Adidas Product Life Cycle

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The product life circuit concept may apply to our product, Adidas Deep Energy Deodorant. The product life cycle principle helps our marketing managers to plan marketing strategies to address the obstacles that our products will probably face. Product's life circuit can be split into several stages which include introduction stage, expansion stage, maturity level and decline level.

Introduction level shows small or even no sales and the business make no income. Once the Adidas men deep energy deodorant is released, sales will be low until customers notice the product and its own benefits. This level involves lots of research, costs and planning are required. Advertising costs of the deodorants product are high during this stage to be able to quickly increase customer awareness of the product also to target the first adopters. Through the introduction stage, we are expecting to incur additional costs related to the initial circulation of the product. These higher costs set with a low sales normally make the intro stage an interval of negative income.

  • Growth stage

During growth stage, the sales increase anticipated to appealing to more competition in to the market. Similar products begins appear and we must focus on competitive advantages which may be price reduction, value added features or some other innovations. Profits rise due to a rise in output as well as perhaps better prices. At this stage, it is cheaper for Adidas to purchase enhance their market share as well as enjoying the entire growth of the market.

  • Maturity stage

In the maturity stage, sales of our product growth slow-moving and generic competition appear. We may improve our deodorant product features to differentiate the product. The selling price may begin to erode under competitive price. Within this stage, competition is strong as companies contest to keep their market talk about. The Maturity Level is the time when most income is acquired by the market all together. Some expenditure on research and development may very well be controlled to your deodorant product adjustment and improvement and also to improve development efficiency and quality.

  • Decline stage

In the Decrease Stage, the marketplace is reducing, reducing the overall total of earnings that can be distributed to other competitors. Decrease stage appear for some reasons the sales in our deodorant product start decreasing, the reason why can be some new and better selections or diminishing demand. At this time, we must manage our product carefully. It may be likely to lower out some creation cost, to copy creation to a cheaper service, sell the product into other cheaper marketplaces.

  • Core Product

Adidas Deep Energy deodorants for Men provide the consumers the new, woody perfume. This deep energy deodorant for men is alcohol-based, and excellent anti-bacterial formulation to consumers. It can help in keeping the under-arms fresh the whole day, and also help in in reducing perspiration levels. Furthermore, it can help in deactivate the bacteria, and subsequently ensuring zero body odors. This deodorant provides great safeguard against sweat and odour. This range has been developed with sportsmen in mind to offer the best possible protection against perspiration and odor. In addition, it reducing capacity of bacteria to breed thus gets rid of a sweat smell.

  • Actual product

The brand of our product is Adidas Men Deodorant Clear Stay, Deep Energy. The selling price than it is RM8. 90.

Packaging design performs a crucial role in helping to talk the image of the product. Black is a color choice for the packaging. In addition they used a difficult container to highlight the sport soul in the merchandise. 3 oz and 85g of the bottle with a slanted black clear plastic flip-top lid design to the top of it. It really is developed for athletes, unique energizing scent, and a day fresh ability remain.

The advert for the Adidas deodorant features the three fellas playing field hockey under the shining hot sun. Mysteriously their encounters are not shown, nor the colors that they wear and remain secret. There is just the image of these playing basketball. Using the presence of the fading orange history, it seems as though this business have been playing all day. The color design of the ad is very flat. In the centre through the advertisement, on the right side side, there is a picture of the Adidas deep energy deodorants that the buyer can choose from.

  • Augmented product

Things considered part of the augmented product include make sure, warranty, customer support, convenience as well as complementary product.

Guarantee offers an assurance of the product will perform up to objectives and if not the company marketing the product will support the customer's decision to displace, repaired or return for a refund.

Warranty provides customers the safeguard that often extends past the assurance period to repay repair or replacing of our deodorants product.

Customer Service contains extra services that support the needs of customers including offering training and help using telephone or online. Thus, customers of the product can solve their problem by using these.

Complementary Products is the value of some product purchases can be enhanced with add-on products, such as things that produce the main product easier to use. For instance, small little cover handbag surprise with the deodorant which consumers can hold easily. Improves styling or offers features which will appeal to more customers to buy our deodorants product.

Accessibility is how customers obtain the product make a difference its recognized value depending how easy it is to acquire, the speed at which it could be obtained, and the likelihood its available when needed. We can supply our deodorant products to people convenience stores such as Guardian, Watson, 7-eleven, and supermarkets and so forth. So that customers could obtain our deodorants product as effortless and available when needed.

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