A new product development strategy for Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii is a video game console made by Nintendo in 2006. the wii is a home of video game console. The business was achually srarted in 1889 fusajiro yamaunchi founded in koplain in Kyoto, japan, to produced some palm full handmade cards. Nintendo, however, soldiered on. Immediately after launching the GameCube, the company started work on its next gaming system. Initially, Nintendo directed to make its new console "faster and flashier" so that it displayed great images at high speeds. However, one year into the development of the new gaming system, the company began to rethink its methodology. the major trend in video games world came up after lounching the Nintendo wii gaming console. The distinguishing feature of of the system is its wire less controller, the wii remort. This can be used as with handhold deviece. this feature make this differ to others.

To make a product develop there are some steps that should be followed. When a new product come in a market it have different features, concepts, marketing evaluation etc. Development is not a easy form it needs heavy financial investment. So whenever we develop a product then we have to maintain some important facts. We remember the necessity of the customer. And folks have limited level of disposal income. So the cost play an important role in development of something.

We are talking about the steps of development of a new product. To check out these steps a product can be well toned and get its goals on the market.

Idea technology: for the development of any product the idea era is the first step. Idea generation requires a supportive organizational culture. Ideas, and individuals who develop them, are fragile, and if the organization will not support them they'll not develop. . A supportive culture requires that the organization enable experimentation and inability. A creative person involve some ideas in his mind's eye and he wishes to develop it. Idea is a form of thought or impression or idea. Before excited about any idea we have to evaluate that the idea filled the necessity or fits an requirements of opportunity.

In this stag a person have plenty of ideas about any new product, service or business.

Brainstorming: Brainstorming is utilized for generating large number of ideas. On this the people are resting around for fixing some particular problem. All the people know to the issue. Plus they give there different views about this.

A brainstorming "program" typically entails several people, and really should be geared to a specific subject matter.

Rules for a brainstorming program:

No criticism

Freewheeling is encouraged

The program should move quickly

Leap-frogging is encouraged

There are two major reason that Brainstorming can make more ideas than any other conventional meetings.

No criticism is allowed people would more likely to offer new ideas.

Because no evaluaton will be there the brainstorming focus on creativity somewhat than evalution.

Focus Group

A emphasis group is a gathering of five to ten people, who have been selected based on their common characteristics relative to the issues being reviewed.

These groups are led by a trained moderator, who uses the inner dynamics of the group environment to gain perception into why people feel they way they do in regards to a particular concern.


A survey is a way of gathering information from a sample of people. The sample is usually simply a fraction of the populace being surveyed.

Surveys generate new product, service, and business ideas because they ask specific questions and get specific answers.

Other techniques

Customer Advisory Boards

Some companies create customer advisory planks that meet regularly to go over needs,

Day-In-The-Life Research

A kind of anthropological research, where in fact the employees of an company spend a day with a person.


In idea scanning the new ideas are evaluated because all the ideas aren't practically creative and matches on criteria of an opportunity.

After the company recognizes potential products, it must display screen them. In product testing, poor. unsuitable or elsewhere unattractive ideas are weeded out from further activities.

Nintendo develop only those ideas which is impressive. Rest of most they remove. Because Nintendo is a innovative company which is requires only ground breaking ideas.

Concept development and trials: after idea scanning the idea of the product is tested. In this particular test the idea is verifying that what is the necessity of the merchandise and how it'll be satisfied consumer needs. in concept of expanding we verifying the probability of the development.

New product concept: the idea of the new products should be clear. What's the key feature of the product and what's thing which is get this to differ to others. Total information about the merchandise is necessary in this part. Like what's the purpose of making the product? And what should be the expense of that product? If we are doing creativity in exciting product then what's the level of innovation? All these things

BUSINESS AND FINACIAL ANALYSIS: in business analysis we calculate our selling price based upon competition. we calculate our sale quantity based on size of market and comments from customers. here we get a idea about our success.

Nintendo's revenue is dependent on Nintendo wii. in '09 2009 nintendo became the best saller of the year in usa.

Market strategy: market strategy play an important role in development of a new product. We always give attention to the more income. We get more profit if our strategy is right. In market strategy we about this what type of market we could selected? And what's the chance of development? In normally we always focus on middle income people. And middle income people have limited disposal income. So we should try to decrease the cost.

Nintendo's business strategy is very clear and wide. They may have aim for to be highest saller of the world.

(6)PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: - product development converts a product idea into a physical form and identifies a basic online marketing strategy. Here the prototype has been developed. It also involves product positioning and assessment. Product placement is an activity of clear and distinctive ideas in the thoughts of concentrate on customers regarding to the merchandise. And testing everybody knows is to check something to unveiling a product. It is going to increase the scope of a product. Furthermore, the development process is not ideal and everything have to do on the ongoing basis. So we have to keep our development circuit on run never stop this trials.

Here Nintendo wii gaming console has to develop their product through considering these top steps. It's very valuable to launch any product by using these strategies which creates an improved product.

TEST MARKETING: Test marketing is a technique to check that how people are responcing to the merchandise. This technique is used to see that individuals are interested about the merchandise or not. We check that folks are buying our product or not.

The simplest form of evaluating the marketplace is online evaluation. In online evaluation the manufacturer a survey to ascertain that folks are prepared to pay for the merchandise or not.

COMERCIALIZATION: commercialization is a stage of product development process where we take decision to make full range production. Here the business makes a decision to where release the product? Samller companies launched the merchandise in small places and locations while large companies launched the product in countrywide or international countries.

Nintendo is a large company so that it lunched its products at international level.

There are various other recommendation for development of a product.

An orgnisazation ought to know about SWORT : An organisation must be know about the swort. Which means (stenghts, weakness, opportunities and developments). an organization must be find out about our opponents and in a position to accepted his opportunities.

Growth orientation: an company should be long term growth somewhat than short-term profits.

Able to take risks: an company should always ready to take dangers of development of new product. Today in competitive world the business enterprise is stand only on hazards so without daring to accept hazards the development is not possible.

Ready to changes: changing is the low of characteristics. Without changing development is impossible. So the organiser should be equipped for the changes and always do some development in his company.

To follow these steps a product can be develop.


In this highly competitive game system environment, demonstrate how Nintendo Wii better manage development within the business to stay ahead of its rival in the video games industry?


For manage the advancement we must know the meaning of INNOVATION. in simple language the term advancement means interduce something new. however in scientific meaning of technology is process of producing new ideas and putting into action these ideas and than commercialization. Today world is competitive world and every business have plenty of challengers. In gambling industry also there are several competitors. Game playing industry is very huge and the opponents launch there game titles and then type in the the marketplace. No doubt some competition gets fails plus some get there targets. Some individuals are fails not for they didn't work hard, they failed because they enterd iin market without the market analysis. Nintendo video gaming company is very big company. it should be more carefull when it interduced something new.

To manage innovation we may use BCG matrix to know about where our company stands and then we will perform some actions like when and where you can launch something. In BCG matrix, there are four categories:-

http://literalthinking. documents. wordpress. com/2009/01/bcg-matrix. gif?w=297&h=264


Here we can easily see that market talk about is low and market expansion rate is also low. In this particular stage the company gets nothing. It really is neither making profits nor getting chances of development. So this stage is damaging for a person. He should sale our business and really should stop to moving it. This is the best for the organiser.


In this stage the market show is low and market growth is high. So we can see that stream of cash is doind here. There exists potential for development. So we ought to invest very carefully. I this level he can leave or continue the business. But there is absolutely no certain chances of development.

STAGE3: Personalities

In this level the business is well developed. here the expansion rate and market share both are high. Here the business is moving very well. As well as the organiser gets plenty of revenue.

STAGE4: CASH COW: here the marketplace growth is low however the market talk about is high. In this particular stage the trader should do invest. There is absolutely no threat of capital. this stage is good for any organisation. the probability of development is very high.

To manage the innovation Nintendo wii has to use "express of problem". The word dilemma means talk about of uncetinity.

Every organisation have two responsibilities.

1 handling its tasks

2 generation of new ideas

Managing its tasks: it prove competiveness in today's. it emphasise on cost reduction. It not allow slack into organisation.

Generation or new ideas: it is prove competiveness in the future. It allow slacks of imagination and new ideas.

Managing uncertinity

Uncertainity about ends - targets

Uncertinity about means - process

For managing advancement there are five steps

Idea technology: idea generation need a supportive organisational culture. The idea and the people who develop them are interconnected. In the event the organizational support is not provided then the idea can't be develop. In the event the people have impressive thinking than the ideas will be more empressive. , but errors should be discovered from and learning should be celebrated. W. L. Gore is a company that celebrates learning and advancement.

Initial screening process: after gathering the data now we ought to have to shortlisted it. Which idea is important or which is not is verifying in this stage. this screening bank checks that it is important or not to carry out full equlity impact evaluation for this portion of activity.

The main questions are

What searching to accomplish in this activity?

Who in the primary will profit?

Does the experience have the potential to cause adverse impact or discriminate against different organizations locally?

Does the experience make a positive contribution to equalities

Review: in this stage our idea is developed and we can show this in an organization or leading of these people who is inveseted in development of new product. now our idea is taking a specific condition.

SEKEEING SPONSERSHIP: In most organizations, an idea needs a sponsor to continue to move ahead. The sponsor must be persuaded of the worthiness of the idea to the organization.

Provides a construction for studying and understanding uncertainty and the invention process

Divides uncertainty into two split dimensions:

Uncertainty about ends(what it eventual focus on of the activity or job)

Uncertainty about means(how to do this target)

Quadrant 1

High amount of uncertainty and ends

Ultimate aim for is not obviously defined and how to achieve is not clear

"Exploratory research"

E. g. College or university research laboratory

Quadrant 3

Uncertainty regarding ends

Attempts to find how technology can be most effectively used

Application engineering

To manage invention we will have to understand the issue of development management.

Conclusion : we can say that the introduction of a fresh product is dependent on some steps. in this competitive world where every organizer seeking to do his best and attempting to provided customer acceptable than it is very difficult and incredibly challenging to keep up the level of customer satisfactory. As Nintendo is big company and there are lots of competitors in game playing industry than mainting the development in games is absolutely challenging.

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