Advertising department in the structure of a commercial company - Advertising

Advertising department in the structure of a commercial company

Advertising department in the company can exist as an independent structure, and can enter the marketing department. In any case, as we have repeatedly said, advertising can not be considered in isolation from the marketing activities of the enterprise. Today in most commercial structures there is an advertising department. Even in small businesses, there is such a department, although there can be only one person in its staff. The main task of the advertising department is the development of recommendations but the rationale and conduct of the company's advertising activities.

It is worth mentioning that in some companies, the advertising department and the public relations department ( PR ) are connected together. This connection is not always justified, it all depends on the scope of the company, its magnitude, set business objectives. In one situation, the company prefers to delegate all advertising work to the advertising agency, and the employees of the corresponding department of the company only control the process of interaction with the agency. At the same time, the activity on public relations remains for staff members of the firm. In another case, the company can engage in advertising and independently, and PR -consultants invite from outside. The larger the firm and the higher the need for advertising, the more often it resorts to the services of agencies but advertising. At the same time, the need for frequent and intensive PR -mediums causes the creation of special departments for public relations in the company structure.

The purpose of the enterprise advertising department is to develop recommendations for the substantiation and conduct of the company's advertising activities. The main tasks of the advertising department include:

1) the development of a strategic and tactical plan for advertising, its financial and economic justification and after approval by the company's management of the organization of its implementation;

2) interaction with other participants of the advertising process - research companies, advertising agencies, advertising distribution channels.

Undoubtedly, the plan for advertising activities should be consistent with the company's marketing plan and be its component. Activities to implement the advertising plan include participation in the identification and selection of products (goods/services) that are most in need of advertising in terms of the needs, capabilities and resources of the enterprise, assessing the competitive environment and market conditions. Employees of the advertising department are engaged in identifying the features of advertising the selected products, selecting the most appropriate types of advertising, creating new or updating existing advertising materials, determining the level of advertising representation for quality, cost, frequency of placement.

As practice shows, the owners of enterprises, especially those that produce consumer goods, pay close attention to the advertising activities of the company, the work of the advertising department. Most often they are involved in creating creative solutions for the products chosen for advertising. For example, A. Heineken (Alfred Heineken), owner and head of the beer empire of the same name, repeatedly received awards and prizes for creative solutions in advertising his own company. However, according to many experts working in the advertising departments of commercial companies, the attention of the management is far from always close and especially its direct participation in the activity of the advertising department is justified. In addition, if management does not pay much attention to the advertising department, it also causes caution on the part of employees who need support and approval of their work.

Advertising department plays a significant role in the development of trademarks, trademarks, corporate identity complexes, takes care of their legal protection, participates in the development of branding programs. The organization of production of initial advertising materials, provision of advertising products of all departments and services of the enterprise is an integral part of the advertising department. In turn, the advertising department is engaged in the selection of advertising and other communication agencies, service providers, contractors to implement the plan of the company's advertising activities. Preparing and submitting the initial materials to the advertising agency, including setting the goals and objectives of its advertising formulated by the company, taking into account the data on the target groups of consumers, the merits of the advertised product, its features - all this is done by the advertising department. He also is obliged to transfer to the advertising agency samples of the advertised products, materials and reports of previous advertising campaigns. An important element of the work of the advertising department is preparation and conclusion of contracts with research, advertising and other companies, including suppliers of materials and services, design studios, packaging developers, etc. During the whole period of cooperation with an advertising agency, the advertising department participates in the examination and approval of projects, sketches, texts, storyboards, working materials and originals, all that is related to the creation of creative solutions. One of the main responsibilities of the advertising department is participation in the payment of work performed.

Does the structure of the enterprise have a full-fledged advertising department or only one advertising manager, but in any case they should actively participate in the marketing activities of the enterprise. They have to deal with advertising planning in conjunction with management approved strategy, tactics and a program of marketing activities. The advertising department coordinates its activities with other services of the company: marketing, marketing, manufacturing, developing new promising products, financial activities, personnel, legal issues.

In various companies, the position of advertising manager can be referred to differently: brand manager (brand manager), advertising manager and PR, communications manager. The very title of a post depends on what type of structural organization the firm is and how large its advertising campaigns are. It can also depend on the scope of the firm and its marketing needs. However, the name itself is not so important, the main thing is that the company's advertising structure successfully solve the tasks facing it.

The role of the advertiser in the structure of the advertising process is undoubtedly the main one. For it is the advertiser who initiates this process. Therefore, it is important to understand its goals and objectives when placing advertising, ways of forming an advertising budget, the position and place of the advertising department in the company structure.

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