An Argumentative METHOD OF Marketing And Advertising Marketing Essay

The monetary integration procedures and the way corporate promotion with their activities through advertisement on products and services today shows a degree of hyper activity as an application to tap the market and create recognition on products and services specifically suitable for consumers on the market. Advertising in the contemporary context is just superb to say in simple sense; given the advertising forms that also sees its account in corporate and business marketing methods and strategies.

Moreover, as we can easily see and visualize with things around us, an incredible number of hoarding and billboards on different products and services displays specific amount of advertisements, ranging from electronics adverts, and a great many other in that league can be read as a form of valuable information for basic readers and million of customers in the global market.

And when it matter to firm marketing process and its own procedures, consumers point of view differs and opinion for and against advertising and the quarrels in that respect that mounted on open public views differs which is also an interesting subject matter to analyze right from the outset.

But what is marketing management that takes into account the advertising types of procedures of corporate? In simple sense, we may define marketing in the modern day context as an organizational function and a set of operations for creating, conversing and delivering value of products to customers and taking care of customer relationship in ways that benefit the business and its stake holders" (Petley 4) detailed marketing management and its communication forms. And advertising in that context also relates to corporation campaign of product and services for the beneficial benefit of the general consumers and the sundry.

However, the question that arouses in all circumstances when it subject to advertising is the fact - are the values like the thing that identifies the general marketing rule and ethics withheld and followed by commercial? In another expression, are marketing communications through advertising a format and techniques carried out by corporate marketing planners for the sake of business gains only? Additionally, can the circumstance specific to advertisings only a kind of manipulation completed by corporate? To lay an impression in that regard, we can't deny the facts which can be also common knowledge that advertising itself can be looked as a way of information as well a contrasting reality of manipulation.

Thus, to dispute in that respect again, that is to say for and against advertising can be hard indeed, which this essay and the discussion herein attest itself to testify some of the hypes surrounding with advertising strategies.

Hence, this proposal in particular in the right earnest from the outset takes into account the notion of advertising. Add to it, this essay also analyze the good, the bad and the awful things that can be mounted on advertising in the modern-day context.

Thus, structuralizing this article from the outset, the key concepts in argument herein defines marketing generally speaking and limits itself to advertising that specially attends to the next thesis and the assumption.

What is advertising? And just why it issues to corporation in the modern context.

Can advertising seen as a form of information? Or rather simply a form of manipulation?

Defining Advertising in context of marketing procedures

The focus on herein, understanding marketing is essential. Hence, the primary aim of marketing is to learn and understand the client in the market well enough so that marketers can job their product or service that fits consequently with consumer perceptive. In doing so, advertising in the right earnest will much of the project to control consumer way of thinking through information that the goal of advertisement serves.

Ideally as it has been the general presumption, marketing channel also should lead to a customer who's ready to buy product common to the consumers. But how can such conditions be addressed by marketers? In that context, advertising comes to the rescue and is also one form that creates recognition and is also also an beneficial form which gives prices to consumer in a single sense or the other, given the educational channel attached to advertising and the understanding created through its program.

But what is interesting today can be laid emphasis to the standardization of marketing and promotional activities among corporate and business. As such, scholars specifically, David A Griffith, Aruna Chnadra and John K Ryans Jr in theirs research newspaper entitled "Examining the Intricacies of Advertising Standardization: Factors Influencing Advertising Concept and Packaging" also have argued that advertising as form of promotional activities is a very intricate case which have usurped the corporate mindset long enough. Hence, when it subject to advertising, in one form or the other the influencing factor is actually there, because advertising standardization and most notably presentation standardization defines the informative way to obtain advertising that corporate and business activities indicate and that which is transported through marketing programs in a single form. " (David A Griffith 350-351)

Hence, in every discourse so when it subject to advertising and its own varieties, marketers after knowing the needs, wishes and demand of its consumer in the market though their response on advertisings, and the likes then successively recognizes its marketplace which has the utmost potential to market off its company's products. In that regard, again the question of the beneficial means of advertising is one particular stratum, in other words informative is withheld, which we can not side apart.

Thus, the interesting feature when it matter to advertising and the question of manipulative and educational forms also can be known by laying emphasis to global advertising strategy, ans most of all why it concerns to corporations. With an impression in that context, the paper published all together in international marketing review, written and explored by Jae H Pae, Saeed Samiee and Susan Tai, titled "Global Advertising Strategy: The moderating role of brand familiarity and execution styles" relate with the global advertising fads that corporation activities requires through marketing campaign. Hence, the scholars mentioned above are of the thoughts and opinions that advertising have a significant role to learn with brand familiarity, " (Jae H. Pae 376) which we can assimilate and opined also pertains to informative kinds of advertising and culturally in corporate context a manipulative form.

Hence, pursuing suit to the debate above brief arguments, this essay herein also attest to define the many faces of advertising and its so this means, which Jae H. Pae and co-workers relates that "cultural beliefs are also shown both in advertising theme and their execution, " (Jae H. Pae 377) which further implies the case specific to advertising and the question of its ethnic, educational as well as the manipulative forms. Hence, the following paragraph also relates to some factors on the countless faces of advertising through marketing channels of corporation strategy, which is in a single form informative as well as manipulative in monetary sense.

The many encounters of advertising

In standard contextual forms, corporate marketing process concentrating on its market now must segment the marketplace on the basis of customers having similar needs and would like. However, that can be hard to come to the final outcome and rather rare indeed, since taste and preferences among customers are diverse as well as different.

In such circumstance, marketing strategies positions its products through advertising in whichever forms as a means to experience with consumer minds, as well as creating an informative channel of its targeted customers to be able to make a platform for product needs and that which comes as central benefits to commercial. But how are such setting done? How will people know about the products made available from the marketer? This is when marketing or advertising comes into being as its main aim and objective is to generate awareness among the list of people regarding the various goods and services available for sale. In that fact, Timothy Joyce (1998) in his article titled "The Advertising process" also have defined this way of advertising in the most dignified way. In simple sense, the writer concerned has alternatively gave an imploded argument when it subject advertising that is empirically grounded as well as blowing the common myths mounted on advertising. " (Joyce 12)

Once again, Advertising is thus the promotion of something by exposing these products mainly through the media like newspapers, magazines, bill boards on the roadsides, television set ads and almost any type of the mass media as long as it reaches its customers and creates awareness about the various products in the market. Hence, in such contextual varieties, advertising is rather an informative process that firm marketing initiative.

Add to it, many marketers also mainly persuades its target market especially youths to buy its products through superstar endorsements as they assume that youths will identify their personal id through a loyalty to what the stars buy, wear and eat. Such forms can also be searched and argued after as an informative case situation, where advertising rule the roosts.

Advertising thus endeavors to catch the attention of attention, and employ the minds of people and mostly result in the emotions and change what folks think and their notion, all which can result in sales of products and services. In addition, adverts also allow advertising to be sold at a cheaper price and sometimes free to the customers, which are alternatively manipulative in simple sense. Alike, promoters also pay multimedia companies to put their ads atlanta divorce attorneys available media forms, and therefore the advertiser's main purpose is to influence the consumer to purchase the product, which again can be looked as a format of manipulation through information.

Advertising: Manipulative or helpful? The top gap

When we come to the area of the arguments, one case specifically can be laid emphasis to the scholastic views. Hence, when it matter to John Philip Jones (1998) who've also augmented that advertising has typically been associated with an intent to increases sales and attract competition and increase market share to develop consumer franchise and build commitment, and most importantly to launch and develop strong new brands. " (Jones 83)

Although advertising is mainly a source of information to the people about the various goods and services available for sale, it also tries to manipulate the people by making wrong pledges regarding its products. Case scenario specific for the reason that regard can also be laid emphasis to the encouraging benefits which should never be sent to consumers, and most notably mislead the consumers with techniques that confuse the buyer on the market to purchase the merchandise for reasons other than the genuine product that was created for.

Sometimes these advertisements can make the consumers believe that if they do not have the product they should have one or in other words it makes them believe that they need the product in order to fit in. This way people or consumer on the market purchases the product not because they have got a strong need for it but because they don't want to run the risk of destroying their reputation by not purchasing the product roughly. Hence, in such scenario, the thought of manipulative advertising also will take centre level.

Consumer also many a time in turn buys the product just to impress their relatives and buddies making it essential for the consumer to own the product specific as can be go through the information in billboards. Thus, this way advertising isn't just a source of information to the consumers but it addittionally tries to manipulate them into purchasing the product. And the interesting facts remains that lots of a time's consumers are manipulated and get carried away by the different types of endorsements regarding the various kinds of products available for sale. The marketing expert or marketer on the other side taking benefit of the consumers dependence on something manipulates them by persuading them into buying the product even although consumer does not have a very strong dependence on it.


To conclude on the article, laying emphasis to the organization world today also can be summarized to the movements that have gone a notch above the grounds when it comes to marketing procedures and the loves. That is to say, new age marketing process through advertising as a way of communication to propagate product and services consciousness on the market can be seen every where - in the place outlets, the billboards and a great many other forms of advertisements through media and the integration of technology and types of communication in order for marketers to drive home the thought of business in simple sense.

However, what's interesting can also be looked within the aspect including the facts in which the standard publics today also are very conscious of the thing that happens in and around with company management, and especially the marketing trends that is fast finding up in the fast paced world that we reside in today.

Thus, when it matter to marketing people in the corporate world, through advertising it creates a platform by which they can market their goods, services, events, people, ideas, and properties etc etc. To be able to market their goods and services marketing professionals first must understand the needs, wishes and needs of its customers, wherein educational advertising and its manipulation in both framework and consumer and corporate perspective makes pressure, Vis-a-vis. Then only different types of Marketing programs can be transported of effectively, where advertising campaign all the time take centre stage, which is rather informative and a calculating way that is reached through online marketing strategy to tap the huge probable that advertising creates for business success, gain and goal alignments.

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