Aims and aims of Marks and Spencer

Marks & Spencer p. l. c. is the most significant British dealer with practically over 700 stores in the United Kingdom and over 300 stores multiply across more than 40 countries. It focuses primarily on the offering of clothing, food and furniture, with several items sold under M&S private-label St Michael brand. M&S was founded in 1884 by Michael Grades and Thomas Spencer. In 1998 it became the first English retailer to make a pre-tax profit of over £1 billion, through a couple of years later it plunged into a crisis which lasted for quite some time. Additionally it is shown on the London STOCK MARKET and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.

This record is regarding Draw & Spenser firm and I will discuss the next question

Identify and clarify the different customer needs of which the three M&S clothing amounts aimed to provide? Assume that an ideal and Classic amounts serve essentially the same customer segment.

Identify and make clear the order winners and qualifies for these three different clothing runs at M&S.

Apply the polar diagram to analyse and compare the various operations performance objectives for these three different clothing ranges at M&S.

1) Identify and make clear the various customer needs which the three Marks & Spencer clothing amounts aimed to provide? Assume that an ideal and Classic amounts serve fundamentally the same customer section.

1. 1) Customer Needs

Customer needs is the challenge of customers through the purchase of a good or service and they're tried to resolve it. Beside that, different customers have different social, so the things they purchase might be different in the form of purchasing. For instance, what, when, how, where and why things are they bought.

McClelland's theory of needs can be classed as success, affiliation, or power. A person drive and effectiveness using decision are affected by these three needs.

Why needs? "Man has almost regular occasion for the assistance of his brethren, which is in vain for him to expect it from other benevolence only. He will be more more likely to prevail if they can interest their self-love in his favour, and show them that it's because of their own edge to do for him what he requires of these. " Adam Smith, the wealth of countries, 1776.

1. 2) Demographic and Psychographic Segmentation

Demographic is employed to measurable information of a population, such as get older, gender, ethnicity, nationality, etc. The info has recorded can certainly to measurable and categorize the needs of the customers on the basis of demographic factors.

Psychographic is a way used to classify people corresponding with their value, views, interest, personality characteristics and so forth. Mean that, different customers have different thoughts and opinions and personality, so when they are purchasing at Marks & Spencer might vary also.

According to the situation of Markings & Spenser, it includes three clothing runs which is perfect and classic range, autograph range and per una range. The client of the perfect and classic ranges is comprising 35 to 55 years old men's and women's who are interested with reasonable price and good quality product because they only want to wear a good quality clothing to make sure they are look good with cheap price. The mark customers for autograph range and per una range were fashion-conscious women aged between 25 and 35 with providing high quality because they would like to experience and follow the latest tendency.

1. 3) Geographic Segmentation

Geographic is very good for the Grades & Spencer. It can help the marketing team to recognize and segregate the marketplace into units on the basis of language, weather conditions, size of metropolitan area and so on.

Since, Grades and Spencer is a UK retailer so that generally per annum will divided into four periods like spring, warmer summer months, fall and winter in UK. So, most of the clients in UK will follow the climate to acquire clothing. For example, in winter period customers will purchase clothing which is dense and warmth preservation. In other hands, customers will purchase clothing which is slim during the summertime period.

When there are different climate in various country, the customer will having different needs. For instance, in Malaysia there haven't any any season period like UK so some customers in Malaysia will purchase clothing without follow the latest development and some will follow. It depends upon their thinking and tendencies.

According to the case of Make & Spencer, there were just two main sales seasons per time that are for planting season and autumn. Imply that, most of the customer from UK usually will purchase clothing of these two months.

1. 4) Behavior Segmentation

In action segmentation is dependant on potential buyers of your products are based on their brand devotion, attitude, knowledge and so on. A buyer's frame of mind toward something is an important component in the buying decision because it will lead the buyer decides to buy something or not. Beside that, the knowledge of the buyer is important also because the customers need to know how to use the merchandise when it's been purchase.

A Howard (1963) developed a style of buyer behavior including learning curve of buyer behavior. The curve was split into three major stages which is initial stage, intermediate stage and final stage. During the primary stage, the customer has limited information and connection with the merchandise. They just get the info through the magazine or effect by friend only, so they don't know whether the product is the best or not. In the intermediate stage, the customer more depends more on their own experience and less impact by others to make their buys. In the final stage, the buyer already know what they needs, so they will choose the same product unless the merchandise is bad and they will change to some other brand.

2) Identify and make clear the order winners and order qualifiers for these three different clothing ranges at Grades & Spencer.

Perfect and basic ranges

Autograph range

Per una range

Product range

Products with traditional and older style

Boutique product and designer collection

Products with latest developments and limited editions

Design changes

Standard design changes

Design within a unique environment

Design rails in weeks not month


Reasonable prices

High road prices

Affordable prices


High quality fabric

High quality

Highest quality

Sales amounts SKU

Large volume

Small volume level in preferred stores only

Very small level with limited editions

Order winners

Reliable of the products

Quality and design of the products

Appearance of the products

Order qualifiers

Price and quality


Price and quality

Operations priorities

Products cost

Products quality

Products speed and flexibility

(Stand of three different clothing amounts at Markings & Spencer)

2. 1) order winners and qualifiers

Order winners are those competitive characteristics that cause Markings & Spencer customers to choose their goods and over their opponents. Order winners also can identify as competitive advantages for Grades & Spencer. It's usually concentrate on one rarely more than two of the proper initiatives such as price, quality, delivery quickness and stability, product design, flexibility and image.

Order qualifiers are those competitive characteristics that Marks & Spencer must show to be a competitor on the market place.

2. 2) Perfect and typical ranges

These both runs are emphasizing as timelessness. For example, they are not fashion offerings. An ideal range refers to quality and value for an acceptable price. The product with traditional and mature style becomes an order victor because the merchandise is reliable with standard design changes. Beside that, the purchase price and quality become order qualifiers of the competitive characteristics.

2. 3) Autograph ranges

The range is to supplies the top custom collection products at high street prices. Thus, the elegant product becomes an order winner because of the boutique product within a unique environment. Beside that, the prices become order qualifiers of the competitive characteristics.

2. 4) Per una ranges.

The range has been the latest tendencies and limited edition products with finest quality at affordable prices. Thus, the looks of the merchandise and design rails in weeks not month becomes an order victor. Beside that, the purchase price and quality become order qualifiers of the competitive characteristics.

3) Apply the polar diagram to analyse and compare different operations performance targets for these here different clothing amounts at Marks & Spencer.

3. 1) Polar diagram

Perfect and typical ranges

Autograph ranges

Per una ranges





















3. 2) Quality & Cost

From the polar diagram, the product quality and cost of the per una ranges is the highest. Based on the case of Grades & Spencer, per una runs using the best quality materials to create and follow the latest tendency with limited editions. Imply that, per una items were presented in small statistics, making each style special and much more exclusive. Because of the design is bound release and with the best quality, therefore the cost automatic is very high.

The next highest quality and cost is the autograph runs and the previous highest quality and cost is the perfect and traditional ranges. According to the case of Grades & Spencer, the merchandise of the autograph ranges is design by the best artist such as Julien Macdonald, Philip Treacy and Sonja Nuttall within a unique environment.

In summary, quality of the clothing is important because most of the customers can look on the quality before they are purchasing. A customer perception of high-quality products and services means customer satisfaction and therefore the likelihood that the client will give back. Beside that, quality of goods can help the Markings & Spencer save the marketing cost such as advertising and campaign because the client satisfied with the quality and they will return again.

3. 3) Rate & Dependability

Speed is the time between customers buying or requesting and receiving a product. The dependability means doing things promptly for customers to get their goods exactly when they are needed. In the polar diagram, the ordering or getting goods of perfect and traditional is faster than other ranges because the clothing has been display on the Grades & Spencer. Imply that, the fabric is more reliable because customer can obtain it on the spot. In other palm, the ordering or acquiring goods of autograph and per una amounts is slow-moving and the cloth is less reliable because that provided in small statistics and with limited model only. So, the customer can't estimate when they can get the products.

3. 4) Flexibility

Flexibility means having the ability to change for the products in some way. Through the polar diagram, perfect and classic are more versatility to improve their products compare to other amounts because it has a multitude of products to let their customer purchase. For the other ranges, the product is just presented in small figures and with limited release only, so they have less flexibility to change their products.

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