Aaker brand equity model

According to Aaker brand collateral model, we're able to associate the concept for building brand equity with the below five subsequent points;

Brand Loyalty

To create the brand commitment, the marketer must create the remarkable experience that offers different services and privileges to hold on to their friends.

As a quickly growing corporation, Raffles Hotel has recognized that to be able to keep a competitive edge on the market it belongs to. To be a market-driven organization, they need to implement the core competencies excelling with three distinctive capabilities; marketing-sensing, customers linking and route bonding. So marketer has formulated the following strategy to achieve their goals for customer brand commitment;

The marketers have supplies the best hotel rate to support their customer needs, and acquired designed a few attractive promotional deals for his or her customers to market their packages by introducing summertime rate, weekend rate with complimentary free breakfast and even motivating those to make advance reservation reservation to receive the discount up to thirty percent.

Different types of hotel suites are distinctively designed to allow their customers to enjoy an memorable and captivating encounters stay at the hotel. The hotel suites are segregated into five unique categories e. g. ; Personality, Courtyard, Palm Court docket, Grand Hotel and Presidential.

Creating a strong, tight interconnection ties with customers is the imagine Raffles Hotel marketers and often the main element of the long-term success.

Brand Awareness

Building a powerful brand that defines a compelling purpose; a major idea sticks out from the public, and to mirror the customers, build an image and reputation in your brain of the client that has personal relevance.

In order to retain the best profitable customers, building their commitment, adding new services and encourage advocacy. By interesting continuous promotions and offers, attracts their target customers, building choice, driving purchase behaviour and sustaining a price premium with the next event activities;

In the recent event, Singapore GP has partnered twenty nine hotels to provide a greater amount of assurance by way of a Best Rate Make sure system for site visitors who are reserving hotel rooms during the 2009 Formula One (F1) Singapore Grand Prix, and Raffles Hotel is one of the partnered hotel that has marketed the attractive 'Early-Bird' hotel rate to draw in the visitor for advance arranging at the hotel to have the best view for the contest in action undertaking at the Marina Bay street circuit.

For the forthcoming event, to promote Corporate Friendly Responsibility (CSR) understanding, in the aim of raising cash for charity through the dinner and public sale of extraordinary Holiday Trees. Therefore, every year Raffles Hotel has structured the Raffles' Annual Gala Christmas Tree Public sale, and a total of over three million dollars has been elevated from the past 16 years, distributing much festive cheer to varied charities.

Raffles Hotel is rolling out their mission assertions to share with the hotel managers, employees and friends: "Arrive as Residents, Leave as Friends, Go back as Family". It is simple and clear to talk about a feeling of purpose with the guests to make them feel as a home.

Also, company logo of the Raffles Hotel Architectural is one of brand that is well-known renowned brand identification that is identifiable by people.

By having a strong brand is to ensure that customers have the right type of activities with services and their marketing programs to create the required brand knowledge framework for the brand, as well to make a higher brand exposure to entice more new and existing customers.

Perceived Quality

To engage a higher service quality, customer satisfaction, and company profitability are intimated linked. Higher degrees of quality lead to higher degrees of client satisfaction which support higher prices and (often) lower prices. (Kotler, Philip 2009, pg 140)

All employees have to endure service training and profession development to deliver an outstanding and quality service to every of their guests. Marketers have to deliver the brand pledges to the employees and marketing lovers to appreciate and understand basic branding notions. Internationalizing the branding activities and procedures helps to inform and encourage employees with a sense of goal and clear route. They even chosen the top-notch award-winning chefs to provide their friends with fine delicacies.

In order to well-attend with their customer's wellbeing and entertainment needs, Raffles Hotel has built numerous facilities to permit their guests to rejuvenate and enjoy the relaxing experiences like restaurants, chilling pubs, Amrita Spa, outdoor swimming pool, health club, garden touring, theatre playhouse, museums retailers and arcade.

It is also intimately associated with the customer devotion and retention to fulfill customer perceived value benefitted from the Hotel's quality services. Quality is the totality of features and characteristics of services that bears the capability to satisfy explained and implied needs.

Brand Associations

A successful brand is the most effective resource a company has, and a kind of "statement of value" for their services to be intangible, inseparable, variable and perishable to mirror as the value with their brands. Brands are being used as external cues to style, design, meet the requirements, prestige, value and so forth. Quite simply, consumers associate their perceived values with the brand. Specifically, brand relationship is whatever is connected in ram. The association reveal the fact that services are to echo interpersonal positions and their professional roles.

In order to activate in their customer minds, Raffles Hotel has considered a step of earning diversification of the expansion of the premium kinds in transacting impeccable different theme concept to cater for their customer's food choice and experience from Chinese to Western fine cuisine with recognisable top-notch chefs. For example, some of the internationally acclaimed award-winning theme restaurant 'Doc Cheng's' a blend mixture for Asian and Traditional western dishes; 'Ah Teng's Bakery' is a Chinese history pastry cafe for 'Early-Birds' to enjoy a morning cup of tea, delightful pastries and steaming hot dim sums; an aura of amazing elegance sets the build with French home windows in contemporary typical look which includes magnificently restored its past glory which are superbly restored, 'Raffles Barbeque grill' for French Dishes has captures the true fact of fine dining.

Being intuitive to understand what customers wished to be treated each and every time being dished up is important to engage customers like never before to preserve their loyalty level.

Channel Relationships

With increased competition and increasing costs, Raffles Hotel must heighten the depth of brand subjection. To be always a more all natural company, Raffles Hotel are taking a value network view of the hotel business, they have distributed different marketing stations and have meticulously tangled up with numerous business partners for airlines and credit cards vendors by having cross promotional offers to reach their marketplace such as; Singapore, American, Delta Airlines, Silk Air, Emirates, Nippon, Plane Airways, American Express, Citibank, Visa and UOB. In the growth of internet system, customers can conveniently gain gain access to through online for scheduling and card repayment for these reservations relating with their own preferences of the preferred service brand.

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