A take on cumulative satisfaction

"Whether in conducting business or as a finish user of something or service we have a tendency to realise the importance of affordability. Consumers look for products or services of good quality for the price that they are ready to pay. This pursuit of value is the basis of their recognized satisfaction. Customer satisfaction plays a vital role in deciding value. The entire purpose of this article is to recognize the importance of client satisfaction for organizations and most essentially when and why cumulative satisfaction is important for businesses today. "

It is essential to make certain that the customers are happy also to view client satisfaction as a primary key to organisational success. Quality of a product or service is a means to an end. Customer's perception of the product's quality is part of your customer's diagnosis of value and satisfaction.


In today's competitive business environment, Organisations prosper to become the market leaders in their respected fields to get profits. Customer satisfaction sometimes appears as the main element to any company's competitive advantage and profitability. It's the overall customer frame of mind towards a product or something service provider, or the reaction to the difference between what the consumer expects and what they obtain, in order to fulfil a need or desire.

Customer satisfaction is an extremely personal diagnosis that is damaged by customer anticipations and is also also based on the customer's experience with a service or a product, idea, personnel. Picture going to an established shopping location in Sri Lanka such as Odel, where the atmosphere is great for shopping. Renowned for quality products which range from clothes to jewellery and also provides various facilities such as helpful ATM's, telecommunication, cafe's where customers can sit down and relax after shopping, the play area for children with adult guidance, and the productive staff who are willing to help all their customers with a teeth.

In such a place, the entire experience that a consumer gains is what creates value for customers. This value creation adds to the overall satisfaction of the client.

The atmosphere at Odel and the product quality products along with the services would influence the customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction and its own influence on Organizational profitability

Businesses give attention to Customer satisfaction mainly to increase their customer commitment; this generates do it again purchases, thereby increasing their revenue, and essentially helps them to survive on the list of extreme competition. Exemplary organisations focus on how to give their customers a confident experience to be able to get their trust and commitment because the purchasing behaviour of faithful customers creates higher organisational earnings and reduces the price tag on conducting business.

Satisfied customers will most likely refer the business to their family and friends that may create positive word of mouth, attract clients and minimise the costs of advertising. When customers are highly satisfied they are simply less inclined to change to other service providers. For instance a devoted customer of HSBC who is been given acknowledgement to be a HSBC credit card holder for an extended period will be treated exceptionally by the bank, providing him with premium rates, special bonus packages, and therefore this satisfied customer won't want to switch to another loan company.

Although attracting new customers is important it can also be expensive, but offering current customers who are well content with the business and its own service can be rather cost efficient. Additionally, highly satisfied customers are less price-conscious because they are brand loyal and can pay a premium price for something or service. Therefore having satisfied faithful customers will most definitely have a direct impact on profit. This is why successful businesses concentrate on client satisfaction.

Change in the notion of customer satisfaction through time

There was a period when customers were less challenging and less vocal if they were less content with something or service. This isn't that point. In the present day business framework customers have become more demanding and less tolerant and with a merged increase in goals, they are a lot more worried about their satisfaction to check out recognition and esteem from these providers.

Customers have more power and for that reason demand much more than just the product or service. Today, customers are looking for that additional value added full package deal as opposed to just the merchandise or service. It's the basis of their customer satisfaction. So when is customer satisfaction most significant for businesses? The solution is currently. It hasn't been more essential.

Cumulative satisfaction and its effect on business

Overall satisfaction is not based on an individual experience, but rather a chain of positive experiences bringing about a cumulative sense of satisfaction. The recognized value at the pre-purchase stage is short lived, however it sometimes transforms into satisfaction in the post-purchase stage. This post-purchase satisfaction results repurchases and leads to better trust and customer devotion which is a result of cumulative client satisfaction.

A product has five key components such as goods, services, encounters, ideas, and people. Quality should be inserted in all of these components which ultimately creates value, when what's been received is assessed against what is been offered leading to transactional satisfaction or results of 1 off exchanges. In case a consumer is content with a specific experience, that will eventually lead to cumulative satisfaction where the consumer partcipates in multiple activities.

Cumulative satisfaction is a mental state, which leads to a profound sense of trust towards the merchandise or service. This trust will be embedded in the customers mind and for that reason will not think about purchasing the product or service. For example, when a customer goes into a groceries ultra market such as Cargills food city, they reach first for the reputed brands where they lay their trust. For instance if a customer has been using Colgate toothpaste for days gone by five years and trusts the brand through experience, in that way he'll undeniably select and buy that particular brand among a great many other toothpaste brands. This unconscious devotion stems from countless positive experiences from the particular brand. This is exactly what most businesses are looking for.

Cumulative satisfaction; as the foundation of customer relations

In an increasingly impersonal world, customers look for personalized service. Since customer satisfaction varies depending on individual, it is essential that businesses tailor their services for the customer's subjective needs. That's where building customer interactions begin. Since cumulative customer satisfaction leads to commitment and trust, it is plausible to convey that customer relationships stems from customer satisfaction. Providing a one-on-one service will enhance the customer experience providing better cumulative satisfaction. Customers therefore will revisit the business enterprise and thus strengthen the relationship between your customer and business.

For illustration consider salon, Ramani. It really is a reputed and leading salon in Colombo. They focus on detail, whiles giving an additional touch to the whole salon experience by giving not only a tranquil environment but also a relaxing beverage. Most importantly, they give a personalized service to each customer. Therefore a romantic relationship is built between your customer and their stylist. That is further strengthened through regular goes to and revisits. It is clear that customer relations are rooted by cumulative satisfaction.

Due to many years of experience and satisfaction, a marriage is built between the customer and her stylist.

Furthermore, it ought to be known that any decision made to remain faithful to the merchandise or service or proceed to a competitor is dependant on prior experience and is favorably correlated with the duration of the partnership throughout that your customer has been satisfied. Therefore businesses should consider the longer the relationship between your customer and company, the less probability of dropping that customer to a rival business.

Ways that businesses can improve customer relations

In order to improve the cumulative satisfaction levels of customers, providers should continue steadily to aim at delivering good quality services and products to be able to improve the total product value and build profitable relationships predicated on cumulative satisfaction.

Keeping the consumer happy should be their main goal, to retain the customers devoted and satisfied, businesses should joy their customers and present due recognition to their loyalty, for instance profitable customers should get special treatment such as special add-ons, loyalty cards, discount rates. Some service providers go directly to the extent of monitoring their customers' birthdays and send credit cards for these special occasions, this is in order to maintain a healthy relationship using their customer basic. The famous Ritz-Carlton hotel retains a record of most their friends' favourite treat, chocolate, which is moved into into a computerized traffic monitoring system so that when the guest comes back to some of their worldwide hotels these things, will be offered to the guest to make sure they are feel special.

Creating cumulative satisfaction does not always have to be done in an enormous level but making the clients feel very special while providing value for their money is exactly what should be achieved, presenting customised products and service, having good and effective employees to fulfil every customers needs, foresee their needs before the competitors take action, asking customers about their needs, getting responses in order to avoid any flaws. . As small and medium organisations, you should keep in mind how cumulative satisfaction can result in Organisational success and success. It really is of paramount importance to make and maintain interactions with your people that will eventually lead to customer loyalty and trust.

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