Airtel vs Vodafone Marketing Strategy

AIRTEL is a service from Bharti Cellular Limited - a part of the largest private integrated telecom conglomerate, Bharti Enterprises. Bharti Airtel offers a range of telecom services, which include Cellular, Basic, Internet and lately launched Direct To Home(DTH) services. Bharti makes as well as exports mobile phone terminals and wireless phones. Apart from being the largest manufacturer of telephone tools in India, additionally it is the first company to export its products to the united states. Bharti is the first choice in cellular services, with its keep in 22 claims including all four metros and more than 8 million satisfied customers.


To be adored surrounding the world for telecom services that joy customers.


To meet global benchmarks for telecom services that satisfies customers through:

  • Customer Service Focus
  • Empowered Employees
  • Innovative Services
  • Cost Efficiency

The strategic target is to consolidate its control position among mobile service providers in India. Through its subsidiaries, Bharti has licences to provide GSM services in 15 of the 22 telecom circles in the united states. It now proposes to consolidate each one of these subsidiaries under Bharti Cellular.


We will deliver error-free services to our customers by doing our jobs right the very first time, every time - this is your quality declaration.


The Chairman and Group Managing Director of Bharti Televentures, Mr Sunil Mittal, has sold his entire personal stock, accounting for about 0. 15 per cent stake in the business, or a concern of over Rs 60 crore on New Delhi, March 11.

Share Holding

Indian Promoters : 46. 6%

Foreign collaborators : 0. 0% Indian inst/Mut Finance : 2. 7%

FIIs/GDR : 9. 2%

Free float : 41. 5%

Shareholders : 40, 315


Bharti Tele-Ventures Limited was contained on 7th July 1995 for promoting opportunities in telecommunication sector. Its subsidiaries operate telecom services allover India. Bharti Airtel is India's leading private sector provider of telecommunication services predicated on a strong customer base comprising around 11. 50 million total customers which constitute, approximately 10. 66 million mobile and around 836, 000 permanent line customers, by February 28, 2005.

The company at present addresses mobile services in 21 out of 23 circles in India. The company also provides predetermined series services and Access to the internet in 6 circles. The company complements

its mobile services with both countrywide and international long distance services. The business even has a submarine wire landing train station at Chennai, which assists with attaching the submarine cable which connects Chennai and Singapore. The company offers very reliable end-to-end data and organization services to the corporate customers through its nationwide fiber-optic backbone, previous mile connection in fixed brand and mobile circles, VSAT, ISP and international bandwidth access through the gateways and landing stations.

In Sept 2002, Bharti leveraged its pan-India footprint to provide some nothing you've seen prior benefits to our customers. These succeeded in re-defining customer prospects and are fuelling progress of the mobile category in the European region. The huge benefits included a 30-second pulse, free roaming on AirTel systems across the country, incoming calls free from any AirTel to AirTel mobile and free airtime on one international, one nationwide and one local quantity without any regular monthly charges. Bharti Cellular has spent Rs 1500 crores in the American region. This investment is usually to be increased further as the spin out gathers more momentum.


  • Examine the role of Data mining to set-up differentiators
  • Determine how CRM is applied in a pre-paid business
  • Using Call Middle technologies for one to one relationships
  • The role of the Front collection in CRM success
  • Measuring the Profits on return of CRM after its implementation


Designing your analytical applications to aid:

  • Useful segmentation methodology and techniques
  • Effective churn research and prediction
  • Successful mix and up-selling
  • Targeted acquisition
  • Accurate price plan analysis


Focus on maximizing revenues and margins;

  • Capture maximum telecom earnings potential with lowest physical coverage;
  • Offer multiple telecommunications services to customers giving a "one-stop shop" solution to all problems;
  • Position themselves to tap data transmitting opportunities and give advanced mobile data services;
  • Focus should be on gratifying and keeping customers by making sure high level customer support;
  • Utilise the advantages of its proper and financial lovers; and
  • Emphasize on individuals resource development to realize functional efficiency.


Vodafone is one of the leader of telecom industry in india after they aquire Hutch for entering in the Indian market. Vodafone founded in 1980 by Sir Earnest Harrision. He was the chairman of Recal Electronics. Vodafone is one of the strong rival of Airtel. It includes own customer as it uses the old customer platform of Hutch. Vodafone has also very strong hold in specialized field as they may have very efficient staff. Vodafone has a very strong connection point by which they attract people to take their interconnection as compare than other telecom giants like Bsnl, Aircel etc. Vodafone has their headquater in Newbury, United kingdom. It is a worlds leargest telecom company by profits and worlds second leargest by subscriber.


Vodafone has 17. 5% of market share as compare to Airtel which has 24. 7% and Reliance has almost 18. 4% of market share.

Vodafone vs. Airtel: The NAKED BATTLE

The battle because of this huge Indian telecom sector has just ready. In fact it now they have moved in to the next level. The attack is to get into the market, create a good customer foundation and simply generate earnings through sales is no more the only business design. The two big players in the Indian telecom service industry namely Airtel and Vodafone have established themselves in an extended while. It really is now time to hold their position and also develop their sales statistics. The battle is no longer limited to providing a telecom service on an inexpensive and affordable handset but It is now about making more money through the network service.

The other players in the sector like Idea, Indicom and Aircel, Airtel still about generating revenues simply by getting people to use their interconnection. In other word they want to make money by getting people to sign up for their prepaid or postpaid strategies.

For the best fishes of the telecom industry-- Airtel, Vodafone and BSNL who already have an established consumer basic, it is about enter in to areas in the country that contain poor telecom access like the rural places. They may have their own money.

But more important that while the second option is a simultaneous process the immediate purpose is to earn more income by providing extra service on their network. Because of this there's a chance of generating more earnings as well as the prepaid and postpaid tariffs they anyhow rely on to earn money.

In this area both Airtel and Vodafone are relying on. More importantly it's for the first time in the Indian mobile services market a company has emerged as the major competition to Airtel.

Since Vodafone inserted the Indian market through its buying of Hutch in India has impact a hazard to Airtel but it after some time it not working in any way for companies gain. BUT definitely it helped them that Hutch acquired a good customer foundation.

Moreover currently the challenge has intensified onto the network services. Both Airtel and Vodafone have been trying to get people to use their network for almost everything from cricket commentary to horoscope or news notifications. From Prayer songs to going out with advice is now common at a cheap monthly lease which is how both companies are earning money.

The motive shown by both the companies has been very clear. Obviously both realize that it's a great chance of them.


Airtel have faced some obstacles in the INDIAN market by another big telecom sector Vodafone to maintain the command position. We may easily say that Vodafone and Airtel, the two big Telecom sectors are struggling with one another to increase their consumer in the telecom market in INDIA. They even started their network for cricket commentary, horoscope, dating advices, holy prayer tracks and many others new things to gratify their customer. On the other hand we can certainly say that they are trying to make more money in the INDIAN market.

The main similarities of both giant telecom industries are they have same prices strategies and the same market segmentation.

The biggest positive point of Airtel is their network connection and their GPRS service, in this factor Vodafone stands behind the Airtel.

The dissimilarities between Airtel and Vodafone are the goal customer of Airtel is up market class of people but the target customer of Vodafone is middle class people. In order that Airtel creates its image as lifestyle brand whereas Vodafone positions itself as common man's brand.

Industry experts say that the main element future growth place in making the Airtel brand attractive in the INDIAN telecom market it should acquire the urban people as well as the rural public where the almost all future growth is expected.

Now a day's Airtel looking to take some new plans to market themselves on your brain of middleclass people. They choose the strategy by giving a new connection with the NOKIA, which is the leading mobile handset company. Where many users buy Nokia handset get a free of charge connection of Airtel. Airtel get success a major market share by firmly taking Superstar Endorsement strategy.

It can said that since both parties will be the good in telecom sector and the they continue starting different valuable strategies so it can be said that in any case may be, an individual is always has the best of both of the optons.

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