An launch to accounting and financing running a business PG 37); the function has no idea what their products actual prices are in the stores. Second of all, places to sell their sharp are limited because A Albone will not want to sell using place for example; super marketplaces "I don't want to sell to supermarkets, nor produce own label crisps, " (ECA PG 9)

Question 5

The term "power" is employed to identify an action that someone wouldn't normally necessarily do without being told or guaranteed something in return. "Power, in the real human context, is definitely recognised as the capability to make someone do what they often would not (Book 5 Various ways of taking a look at business PG 42). Matching to Watson, 2001, pp. 322-3, there are 3 proportions of electricity. In Piper sharp there are 3 proportions of power

An social dimension

An organisational-structural-cultural dimension

A societal-structural-cultural dimension.

The interpersonal dimension face of ability is on a personal one to one level, this is revealed in the event review by R. Lake persuading A. Albone to make clean for his air travel. Although A. Albone said "no" primarily, but it still took place- "Richard Lake who is the owner of Eastern Airlines, " he says. "He wanted us to make Eastern Airline crisps. I said no"- "Pipers now creates special packets that include an Eastern Airlines jet in the picture" (ECA PG9)

The organisational-structural-cultural aspect is about the organisational human relationships within Piper crisp company. A. Albone is the managing director and also 1 of 3 founders of Pipers crisp. Thus A. Albone will manage the business as he sees fit and his employees will follow his instructions. Plus there are 2 other men that help invest money to form Pipers crisps. However its A. Albone decisions not to sell to Harrods and PrЄt a supervisor. This might have increase sales within the business thus increasing the return on the 2 2 men assets, offering to the PrЄt a administrator or Harrods didn't happen. That is showed in the event analysis- "despite the personal invitation from the country's most famous grocer to produce branded crisps for just one of the world's most famous stores, 44-year-old farmer Alex Albone politely dropped" and "Albone minds the sales force of three (from an employee of 15)" (ECA PG 9)

The third face of electricity is the societal-structural-cultural dimension; this involves population. This is when people or categories in contemporary society exerts ability on someone or the business to take action they would definitely not did, this also can be reversed, this is illustrated in the case review by Piper sharp customers. Their customers are disempowered; they need to buy their crisps in certain locations rather than easily available in supermarkets because of Pipers crisps decisions never to sell to major vendors. "Selling via famous brands Tesco or Sainsbury's would also, he argues, undercut his core of original customers; those who supported him in the first years. "These are folks who helped me and helped my business. EASILY bought from the supermarkets it could undermine the value of the brand. "(ECA PG 9)

Q. B

PEST analysis stands for political (P), monetary (E), public (S), and technological (T) research and identifies a framework of external environmental factors. I am going to use this model to go over Globalisation, Technology and Systems in Piper crisp

Globalisation- is term the extension of business activities "It could be identified simply as the development of financial activities across political boundaries of country states (E book 5 Various ways of taking a look at business PG 32). That is the most crucial trend.

P. In today's; Piper will have politics support being a tiny countryside employer. That is proved by Pipers getting a grant finance to be started out "teamed up with two friends to get 100, 000 plus some grant aid to set up Pipers". (ECA PG 9) In the foreseeable future Pipers can broaden into other countries as you can find upgraded free trading and reduce taxations within the united kingdom and EU borders for small businesses.

E. In today's Pipers is financially stable because they are making a profit "This past year he found pre-tax gains of 80, 000 on the 1. 3m turnover. This year he is seeking to sell2m worth of crisps (ECA PG 9). In the future Pipers is looking to increase sales to 2 million, this can be archived by increasing exports to Norway and Ireland.

S. In the UK society we like to eat lots of junk food "We live a land of snackers. " (ECA PG 9) In the foreseeable future this concept is an excellent working model and Pipers can use this concept in different countries.

T. Piper's is a little countryside workplace. Piper is very typically based "Provenance is vital to us. " (ECA PG 9) In the foreseeable future there may be room to boost with new machinery for faster creation and the use of the internet to market their products.

Technology- Is the development of systems to point improvement; this can also be information "the development and development of know-how which simplifies the creation process "(Book 5 Different ways of looking at business PG 17)

P. In today's Pipers are employing the newspapers to gain general population support about their issues of being a small town manufacturer taking on the big chains in Harrods and PrЄt a administrator "I don't want to sell to supermarkets, nor produce own label crisps, " (ECA PG 9) This will be a local political issue about the support of small organization. In the future if Pipers continue steadily to view their issues via the internet and mass media coverage this may be a nationwide political concern "Business is booming again in the countryside but it requires more support if it's going to keep to develop" The Unbiased Sunday, 20 March 2005.

E. In today's Pipers will much more likely be using it, to estimate their exports and accounts "This past year he found pre-tax profits of 80, 000 on the 1. 3m turnover". (ECA PG 9) In the foreseeable future this can be advanced with new software to get more detailed timely and exact information.

S. In today's, Pipers is using also using information technology to market their products to culture. In the future the internet and media can be utilized more to target consumers.

T. In the present, Pipers might be using airplanes and trucks to spread their products locally and internationally "it means Pipers crisps are available over the UK" (ECA PG 9)

In the near future; Pipers might be using more airplanes to send out their product nationally and internationally because it adds higher value or go back to the business enterprise.

Networks- are being used to describe overall flexibility of groups or smaller divisions within business "for a company to be flexible and manage quick reactions without tying up resources (either investments or people) that are necessary for other functions" (Publication 5 Different ways of considering business PG 29)

P. In today's, Pipers doesn't have much flexibility in dealing with political issues, a duty increase on small businesses might be damaging to Pipers financial overview "But rural businesses make a surprisingly healthy contribution to the overall performance of the united kingdom overall economy" (ECA PG 9). In the future, Pipers might be able to pressure government authorities, if the company increases in proportions and it is large enough to cause mass unemployment, by ceasing procedures in a certain country or town.

E. In today's, Pipers have a profitable relationship with their suppliers. These are area of the sharp branding "These suppliers all have a story to inform, and we tell it on the packets. It's some sort of joint branding (ECA PG 9). In the future, pipers might want to buy these small suppliers to secure the branding rights and increase the efficiency of the provider chain.

S. Currently, Pipers is utilizing their brand to set-up loyalty from customers. In the foreseeable future Pipers may have a reward system or promotional cards to buy crisps at discount prices, thus reducing the necessity for basic marketing. This provides Pipers with a databases of customer's titles and addresses.

T. Currently, Pipers is using information for marketing and sales. In the foreseeable future this can be better with new software and by the use of internet technology to increase sales.

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