A RESEARCH STUDY On A Popular Merchant Ikea Marketing Essay

The following article is on the case study on one of the very most popular retailing store which includes made a colossal success because of the company's unique principle. The business by name is "IKEA".

IKEA is facing very high competition, abandoning the question if the company can still keep carefully the core founding ideals alive because IKEA is still run by professionals who were trained by the creator himself. As well as the former issue the strategy IKEA is using though successful has a threat of being 'jammed in the midsection'.

The key issue underlined in the event is the challenge IKEA is facing presently, to keep up the typical and quality that was brought about so far. As the business is worldwide, plus the fact that at times it diversifies in line with the culture the business is in; the organization tends of moving away from record if the links with the creator is lost. Sub issues tackled can be noted as, resource been bottleneck and increased competition.

Unity consulting company which I benefit has been requested by IKEA to provide talking to services for the proper management of the company's future. Conducting strategic analysis of the surroundings, industry and the company, present strategic alternatives, and recommended new tactical initiatives and areas for bettering the senior management degree of IKEA are the key tasks for the next consulting job.

As a member of the Unity consultancy firm, in analysing the situation, I have undertaken the issues of the Macro-environmental research, Industry examination and internal examination which would include the organization's strategic functionality analysis.

Company Overview

Ingvar used the knowledge he gained from the Smaland province, where people got a reputation for spending so much time and making the most out of limited resources. The killer proven fact that he came up up in the late 1940's gave delivery to IKEA. The acronym has four letters which accordingly signifies the first letter of the founder's first name, the first notice of previous name, the first notice of the plantation he was raised and the first letter of his home village. (Ikea, 1999).

The mother or father company of IKEA is INGKA Positioning B. V. In addition, it includes the industrial group Swedwood, which outsources production of IKEA furniture. Stichting INGKA Base which is a non profit organization owns INGKA Positioning B. V. The later possessed reported income of 1. 4 billion from the sales from 12. 8 billion and with a margin of practically 11 %. (Ikea, 1999). (Refer appendix 1- INGKA Holdings)

Inter IKEA systems B. V. process allows franchises only if there is a store for the reason that particular country. The organizations and people should get yourself a strong market position and market penetration to obtain franchise. (Ikea, 1999).

IKEA's ground breaking idea was to offer quality home furnishing products for a cheaper price, more over they are designed in the 'DIY' style allowing the transportation cost and the storage space costs extremely low. (Refer appendix 2 -Products). IKEA currently has 265 shopping centres in 36 countries. (Ikea, 1999). (Refer appendix 3).

The company's colors are the identical to the national shades of Sweden. (Refer appendix 4- Stores). IKEA properties are designed so that each customer is able to view all the merchandise as they carry on along the proclaimed journey. Such techniques have helped IKEA come along way successfully. (Refer appendix 5- Prizes).

Critical Issues / Key problems

According to the case study provided the critical concern stated, is the task of keeping up the standard which was so far caused. IKEA currently uses managers who have been trained by the creator. Kamprad has the capacity to control Ingka Holdings and the businesses of Ingka Holdings.

In the lack of Kamprad, regulations indicate requirements for this to continue procedure by Ingka Holding group and it specifically notes that shares could be only sold to another company which includes the same goal as Ingka Basis. (Ikea, 1999).

The existing problem is that whenever the business becomes increasingly more larger there's a risk of the links with the organization culture getting thinner. So long as the founder has the control over the management and, the respected persons are devoted to the founder an issue may not are present but in his absence there's a risk of the presence of the organization.

The sub issue of the following case is the supply of the production. "We can not increase by more than 20 stores per year because source is the container neck" (Lennart Dahlgren, Russia). Since the organization is mainly based on timber; there can be an impact between the manufacturing and the existing timber as a resource. (Refer appendix 6 -intact and outstanding forests).

The company happens to be undertaking proactive options for the basic safety of the surroundings. (Refer appendix 7- Conditions for sustainability by Robert). Because of this, updating poloylchloride in wallpapers, eliminating PVC from presentation and reducing acid-curing lacquers ahs been executed.

External Analysis

Factors such as determining opportunities, threats, styles, strategic selections and proper uncertainties; even though exterior, has an influence on the organization. External analysis facilitates to develop a finite list of opportunities that a firm can reap the benefits of and avoid hazards. The external evaluation offers IKEA to reply either offensively or defensively to the exterior factors by formulating new strategies in such a way to take benefit of exterior opportunities or minimize the impact of potential hazards. External environment can be divided into macro-environment and industry examination.

Macro- Environment

The macro environment includes all factors which effect the company all together that are out of their immediate control including politics, economical, social, technological, environmental and legal factors. The examination of these factors is therefore known as PESTEL analysis. (Refer Appendix 8- PESTAL Examination)

Industry Analysis

An industry can be viewed as as several organizations or sections that produces close substitutes. The goal of an industry examination is to identify and review the attractiveness of a business. Industry research will be covered by studying the Porters five pushes and Industry life circuit. (Refer Appendix 9- Porsters Five Forces), (Refer Appendix 10- Industry Life Routine).

Internal Analysis

The internal evaluation for IKEA includes Value chain and SWOT research. The main purpose of this internal analysis is to identify IKEA's resources and capabilities.

Value Chain Analysis

The value string analysis illustrates the many value adding operations that occurred in the firm or a small business. This analysis provides an insight to comprehend how a firm builds up its capabilities and activities that define the firm's competitive good posture. Value string is also a useful tool to analyze energy and cost.

The value chain can be labeled into two wide categories as major and encouraging activities. According to IKEA principal activities consists of inbound logistics, procedures, outbound logistics, marketing, sales and services. Support activities refer to those responsibilities assists the firm's major activities. The support activities include procurement, technology development, HRM and firm's degree of infrastructure. (Refer Appendix 11- Value Chain Analysis)

Since IKEA provides products as well as services the organization has outbound logistics making itself different from the other businesses which provides services only.

SWOT Analysis


Marketing strategy

The cross types strategy which is been used by IKEA is very successful and problematic for the opponents to replicate. IKEA can stand a head of the opponents because; targeting the center class, they provide differentiated products at the lowest cost possible. The products can be very simple ones such as newspaper measuring tapes, red plastic material watering cans, scented candles and pencils. IKEA can grab the attention of the client making them purchase items worthy of $ 500 from glassware to self storage, when the customer experienced just stepped in to get a coffee table worth forty dollars$ 40. Matching to 1 of the buyers at IKEA, they have this way of making one believe that nothing is expensive.

Brand recognition

IKEA has its network around the globe (Appendix- countries currently IKEA manages in) with a well known brand name, especially for its 'DIY' design in the selection of furniture. IKEA Notion is dependant on offering an array of well designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible can afford them. Instead of selling expensive furniture that only a few can buy, the IKEA Concept can help you serve the countless by providing low-priced products that contribute to helping more folks live an improved life at home.

Layout of the building

The blue and yellowish buildings average 300, 000 square feet in size (28, 000 m2). The customer is meant to walk along a proclaimed path through the showrooms. For the reason that the building can take the shape of a circle it allows all the customers to see, all the merchandise for display. It gives the client the opportunity to take so long as possible shopping, allowing the kids to take pleasure from themselves at the playroom.


Current Managers

The managers presently appointed are still the ones who were trained and groomed by the creator. The culture of the business is at a risk at the absences of the founder. Kamprad can be noted as a charismatic leader if not the lifetime of the organization around the founder cannot be expected. However, he should teach the managers and his employees self management, because the values of the business will exist around, for future years if so done.



Outsourcing from China is one of the opportunities, because sourcing from low priced countries like China would reduce its cost and permit IKEA to focus on increasing its market talk about through competitively costed product offerings.



Within growing competitive retail marketplaces mainstream sellers are starting to mirror the style of low cost value flat filled furniture that will effect on the buoyancy of IKEA. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. which despite great advantages, France's Carrefour has been overtaken by IKEA the Swedish retailer. Nevertheless the company presently is undergoing great competition, as a result of the suppliers bargaining ability and competitors' recruiting top designers. (e. g. Goal recruiting Thomson O'Brien).

New fashions, fads, or cultures

With globalization and changing procedures comes a lot of culture change within the countries. IKEA was required to identify the closets designs for American in ways they can flip their cloths as well as for the Italians in a way that they could hang their cloths. Such good examples prove the fact that the mark market of IKEA is much diverse for research, therefore there is a risk in the lifetime searching for IKEA if they don't realize the preferences of the particular customer. For example IKEA acquired a change how big is their spectacles, sofas and sizes of the beds.

Recessions and declining economies

With monetary concerns over rising living costs and depleting disposable income there can be an overall menace to the performance of the business in UK and American markets specifically.


As a member of the Unity consultancy company, I recommend the following for a better performance.

The critical issue addressed in the following report is the challenge of maintaining the typical of performance in IKEA credited to the main reason as the current managers are still the ones who were trained by the creator. Therefore IKEA needs advisory services regarding the development of schedules of practice and strategies of responsibilities each individual in the business holds.

IKEA is very successful in trimming the unnecessary cost incurring. Therefore IKEA has had the opportunity to employee the least range of employees needed to work on the floor surfaces. Taking the next as an advantage indicate success IKEA should have steady training for the new and lively too. It really is vital for IKEA to understand different staffing plans the host countries would like. This knowledge would end result a multicultural perspective for the success of the organization.

Internal auditing and calibration trips to IKEA supplier's premises are recommended.


This report was prepared for the Swedish merchant, IKEA. Exterior factors and inside factors affecting the business enterprise have been evidently discussed in the next report.

The external evaluation includes the macro environment and the inner environment of IKEA. To go over these aspects I used the PESTEL, Porters five causes, the life pattern model and the strategic group model.

The internal analysis was reviewed by using key success factors, value chain model and the SWOT analysis.

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