Advertising Agencies And The Role They Play Marketing Essay

Identify the different get-togethers and briefly illustrate their role i. e. the functions of the parties (advertiser, consumer, ad company etc. ) in the communication industry.

Advertising agency:

An advertising firm is an indie company set up to provide the specialised services in advertising specifically and in marketing in general. It is a way to obtain communications experience, stands ready to get pregnant, plan and apply the communications requirements of the client or profile it serves.

Advertising companies create most advertising from the center of the advertising industry. Some companies, however, have their own advertising departments which function much like an firm. The development, creation and placement of a single advertisement can be considered a time consuming process involving a large number of men and women with a variety of business and creative skills. Advertising firms not only create the advertising campaign but also purchase the cost of placing the advertising in the newspaper or magazine or on tv set or radio. A big advertising company or office may make use of hundreds or thousands of people, including marketing and advertising specialists, designers, and writers known as copywriters, painters, economists, psychologists, analysts, media experts, product testers, librarians, accountants, bookkeepers and mathematicians.

Role of Advertising Organization:

The advertising organization plays a vital role in the marketing process of organization. An effective marketing campaign can assist in increasing sales, develop brand loyalty and build brand collateral. All of which contribute to increase in earnings and market talk about. Similarly, without advertising customers stop buying products and services which lead to diminish in sales and finally minimizes the revenue. Therefore, the role of advertising firm is highly crucial for the success of group.

The marriage between an advertising organization and a customer is similar to two lovers in a tennis match, without one the other cannot get. Your client brings an advertising assignment to the advertising company then the company work with the client and comes up with a solution that would meet up with the targets of its customer and finally the answer is then implemented through print advertisings, television set and radio commercials and through other advertising press.

Sources: (6th model, E. Belch)


A person, corporation or company that places advertising in order to target customers.

Role & Functions of advertiser:

Advertiser is also called advertising Manager as we take marketer as a person.

Following are the obligations of advertising administrator:

Budget Planning.

Estimates Prep.

Preparing total annual budget

Planning and prep marketing strategy

Public Relation.


Coordinating activities over the various departments of the agency.

Collection of information and sorting the info for advertising campaigns.

Sources: (Richard J. Semenik)

The Skill Set of an Advertising Manager

Effective writing.

Strong being attentive skills

Management Skills

Decision-making skills

Effective communication skills

Alternative Selection Skills.

Problem-solving capabilities

The capacity to be persuasive and motivate others

Financial Reporting Skills.

Leading Skills.

Negotiation skills

Social awareness

The potential of problem identification and dealing with skills.

Innovation and originality

The ability to generate multiple ideas quickly by brainstorming

Sources: (6th model, E. Belch)


Customer of a professional company, or the main of a realtor or builder. Or Person who receives help or advice from a professional person (ex. an attorney, an accountant, a public employee, a psychiatrist, etc).

As we realize the clients are basic tool of getting income through industry so we have to have good public relationship here we will discuss open public relation which will also show the importance, Role and Functions of consumer. In communication sectors clients are considered who give you contract of advertisements. Clients are very important because they are customer of the industry. So that it is necessary to develop public relation or good connection with them.

Public Relations (or PR) are a field concerned with maintaining general public image for high-profile people, commercial businesses and organizations, non-profit associations or programs. Pr (PR) concerns occupations working in general population subject matter shaping for the functions of communication, community relations, problems management, customer relations, employee relations, federal government affairs, industry relations, investor relations, mass media relations, mediation, publicity, speech-writing, and visitor relations.

Types of Consumer Relation

Financial Pr :

Provinding information regarding financial reporting.

Consumer public relations :

Relationship with consumer & Customer. .

Crisis public relations :

Responding to negative accusations or information.

Industry relations

Relationship with trade body.

Government relations :

Relationship with federal to influence insurance policy making.

Sources: (Richard J. Semenik)

Media as party in communication Industry:

In communication, press (singular medium) are the storage and transmitting stations or tools used to store and deliver information or data. It is often referred to as synonymous with mass media or press, but may refer to a single medium used to communicate any data for any purpose. Multimedia reffers various means of communication. Radio, Tv set. Newpapers etc. The sets of news companies is also known as media.

Source: (wikipedia. com)

Discuss the relationship between the various functions of the industry

In the same industry all stakeholders be based upon the other person so they need to build good connection between them.

The client and the advertising firm must maintain a perfect relationship between one another for the welfare. A client may expect the following from the organization which includes brilliance in everything they certainly; agency should have a clear knowledge of the customers business; agency must have a touch with customers. Because they're dependant on each other. As the advertising supervisor has to have the ability to assess the strain advertising would have to bear to accomplish a particular marketing goal, it is also her/his responsibility to help the business determine the advertising budget. With this, the advertising company could also make a contribution. Often, both works as a team. The ultimate decision would of course depend on the resources available, which might not necessarily permit the ideal amount of expenses. From this responsibility follows the next one, control of the expenses on advertising.

A marketing is a company which helps companies to communicate with current and potential consumers and/or everyone. Media agencies use their clients to understand the business enterprise issues; it includes TV channel, Reports newspaper, Internet portals etc.

Sources: (Wikipedia)

Discuss the current styles in the advertising.

Current trends in Advertising:

Trends in advertising cannot be same worldwide and fads can be change atlanta divorce attorneys country based on the situations of that country. Now a day's people are mostly advertising on internet and in some European countries they use digital billboards to promote, while in past people were only relying on simple billboards, Television set, Radio etc. But with the duration of time, new technologies are to arrive front of individuals and corresponding to these solutions our adverts are also increasing.

In Pakistan, currently we are using very less amount of electric billboards. But we anticipation that in near future these electric billboards could be more in work than simple billboards.

Internet expansion is increasing rapidly all over the world and today Pakistani people are also getting acquainted with the Internet in their normal boring life. Thus, this is the reason that almost all of the companies are advertising on the web through pop-up windows advertising, advertising on both sides of the window, Yahoo advertising etc, with the reason that lots of people can observe their advertisements all over the place on their pcs.

The cost of Electronic Billboards are cheaper than the simple billboards as on digital billboards different advertisements will be run one by one, therefore the overall cost will be less. In European countries, electronic billboards are incredibly common while in Pakistan, these electronic billboards aren't the ordinary way of advertising. In Pakistan, still many companies rely on TV advertisements, as Television advertising remain valuable way of advertising.

Sources: (Quickmba)

Identify at least two of the styles in Pakistani market and consult with examples.


Many companies are advertising on billboards. Moving around the places of Pakistan we will found different and bringing in billboards of different products. Ufone is advertising through billboards with huge size than their competitor's 7up using 3d billboard in which the bottle is coming out of the plank. Some local companies are also advertising on billboards like Kareegar and R-sheen.


Television advertisements are improving day by day in Pakistani market. Some TV ads are short largely 30 seconds and some products use full tracks like Tarang, Mobilink and telenor. Some advertising are very amazing that are mostly watched by the clients due to its appeal. Companies use celebrities in their ads like Mobilink is using Waseem Akram and LG mobile using Imran Hashimi as a model.

Some local companies use local Television cable network channel for advertisement like Kareegar, deans arcade etc.


Radio is the low cost media and it's mostly found in some special events like cricket fits or elections. So some companies use this media to promote like craze mobile, Ufone, telenor etc.

Sources: (Richard J. Semenik)


According to Pakistani market now style is very fast moving towards internet advertising. Many companies have made their websites like www. ufone. com, www. waridtel. com. pk etc. some companies advertise on other websites they give links on other websites like on Google, yahoo, and msn. As ICMS were advertising on yahoo. Some products are promoted through popup. When other website is exposed popup shows up.

Evaluate the impact of the trends on the industry and celebrations of the industry.

The impact of traditional and new press currently employed by organizations to promote and promoting their products and services are below


Now each day almost atlanta divorce attorneys home there is a tv. There for companies focus on advertising on Tv set. Relating to gallop PTV has 98% of reach.

Now days marketing is improving very much the advertisings are also improving. We can find many products having very amazing advertising. Like dew, 3g etc. Coca cola has a very creative add, if someone view that add once can certainly be fascinated toward it.


The impact from the billboard is challenging to discover but to some extent the business can measure sales after setting up it. Billboard is cheaper way to market. even small business companies can advertise through it easily.


Radio is quite accessible, but the amount of listeners is decreasing day by day which makes the radio less strong advertising then TV newspaper or magazines. Generally the radio is merely listened on special situations like cricket suits or elections etc


Many companies advertise on the websites or search engines which are usually used like Google, yahoo, msn etc. because now a day's internet is now dependence on people.

Sources: (6th model, E. Belch)

Select two advertising that have to be assessed considering the response hierarchy models.



AIDA model

Hierarchy of results model

Innovation adoption model

Information control model

Cognitive stage








Affective stage










Behavioral stage






Source: (Belch, GE & Belch MA 2004)

Cognitive Stage:

Advertisers use different slogans, attractive communications (reasonable or emotional announcements), logos or symbols etc in order to create a graphic in the heads of the consumers, therefore they'll remember the product for a long period. And whenever consumers will buy any product, unintentionally they will go to buy those products which will their intellects as created by adverts.

For Example:

There are some slogans and logos that happen to be in the intellects of the people regarding those products which they view through advertising. e. g.

Telenor Pakistan (The Smart call)

Ufone (It's about U)

Advertisers use bright colored backgrounds and attractive color combinations in order to stimulate consumer response towards their product. For example, uses of different colors and history in different events like valentine day or Holiday etc.

And introduce the product with various ways & making Space in your mind.

Advertisements in which film actors, sport stars, superstars and models works are more fascinating with their fans. There enthusiasts will draw in towards these advertising and will buy those products as they'll think that if those celebrities, superstars or models has used that product or functioned for that advertisements, so off course these products will be good to buy. Therefore their followers will be activated to buy the product.

These types of advertising are made in the cognitive stage. Where information is given to customer.

Affective Stage:

Advertise use action, suspense, horror or even more interesting situation in their adverts to be able to encourage those consumer who like activities or those who like suspense etc. For example, telenor amazing scenes & Ufone with Funny Items, almost all advertising contains odd actions.

Advertisers use modern solutions in their adverts to be able to stimulate the consumer response of these people who are interested in technology and many like to see new technologies.

Make an efficient wisdom on the advertising chosen whether you think the ads are appropriately developed to satisfy the hierarchy models. Give mention of books or internet sources used.

I think the Affective Level add of telenor chat shawk most suitable according to the hierarchy model since it linking the services with modern culture as they show Ali zafar and Model that Use telenor conversation shawk which produce & leading towards version. This also provides chance of analysis to customer intellects as they pointed out the rates of services. It is also showing wants of customer as the client want to speak on lower rates on their cell phones. (No books or internet source is utilized as I seen in add brought up it for images and information of gives internet sources are used).


Cognitive Stage:

Affective Level:

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