A RESEARCH STUDY Of Vodafone India Marketing Essay


Winning customers and preserve them in the pool is the goal of any business. Marriage marketing is one of the tools that is has been surfaced over the time period and practiced by several group with the aim to attract new customers and hold on to existing customers for permanent sustainability and gaining competitive advantages within the industry

In the past, marketers had focused on creating customers, selling what they produced, without keeping their customers, forgetting that customer retention is the lifeblood of any business. Over time, firms are working on effective approaches for keeping customers since it is now seen as inexpensive to improve current customers rather than acquiring new customers.

Fundamentally, the analysis is targeted on looking into the impact of romance marketing in mobile phone service industry with an special concentrate as a research study on Voda mobile in India.

The case study is build and looked into based on literature review to have a thorough understanding on the subject "Relationship Marketing", its elements and importance so the finding upon the completion of review is in light with authors regardless of similarities or dissimilarities.

Study focuses on identifying the approaches at Vodaphone in increasing attention to draw in, hold on to, enhance and develop a long-term and long lasting romantic relationship for a profitable away. It offers particular importance in the analysis about discovering how relationship marketing is practice in Vodaphone, checking out customer understanding of Vodaphone romantic relationship marketing techniques and recommend critical success factor for the effective execution of relationship marketing in Vodaphone for customer retention.

The proposed research is planed to carry out by using exploratory research method with a concentrate on both qualitative and quantitative strategy covering the two perspectives; consumers/customers and providers.

From consumers, One hundred and twenty five (125) respondents will be randomly selected for the quantitative research to obtain key understanding. The respondents shall be sampled across two parts of the united states. Two different packages of questionnaires will be administered. Eighty (80) questionnaires to the consumers Vodaphone, whilst twenty from (20) Vodaphone staff and twenty five to other network users. In addition to quantitative research 25 respondents would be selected to conducted qualitative research having 15 from consumers and 10 from the management of Voda phone


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Marketing is the process of identifying, anticipating and satisfying the necessity of customers through success (Kotler, 2002). In similar words, marketing is the process in which firm attract new customers and hold on to them with the merchandise and services with the aim to ensure continuous profitability. It means marketing is based on customers and every activity done by the organizations are experiencing two fold objectives of appealing to them and retaining them.

However the annals of marketing shows that the idea of marketing has been evolutionary and marketing acquired different figures with different ideology. In fact the four key marketing management philosophies that are production concept, product concept, selling principle and marketing concept are each related and were the phases of its evolutions. The emergence of marketing was mainly concentrate on products production and productive delivery at mass level however now the marketing is give attention to customer and complete of organizations' activities are based on "marketing concept". But that which was happening before creation marketing and its own delivery to widespread (mass) customers, perhaps there was some marketing also involved that will be perhaps based on some sort of small level of activities that proven familiarity between buyer and seller and perhaps that was based on the concept of relationship marketing. It means the idea of marriage marketing was present because the inception of life but still prevailing and that's the reason peoples seek to buy products from reliable, credible program given that they feel they both know the other person and can count after them.

The relevance perhaps of relationship marketing has increase many fold due to the character of business environment, products launched into the markets are similar kind of characteristics due to lack of innovation or incremental innovation and lots of the sector. And therefore the situation building a challenging environment of organizations in bringing in its clients and keeping old customers which challenge is extreme amidst the service providing organizations. Strategy of marketing is directed towards getting and keeping customers and perhaps this is marriage marketing.

The concept of relationship marketing holds many fold targets such as client satisfaction, customer delight, customers' retention and gaining customers' commitment to ensure customers trust, commitment, cooperation, lack of conflict, writing of power, presenting feeling of possession amongst customers and a non opportunistic behavior within the business.

This study is defined out to explore the conceptual framework of marriage marketing by determining strategy, elements and function of romantic relationship marketing as a marketing tool. It shall offer an exploration of its routines in mobile phone industry and standard and in particular to Vodaphone in India. The analysis shall explore the impact of marriage marketing on the entire performance of firm with regards to gain competitive position.

In India Vodafone commenced its procedures during the time 1994 under the name of Essar when its predecessor Hutchison Telecom bought the mobile license for Mumbai. Vodafone Essar now have 34/1 million customers in India and featuring its procedures in 16 circles covering 86% of India's mobile customer basic. Vodaphone over the time period has gain respected company in telecommunication sector due to excellent mobile service across the country with utmost creativeness and effective advertising (Praise point, 2010).



Relationship marketing is the procedure of using insights to operate a vehicle value for consumers, customers and brands and hence increasing volume and market talk about for organizations. Building, maintaining and boosting the associations with customers and associated associates with the only real objective of earning earnings so that both or whole parties got content with the exchange or transfer is marketing (Gronroos, 1994). Although this marriage is fundamental but may well not necessarily last for long-term. A romance with the client could be recognized as the process of appealing to them and creating a relationship so that to accomplish economical goal for company.

Zeithamal and Bitner (2002) have referred to romantic relationship marketing as a beliefs that bargains in keeping and improving current customers instead of targeting new customers. The philosophy deals in avoiding existing customers from transitioning one organization to other.

Berry and Parasuraman (1991) identify relationship marketing as an approach in which organizations appeal to, develop and keep customer romance. Coviello (1997) explain romantic relationship marketing as the strategy that is many functions to help build and keep maintaining relations as time passes. Morgan and Hunt (1994) make clear relationship marketing as a assortment of marketing activities that direct to determine, develop and keep maintaining successful relational exchange.

Thus the entire objective of romantic relationship marketing is to accomplish and maintain long term customer romance, which contributes to changed things and modifications of the marketing management process. The common superior objectives of all strategies are long lasting unique romance with customers, which can not be imitate by opponents and for that reason provide lasting competitive advantages (Berry and Gresham, 1986).

Relationship market does apply and pay key role in a situation where customers have several choices available to them for the same products and customers have the main element role in taking decisions. In such kind of businesses organizations try and maintain their customers by offering better products/services compared to its competitors with the objective to achieve customers' loyalty (Johnson, 2010).

And once it is achieved it becomes quite difficult for competitors to prosper in the market. The customer turnover wasn't paid attention on as the key attention was on client satisfaction. This sort of marketing was at first called as defensive marketing. Offensive marketing is the online marketing strategy where not only clients are captivated, but also the sales are stepped up by increasing the purchase rate of recurrence. This kind of marketing concentrates on freeing dissatisfied customers and acquiring clients (Johnson, 2010).


The telecommunications market about the world is quickly changing. Because of this, competition is increasing. Companies want for ways to keep up and grow revenue streams while building loyal customer interactions that cause low churn rates. Market leaders are employing targeted, personalized marketing to do this. And they're lowering costs and time to market as well, providing them with the advantage in a fast-paced, competitive market (Unica, 2010).

The telecommunications market, within the last couple of years, has seen extraordinary Technological advancement, which has fueled substantial consumer adoption and brutal competition motivated by commoditization. To operate a vehicle gains in this business, you must boost the average lifetime value per customer and reduce the service cost even as service choices increase. Common to all of the customers in the telecom sector can be an abiding opinion in providing the best service to customers by investing in technology that empowers consumers and service agents to possess intelligent, productive discussions. Inside a marketplace where consumers are increasingly aware of their choices, constant service quality is the building blocks of the durable brand (Jayalakshmi, G, 2009). Corresponding to authors, "Together with the commoditization of products and services, fuelled by better usage of competitive information over the web, customer support is one of the few ways organizations can themselves and increase market discuss".

Research Seeks and Objectives

To contain the comprehensive understanding on the idea of Romance marketing.

The Assessment of the idea and procedures issues in customer romantic relationship management

To assess the result of customer marriage marketing to the company performances.

To evaluate the performance of customer relationship marketing and its own impact on the company performances

To recommend effective way of controlling customer romance at Vodaphone

Research Questions

Research Questions were created very carefully to aid research goals and seeks. Answering of the research questions will help in arriving at reliable findings. These questions are;

Why customer relationship marketing has importance?

What is the role of Customer romance marketing in corporation success in getting competitive advantages?

How does indeed effective management of customers donate to market share?

How important is customer marriage management to organisational performance?


Mobile telephone industry is highly competitive due to its nature of continuous innovation and improvement. The success of mobile phone industry is dependant on two fold proportions; first the technology and subsequently the services offer to customers.

Like many other industry, mobile phone companies are also facing saturation and un-differentiated services to their customers. Nevertheless the industry is not only predicated on providing the high technology that is compatible to the new launched mobile packages, the acceleration and transmission but the progress of company is dependant on the deal of technology and excellent customers' service.

Mobile mobile phone services providing corporation are supplying high importance to customer relationship marketing and its management and hence getting competitive advantages and sustainability for the future.


Research Approach

Research strategy to receive the answers of research questions and also to achieve the research objectives shall be predicated on using both quantitative and qualitative techniques with the aim to have the ability to perform quality and credibility in the findings.

The suggested research is targeted on investigating the role and impact of relationship marketing and its management in mobile phone industry with a only focus on Vodaphone in India in terms of increasing competitive advantages that help firm in attracting clients and keeping them for long term success and advocacy.

To enhance the quality and authenticity of research work, both quantitative and qualitative data will be analysed and systematic analytical techniques will be utilized in order to be able to reach accurate results. It's important to set parameters for reasoning alongside assortment of businesses, financial and management information from main and secondary options. Sufficient time and attempts will be allocated in gathering the info to ensure the reliability.

Secondary and Most important Research and resources

Secondary Research

Detail secondary research will be completed therefore various options will be determined and data will be gathered. Several sources for which information will be collected will include

Corporate Annual Reports

Information released by organisations by means of other reports

Reports granted by any trading organizations.

Information from Newspapers and Journals

Results of any studies conducted by reliable individuals or organisations

Research already done in the field

Websites of Companies and other useful sites on internet

Since secondary resources play important role in research work so that it will be produced sure information gathered in relation to subject area of this research is from reliable options.

Primary research

The proposed research will not only be based on extra research but key research may also be performed. Most important research work is challenging since it needs organized and effort.

Primary research in this analysis would play critical role and hence would enhance in extra research in validating, comparing and filling the space in the information gathered from extra research. Additionally, Most important research would explore the information which may be missing in extra research.

Primary research would be completed with the focus at two level; firstly the organization and secondly the buyer in the industry and hence research would cover both perspective

Primary Research Planning

To carry out efficient and effective most important research range of factors will be looked at including designing of interviews and questionnaires, selection of folks etc. Information will be obtained from right people, their qualifications will be considered if it'll be considered that those people can offer more useful information with regards to subject section of the research, information will be from them and questionnaires will be designed carefully to become able to have the desired information.

Interviews and questionnaires will be the key techniques which is used for information gathering. Each question will be from the next question while performing the quantitative research and hence the questions would be structured.

Face to face meetings and conversations with relevant personnel will be made with the aim to be able to obtain more targeted information directly. Prior to going for face to face communication questions will be designed in advance to have the ability to obtain required information in effective way. A semi organized questionnaire will be used in undertaking qualitative research.

Other Research techniques

Both quantitative and qualitative techniques will be utilized including financial performance analytical tools, account of non-financial performance indicators, Sampling etc. In sampling there will identification of goals of investigation, hypothesis and id of data needs, recognition of population, formulation of questionnaires, pre-testing and administration/analysis of questionnaires, data messaging and data prep from response linens etc. Other techniques which will be used including sensitivity examination, variance analysis and performance contrast techniques.






Timeline (Regular)












Presentation on proposed topic

Finalization the subject/research questions

Proposal Submission

Literature Review

Draft Questionnaire (qualitative)

Draft Questionnaire (quantitative)

Execution of Quantitative survey

Face to handle & telephonic interview

Data Collection

Data analysis

Implement Discussion into Dissertation

Finalize and submission of Dissertation


In the past, marketers had centered on creating customers, advertising what they produced, without retaining their customers, forgetting that customer retention is the lifeblood of any business. Over the years, firms are working on effective approaches for keeping customers since it is currently seen as cost effective to improve current customers alternatively than acquiring new customers. Being successful customers and keep them in the pool is the goal of any business. Marriage marketing is one of the various tools that is has been emerged over the time period and used by several firm with the objective to attract clients and sustain existing customers for permanent sustainability and attaining competitive advantages within the industry.

The value perhaps of relationship marketing has increase many fold due to the characteristics of business environment, products unveiled into the market segments are similar kind of characteristics due to insufficient innovation or incremental innovation and lots of the sector. And therefore the situation developing a challenging environment of organizations in appealing to its clients and retaining old customers and this challenge is strong among the service providing organizations. Procedure of marketing is aimed towards getting and retaining customers and perhaps this is relationship marketing.


This research is one of the major modules of review for Masters of Business Administration with specialisation area of Marketing. Having strong educational history in marketing as well as Marriage marketing in mobile phone industry, I feel I could perform quality research in the proposed area and I expect that research will further improve my research skills and overall experience and confidence.

On the basis of above facts I am hoping that this proposal will fulfil its conditions and you will be allowed to carry on on the study work.

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