A Study On Body Shop Marketing Essay

Body Shop aspires to achieve long-term corporate growth through the exploitation of an differentiation strategy in satisfying customer needs in conditions of cosmetics supporting a laid back, natural and healthy life style. In addition your body Shop looks for to donate to society by possessing promotions including ones against pet trials, on environmental issues as well as support for domestic assault help hotlines.

  • Product:

    To provide assorted runs of high quality natural and/or environmentally friendly products to the public.

  • People:

    To build good connections with interested parties including shareholders, employees, customers and everyone.

  • Branding:

    To create and keep maintaining a strong brand for the Body Shop in terms of high levels of awareness and popularity searching for quality products and superior service.

  • Organisation:

    To achieve organisational development over the future.

  • Social responsibility

    To encourage community trade and subsequently to develop stable human relationships with suppliers who provide natural ingredients.

    To regularly oppose the screening of products on family pets.

    To concentrate on the security of human rights such such as actions against child labour.

2. Competitive and Brand positioning

As one of the most famous cosmetics brand the Body Shop is put as an all natural ingredient cosmetics developer and company. A core image of the brand is the fact that it seeks to enhance the quality of people's life through sourcing and producing environmentally friendly and natural products. In adding to this aspect of the brand the strong promotion of corporate and sociable responsibility through assisting various promotions further strengthens the brand's placement as an internationally 'Inexperienced' company.

3. Marketing Strategic Goals for 2006

The marketing tactical objectives derive from the corporate aims layed out for 2006 which are focused on different areas including product, people, branding, company and social obligations.


1. Offer high quality cosmetics sourced from natural ingredients based mostly suppliers.

2. Offer products which are able to improve standard of living including both beauty products and home goods runs such as home fragrance products.

3. Offer a high level of professional customer support through stimulated and trained customer care and beauty consultants.


1. Provide superior and professional customer services predicated on high quality products and high specifications of worker training.

2. Maintain a well balanced romance with employees in order to fulfil effective work performance in conditions of customer support.

3. Fulfill the corporate plank by obtaining financial goals including increasing sales and income results in 2006 and achieve organisational expansion through obtaining a 10% market talk about.


1. Improve brand recognition through an efficient marketing and communication combination.

2. Maintain brand images reflecting center business principles

3. Improve sales performance recognized by branding strategy.

Achieve organisational progress.

1. Secure organisational enlargement in the next three years in the united kingdom and Irish parts.

2. Achieve a 10% progress rate in 2006 and 5% in the next 2 yrs.

3. Achieve market control in the natural splendor product retailing industry.

4. Maintain effective organisational controls through intranet and assisting team work between different departments.

5. Maintain good connections with suppliers in order to acquire cost gain and logistical efficiencies.

Community responsibilities

1. Continuously share concerns with guarding pets or animals and advocate against trials products on pets or animals.

2. Improve public awareness on guarding the surroundings.

3. Improve performance in helping protections of individual rights.

4. Contribute to healthy industrial growth through assisting small natural ingredient suppliers and local good trade produce.

4. Segmentation - Concentrate on Markets

Market segmentation can supply the basis for selecting target market segments which for your body Shop's targeted customers are general members of the general public at all age range who seek natural and healthy beauty products. Additionally individuals who have an awareness of particular sociable issues which concern them such as canine assessment and environmental cover are also targeted as potential prospects. Firstly the Body Shop provides natural splendor product amounts including makeup for both women and men and home range. In this particular sense everyone from all age ranges can be seen as customers. Secondly the most crucial variable in defining possible segmentations is dependant on psychographic characteristics particularly lifestyle which is discussed at length within the next section. In additional the Body Shop brand is a quite famous nationwide brand for beauty products in the UK and its brand image is carefully associated with the promotions it pursues in light of its corporate and business social responsibility targets.

5. Focus on Characteristics

Customer segmentation for the Body Shop is firmly associated with psychographic variables namely lifestyle ones with one of the major characteristic of customers being growing degrees of awareness over health insurance and social issues Additionally another feature of beauty goods customers is they are concerned with brands to a high degree. That is to say people choose products that happen to be both perceived as being healthy and that have a solid brand image associated with beauty products. Of note also is that along with traditional media forms the emergence and development of new media channels in the UK such as the Internet symbolize new challenges and opportunities in targeting customers. According to research by BT it is forecasted that 90% of the united states will have some type of Web connection by 2010 with a sizable proportion being on high bandwidth connections such as ADSL which is advised being the basis for a new built in communication and information environment (Kitchin, 1998). Arguably then the vast use of the Internet has turned into a vital feature of modern customers that your Body Shop must address.

It is undoubted that the feminine customer group is the main and major source of customers and this anticipated to increasing stresses resulting from the growing role of ladies in the workplace there is a growing demand for lifestyle associated products. A wholesome lifestyle has become a key expressed process in modern life which is linked with people becoming more concerned with the surroundings and social issues. The Body Shop's strong public responsibility programs in this field represent a substantial advantage in concentrating on these customers which can be leveraged further.

6. Marketing Information by Segment

The Body Shop beauty products product ranges are mainly based on natural ingredients which can respond to certain requirements for better degrees of product quality exploiting an image of namely a lot more natural the better the product will be. As the strong brand image of your body Shop produces competitive advantages in the natural beauty product market its connection with the safety of pets or animals, environmental issues and individual rights allow it to respond to the changing choices of customers in conditions of supporting moral and socially sensible companies. In response to the utilization of the web the online corporate website will play an increasing role in conversing with customers as well as the creation of new customers through effective online communication.

7. Channel / Multimedia choice a Justification with Indicative Costs

Public Relations

Haywood (1991) offers the definition of pr as an organised two-way communication between an company and an audience. This classification is similar in implications in many respects with Jobber (2001)'s observation about the critical and essential role of public relations in management. Smith & Taylor (2004) dispute that pr is a vital tool in communication mixes through the marketing process it is though a lot more than simple communication but is engaged in before tactical decision making levels. This is to state that effective public relations must be prepared and organised (Harrison, 1995). They should also participate an integrated communication mix as well as a strategic tool to support other communication vehicles.

Against Canine Testing

It is probably clear that good pr practice will help companies to identify actual and potential customers. Thus the campaign run by the Body Shop in helping alternatives to canine evaluation and refusing to market products which have been tested on animals will help and set up a communicative popularity and cooperation between your general public and company in terms of brand image. While pr itself is a rise area in the UK particularly in relation to news and marketing production its plays an increasingly essential role for your body Shop in seeking to maintain steadily its particular strap image (Kitchen and Proctor, 1991). Stokes and Reading (1999) claim that any dynamic organisations wanting to be well-known by people have to focus on occurrences and actions within important places. Therefore major campaigns should be organised in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds. Abrasive budget on this campaign is prepared as being 500, 000 GBP in light of design and printing cost of leaflets and notebooks as well as functional costs.

Protect Our Planet

In order to increase the level of awareness with environmental issues as well as increase funds for the security of the environment your body Shop should seek to design badges either with a charitable organisation engaged in environmental issues as a partner or a coalition of these. From the price tag on the badge a set amount should be diverted towards the charitable company. The sales team will be accountable for communicating with customers concerning this plan and encourage them in raising cash for the charitable organisations reinforced in protecting the surroundings. A smartly designed badge with a predominant renewable background like the brand logo of your body Shop isn't just stylish but will be able to communicate with customers who know about and worried about environmental safeguard issues. The price cover this marketing campaign is predicted at being 300, 000 GBP for advertising, design and production costs.

Direct Marketing

Direct communication tools are one of the most crucial marketing devices in interacting with customers on lots of levels. It is because the sales force is able to communicate and respond to customers in a in person framework and the waiting for you environment is also in a position to contribute to creating a person friendly shopping experience. Professional customer service teams aren't only dependable in consulting and providing full information about products but also in responding to special requirements and requests from individual customers looking for particular products and services or for information on these. Product samples will be accessible in stores in order to market new or essential product runs with costs here being approximated to be 5% of the overall product costs. Big in-store sales in support of these sustained promotional work are planned to be run double in 2006 namely through the summer and during the Christmas period. Particularly the Christmas sales are designed to achieve the objective of satisfying customer requirements for high quality yet good value for money Christmas gifts while the summer season sales will be utilized primarily to promote new product ranges. The promotional related cost for sales are prepared to be 500, 000 GBP with other costs dependent on draw down percentages on products being offered at sales prices.

8. Indicative Timings

The communication events in public relationships related to the deal of charity badges and interpersonal responsibility campaigns will be run over a period of 1 time with regular regular happenings at different store locations. It is because pr activities need a longer time to develop their success and also these activities seek to foster long-term awareness of key brand related images.

The communication mixture predicated on store catalogues and leaflets is planned to be sent on the three month period and follow up measurements in the ensuing two months will be completed in order to test the efficiency of the communication tool.

The direct marketing communication strategy may also be a year long strategy with both critical occasions being the summertime sale to be performed in the month of June and the Xmas sale through the month of December. Personnel refresher courses before the advertising of products will be presented in the month preceding the sales to be able to ensure employees are sufficiently prepared in connecting with customers in conditions of the product ranges being marketed and advertised.

9. Internal marketing communications plan

While communication with customers is an essential part of the strategic communication combination however internal communications between different organisational levels and departments as well as subsidiary stores are of identical importance. In improving inter-store understanding a competition between all stores in several regions in the UK and Irish areas will be organised in order to boost sales performance. Rewards in terms of financial and other forms including the name of 'The Best Body Shop' will be given to the winners nationally and regionally with interior promotional literature highlighting best practise at these stores being distributed to all stores. Second of all in-depth interviews will be completed at both management level and sales teams and results communicated in interior literature to help expand strengthen the identification of best practise at successful stores. This communication process is based on a questionnaire established interview which is designed to examine the features of stores in attaining customer needs and commercial goals. Additionally regular management conferences will be presented in 2006 at local, local and national level to be able generate awareness of latest performance characters and opportunities and threats in and the business procedures. Examination of performance by means of sales will be helpful in assessing linked problems and effects of competitive advantages.

10. Qualitative and Qualitative actions of success

The analysis of financial information including every week sales, regular sales as well as detailed figures on best selling product runs and sole products will provide useful information in looking at the efficiency of the marketing communication plan. Bearing in mind the communication strategy both internally and externally to the company a sample for a questionnaire centered survey will be drawn from four major categories within the business these being sales staff, human resource personnel, collection management and exec management. The questionnaire will seek to collect attitudinal and behavioural data which is able to be utilised in doing market orientation assessment of the business (Hooley et al, 2003, see Appendix). This data in conditions of research will be framed in a way checking out how well recruiting are strategically exploited and how well in melody employees in the company are with the needs of its customers. Matching an research of these with sales data will also for a quantitatively knowledgeable assessment of strong and fragile areas of the marketing function.

Following on out of this survey qualitatively based mostly research will be carried out. Focus groups and semi set up interviews will be conducted both within the organisation and with the company's customers at an example of good and poor executing stores. The use of semi-structured interviews will generate in-depth data and offer a 'dense' justification of identified reasons for good or poor performance (Gubrium & Holstein, 2002). The emphasis groups will be drawn from the Lovethebody membership and employees to be able to acquire data related to the styles and issues related to perceptions of changing customer needs. Specifically here is wanting to explore different replies to these topics at various degrees of employees within the company. As well as seeking to acquire data in this respect the internal dynamics between employees at similar levels or functions within the company is targeted at exploring the potency of flatter communication programs and flatter hierarchical management constructions employed by the business in its deployment of an corporate intranet. This is a particularly useful means of generating data on how well management mission statements related to customer needs are communicated and also how customer needs can be translated into effective training schemes for sales workers (Fern, 2001). Your final source of data will use the corporate website in web host a web based questionnaire that may explore the issues already talked about but also take a look at how effectively the organization website is connecting the marketing note to online customers, (Coffey & Atkinson, 1996).


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