A Strategic Plan And Examination Of Google

This strategic plan begins off examining Google's external environmental influences. Next, in-depth examination on the industry's competitive five causes which affect Google's success will be done. Lastly, Google's internal durability and weaknesses will be analyzed to generate its competitive implication. From these analyses, we learned that Yahoo will face legal and performance issues because of its offensive strategy in the long run. We have developed three tactical alternatives (Strategic Alliances, Defensive Strategies and Broadening Diversification Basic) which Yahoo can adopt to improve its competitive position. The plan will be concluded with a advised strategic alternative and its own pitfalls.


PEST Analysis

After conducting PEST and Porter Evaluation for Google, we have derived at the following

Political: The extension of Google was obstructed by the federal government such as US and Chinese language authority. They looked at Google as a monopoly and request authority to screen its activities (Yahoo, 2009). However, this hurdle does not impact Google's procedures as Yahoo responded immediately to the customers by responding to its policies in regards to politics/legal aspects. Example: Yahoo China announced that it is still providing filtered search results on its website to comply with censor search results' restrictions (China Daily, 2010).

Economic: Google focuses on highly targeted, measurable advertising, thus so that it is more successful than other challengers. The crucial need to stay up to date and continuously connected keeps its main services vibrant regardless of the parched surroundings anticipated to economic recession (Google, 2010).

Social-Cultural: Individuals are getting more educated and competent. Therefore lifestyle and demand of people are changing rapidly. Google must observe such changes in order to contend with its competitors by giving addition services such as email. Specific are also increasingly becoming more connected because of the increased method of communication available through the internet such as MSN, face booklet and cellular phone with internet ability. Google has responded by building their mobile devices and released its own Android CELLULAR PHONE Platform and Operating System. By tapping on these, Google shall have great benefits with increased volume of search questions and better competitive position.

Technological: The widespread diffusion of information and communication technology allows table geographic dispersion and integration of business activists. Progressive web applications set trends in search, internet immediate advertising and portable applications thus creating a more immediate and disruptive change in technology. Google must take detailed measures to stay in advance by keeping tempo with technology improvement and maintains low cost (Make reference to Display A for Summary of PEST research).

Porter 5 Makes Analysis

Buyers: The bargaining power is high. The lifestyle of users on using the search tool is now more sophisticated and challenging. Substitutes are easily available at less expensive or even free. Example: Google online photo storage priced at $5 per time for 20GB, but face publication provided it free of charge. Google must satisfy both customer groups similarly. Example: organization's customers would prefer their advertisement broadcasting in big banner on the web page; however, individual customers will feel very disturbing as they just want the search results.

Substitute: The bargaining electric power is high as buyer's turning cost is low. There are plenty of replacements such as advertising campaign on television, radio, journal, poster and search hotline.

Suppliers: The bargaining electricity is low. Google is regionally not globally dominating and hardware buys are one-time off. Google search is closely depending on its competition Microsoft and Apple software. If there are any new software produces from them, Yahoo search may not perform well if no timely revise is done.

Potential entrants: The bargaining vitality is low. Yahoo and Microsoft have increased their se's and can on pass their search tool through their products. There is no specific requirement for search engine, thus a much better search engine developed by another will critically affect Yahoo. Also, the monitoring of specialist from its political environment could affect Google's current technology and school of thought.

Competitors: The bargaining ability is high. There is absolutely no patent on search engine therefore the environment can be easily exploited or manipulated. The switching cost is low. Example: Microsoft and Apple have inserted their search tool into their Explorer browser. Also, rival search tools have their own unique strength (Such as Yahoo allures audience by its nice appearance). (Make reference to Show B for Overview of Porter 5 makes analysis)

INTERNAL Evaluation (VIRO Research)

We have observed that Google's net revenue keeps growing from 2001- 2008. Because the 2004 IPO, the stock price has soars from significantly less than $100 to above $700. The number of Internet users keeps increasing round the world, especially Asia. As the number one Internet search large, Google attract majority of the new Internet surfers to be its customers. Yahoo comprehends customer demand and monitor how specific lifestyle is changing speedily each day. This understanding allows Google's business strategy to outshine among its competition. Overall, we feel that Google's business strategy works excellent at the moment but better tactical alternatives have to be in place.

After conducting Google internal evaluation, we have concluded the following

Value: Google possesses the Page-Rank technology, which allows them to provide the most accurate serp's. The dominating market show and huge devotion from customers offers Yahoo competitive advantages.

Rarity: The services provided by Google are not exceptional. Many other companies also offer alternate services such as search, email, blog, video recording posting, online office application and cloud computing.

Imitability: All Google's services can be imitated. For instance: the Microsoft Bing Search engine has incorporated several components of the Yahoo search: THE EASY UI, sponsor hyperlink, and page standing.

Organization: Google has strong financial electricity, research and development capabilities. The company is preparing to delivery services to remain competitive, or acquire potential rivals to eliminate risks.


We have discovered that the primary problem with Google is that the offensive ways of improve its market stocks/performance will lead to severe problems in the future. Google faces ever more intense competition from experienced incumbents like Microsoft, Social networks and Baidu which had been gaining popularity within the Asia region. They will always be active in making fresh steps to increase or solidify their market position. With Google wanting to dominate the cloud processing and internet search engine marketplaces, this long-term strategy is backfiring with incumbents growing similar, if not, improved upon strategies to retain their market standing.

In the long run, Google's plan to become the dominating professional of cloud processing may also lead legal suits and privacy concerns. With increasing use of online server hosting, more organization networks, servers and data storages run virtually. Even though good security coverage methods were applied, important data it's still vulnerable and can be monitored for unauthorized uses. This may lead to data security issues like information used for unintended goal and data disruption/damage in case of natural disasters.


Strategic alternatives must be able to create growth opportunities with high go back of investment. Hambrick & Fredrickson (2001) have brought up that strategies are a; overarching concept of how business will achieve its objectives. Therefore we advise that Google examine its tactical alternatives by looking at its vehicles (how Google wishes to gets there, including alliances); staging (Google speed and series of activities); and financial logic (how gains and profits will be produced).


Strategic Alliances with other enterprises

It is futile for Yahoo to fight brain with head against similarly skilled competitors as its offensive strategic solutions will causes disruption its dominance in creativity over time. Hence, we advise that Google change their strategy and get together with its competition to add-value to its resources and capacities (Make reference to Exhibit C). With proper alliance, Google can take part in a mutual formal romantic relationship with two or more organizations and get together strategically to attain collaborative valuable proper final results. It allows joint contribution of resources, capabilities, shared risk, distributed control and shared dependence. Aim of strategic alliance is designed for Google to attain synergy where advantages from the alliance will be greater than those from individual efforts.

Google will be able to improve market access via global marketing alliance to have significantly more breakthroughs in international market segments such as China. The brand new partnerships will also bring about faster and better development of new systems/products to boost competitive position. With alliance, Yahoo can get over deficits in skills and creates new competitive capabilities by bringing together unique personnel of each partner. Lastly, it will help Google to attain economies of range and achieve better efficiency (Gamble & Thompson, 2011).

Defensive Strategies to Protect Company Market Position

Another alternative that we recommend will be for Google to adopt defensive strategy (Make reference to Exhibit D) to enrich its competitive position. The purpose of defensive strategies is to lower the risk of being attacked, weaken the impact of any invasion that occurs and influence challengers to aim their work at other competitors. A couple of two forms Yahoo may take if protective strategies are used. The two varieties are obstructing the avenues open to difficulties and signaling to potential challengers that retaliation is likely.

For example: if Google were to choose to stop the avenues open to challenges it needs to be more innovative and be more receptive in learning culture dissimilarities while embarking on businesses with the Chinese language in China. China is a country that contains massive human resources with creative imagination. Hence to block any new invention or products being produced, Google need to act fast by considering differently and increased its research and development when you are more unique and allowing imagination to flourish.

If Yahoo were to choose in doing the second option, its leaders need to be more vocal by publicly announcing management's determination to keep the firm's market share, publicly committing the company to a policy of matching competitor's terms or prices or keeping a war upper body of cash and marketable securities. However, Yahoo should not be too vocal in a foreign land, especially China is highly unadvisable as Chinese language do not enjoy businesses that are too vocal and do not know this is of modesty. As a result, Google can wrap up sacrificing its market show totally (Gamble and Thompson, 2011).

Broadening the Diversification Base

We think that it is important for Google to diversify into a fresh business using its existing products as it provides the actual to enhance and build a much better competitive advantage. Yahoo is facing risk because of the increasing ability of incumbent like social networks, which inevitably affect the search industry (For example: Facebook has search function in their website). Thus through diversification, Google can utilize the mobile world and reposition itself in the market by increasing features proposed by Android. We also recommend utilizing and incorporating Google's existing services such as Yahoo Images and Google Maps to broaden the business's diversification basic with new solutions on the market.

In our day to day course of are consultants, we came across a fresh technology known as the 'Bokodes'. This latest technology provides users with a more interactive method of information at everywhere and anytime. It starts up a fresh range of applications in the regions of tagging, user interaction and near field communication. Google can also create a credit card applicatoin using Bokode technology that mention of its current services such as Google Images or Yahoo Maps (Refer to Show E. ) These can typically bring about extensive co-marketing giving Google many opportunities to broaden its share of banner/video tutorial ads which in return builds more revenues as well concerning be the pioneer in offering an progressive method of consumers (Gamble & Thompson, 2011).


Among the three recommended alternatives, we recommend that Google implements the protective strategy. It really is futile for Google to fight head with brain against its competitors so protective strategy will reduce the impact of rival's episode moves. This option won't cause much disruption and trade-off to Google's operation. As Google has recently a huge market base for its existing innovative products, it should focus its existing product categories in a particular market portion/geographic area. In addition, Google has progressive people plus they have dynamic capabilities and key competencies to strive for ongoing improvement and develop discovery defensive strategies. We will carry out a SWOT research (Make reference to Exhibit F) to judge power, opportunities and restriction (Weaknesses and Hazards) because of this alternative.


In conclude, Google is a company that has great potential to broaden its market position. However, extension is not a simple task and it requires great strategy and meticulous planning for Google to attain its targets. Hence Google need to look at an open brain in performing its businesses and practice a strategy that will advantage them in the long run.


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