An Evaluation Of Domino's Pizza

Macro and micro environment Research:

Downturn in nationwide or world economies and growing of inflation which has been experienced current period, are the most typical factors that can affect businesses. Conversely, what cause an adverse effect for many companies, has had a constructive effect for Domino's Pizza UK, Ireland, the most leading delievery franchise. Keeping because the current economic situation Domino's Pizza sales acquired increased up to 11% in the first six week of 2008 than that of same amount of last year, anticipated to, largely people preferred for delivery at home, instead of choosing eat outs, Like-for-like sales increased 14. 7% last year, despite a cost surge across Domino's menu previous autumn. (The Times, 20th Feb 2008)

According to Cheif Exec, The Chris Moore, 'The results are proof our price point is resilient in these economical times and that we are benefiting from the downturn in the restaurant sector. Rather than eating out three or four times a week, we are viewing real signs that [people] have minimize that to a few times. They are filling that difference with pizza instead. ' (The Times, 20 Feb 2008)

His comments came soon after the business announced plans to move up to the main market in order to obtain money it's been unable to attract in the nine years it includes spent on the Alternative Investment Market (Purpose). Domino's shares have climbed 14-fold since the company floated in November 1999 and the group now has 501 sites over the UK and Ireland, with ideas to open up 50 more this year. Its purpose is to own 1, 000 by 2017. (The Times, 20th Feb 2008).

Domino's said, sales had been enhanced, credited to these new pizzas, like smart, Meateor and the rugby-themed Scrummy, and by offering new means of ordering, like wise e-commerce sales--orders taken electronically either online or through text messages, credited to which sales have been intensified to 60. 5%. According to Domino's prediction, the drift for ordering-in food would continue this year. At present the exterior environment shifting rapidly. The external environment consists of everything beyond your business.

Even in the present critical inexpensive situation, domino's continues to achieve success which is due to domino's remorseless emphasis on the quality of domino's pizzas, penetrating commitment to service and by publicizing to domino's customers to whenever and wherever they are willing to order. It really is their frevency that has taken profit development of 27. 8% to 29. 9m (2008: 23. 4m) and that will persists to get-up-and-go domino's business in years to come.

PEST ( Politics, Economic, Social and Technological)


Political issues include regulatory body work operating in judicial system which may distress the business enterprise in diverse ways. In UK, there isn't so factors that might adopt domino's business. While factors like, laws and regulations on business work, pollution and taxation apply on the business which it should follow relating to rules.


If the county's economy is better so the GDP of the country will be good, it's the initiative for business as the per capita income increases people will spend additional money. According to domino's study, it came to know that mainly people spend more and visit more often, during or begin in on of weeks. Moreover, surge in inflation rate, causes increment of cost of uncooked materials which also leads towards higher prices for goods and vice versa


Domino's is a multinational and it is in essence inaugurated from America, therefore, the business is snowed under by domino's western culture. There are different social varieties of society which includes, upper class, middle class, middle upper course, and lower school. Moreover, every single nation, talk about has their own social norms, beliefs, faith, values which can affect the organization worldwide.


At the present time, technology is strengthening, so as baking and warming ovens will be of new and reliable technology and can provide productive service. Due to these progressive technology there are many latest ways of publicizing like sensible, through internet; telemarketing through which group can advertise their products in much more rapidly than ever before. Computer centered customer data that is MIS (controlling information system) helps in collecting customer data, daily orders, future forecasting and decision making. New vehicles can make their service more efficient.

Briefly discuss the industry of sector

The food industry is a intricate, global collective of diverse businesses that alongside one another supply a lot of the meals energy consumed by the earth society. Only subsistence farmers, those who make it through on what they develop, can be considered beyond the scope of the modern food industry.

The food industry includes:

Regulation: local, local, national and international rules and regulations for food development and deal, including food quality and food security, and industry lobbying activities

Education: educational, vocational, consultancy

Research and development: food technology

Financial services insurance, credit

Manufacturing: agrichemicals, seed, plantation machinery and supplies, agricultural building, etc.

Agriculture: elevating of vegetation and livestock, seafood

Food handling: planning of fresh products for market, produce of well prepared food products

Marketing: campaign of generic products (e. g. milk board), services, public view, through advertising, presentation, public relations, etc.

Wholesale and circulation: warehousing, transport, logistics

These subtle systems ascertain prevailing food development. Which encompasses numerious areas, including, Agricultural equipment, formerly led by the tractor, has basically eliminated real human labor in many regions of development. Biotechnology is travelling much change, in areas as diverse as agrochemicals, vegetable mating and food control. Many other regions of technology are also included, to the stage where it is difficult to find an area that will not have a primary impact on the food industry. Computer technology is also a central pressure, with computer systems and specialised software providing the support infrastructure to permit global motion of the myriad components involved.

Key success factors

The critical success factors are related to domino's broad areas, customer's preference for pizza

as a meal.

Its ability to get ready a pizza within a short time, to deliver it within 30 minutes of saving the order, and the store location.

Since Domino's business design is dependant on home delivery, the velocity of preparing the pizza and delivering it will be the critical success factors.

International strategies (Competitive analysis)

SWOT Evaluation:

Every business has its own strengths and weaknesses as well as hazards and opportunities, As far as domino's swot can be involved its swot evaluation is as under.


Currently Domino's is the market head in providing extensive selection of pizzas, in a fashion that there are no competitor in this sector. There admireble image has made the business more worthfull. Furthermore, Domino's is render pleasing preference, quality products with certified staff, splendid atmosphere and hygienic area. They are specialised in pizzas. Additionally Motivation degree of staff is high which make the organization more prosperous. They are really ISO (International Standard Group) certified. They may have equipped with a great deal of resources for functioning different activities of the organization. They are really providing free home delivery service. They may have created monopoly in this sector. Another big Strength and even a Competitive Advantageis the fact that they have a complete service restaurant as well as delivery services. The majority of domino's competitors don't have restaurants. Due to the restaurant, Domino's can market way too many different sections that other pizza chains cannot. For example, Domino's can market to people easier than Domino's or Little Caesar's.

Domino's weaknesses:

As far as domino's weaknesses is concerned, domino's retaining a restaurant to run is also the major weakness so it has, because from it has higher overhead cost than that of competitors as competitors don't possess a restaurant to deal with therefore their overhead cost is quite less than that of Domino's. Due to higher overhead cost domino's demand higher prices. Definitely, Domino's is not the low cost producer. As they ask for higher prices so that's why they are in charge of quality pizza and good service. They can be providing less selection of products comparatively with high prices. They are more focused on western taste instead of Eastern.

Very few stores have dine-in facilities

The menu is bound and costly, and there are incredibly few budget items on the menu.


Domino's has a higher potential therefore it has numerous opportunities like wise, if it come across new marketplaces then new opportunities will be given birth to. Considering eastern test of the people like Mc donalds, Domino's can come up with services. Market share can be increased by having variety of new products. Prices can be reduced because of more domino's.


Currently major hazard that Domino's can face are from competition, as their immediate competitor which is pizza hut, is working over to open up their branch hastily. But competitive advantage that domino's have over pizza hut is their lower price.

Evaluate domino's company strategies with other different companies:

Though Domino's has flourished in increasing over continent and possessed observed a exceptional achievements, however in attaining to build up globally, it's been unabled to manage the domestic market with full effectiveness and as a result, is shedding grounds in the home market. Moreover, Domino's has mobilized the standard of pizza industry to a great extend, keeping current economical situation in mind, where increasing of item prices and decrease in people's purchasing electricity, Domino's is struggling to keep a link between profitability as well as preserving standards. Moreover, the increasing competition in the fast food industry adds to these cluster of difficulties.

The main reason for Pizza Hut's has been their menu that has been constantly reformed and widened in order to foster with the changing need and choices of customer in various part of the world. In having understood the pulse of the clients, Pizza Hut has evidently founded itself as a brand with a Britain center and Domino's should try to learn that.


For a long time as a private company, Domino's really benchmarked against itself, without taking a look at the exterior world. We were proud of the fact that for quite some time we'd positive same-store sales, which is a big financial signal of expansion and success in the retail world. Well, that was the good thing.

The bad news was that during those years our competitors were growing at an extremely faster pace. Domino's were actually quitting market share. At the same time, domino's were hosting internal celebrations of the fact that against our own interior matrix domino's were doing well. Domino's not only got to check out what have been our earlier results and reconcile how domino's were accomplishing against that benchmark, but also domino's needed to look at the world all around us, take a look at our challengers, and in many instances, I really required us to check out the most effective in class. Who's out there doing the perfect job in this specific region of business? Domino's need to find out what their results are and commence to hold ourselves in charge of that particular degree of performance.

Domino's accept mediocrity because domino's can make a lot of individuals all around us who are in the same way mediocre as domino's are. I wish to find the very, absolute best, and I wish to benchmark against them, and I wish to get as good or better. I believe if I lead that expectation and I get my team and my business to accept it, that's how domino's' were going to be world-class performers.


When organization become successful, people tend to believe thing now won't need to improve however the simple truth is, things does not stay the same-it can be worst even or it could be better.

At the moment companies become confident and detached at the very instant companies begin to decline. In order to have a high-performance corporation you will need to cultivate a culure of continuous improvement. Don't go for ordinariness, instead, analyse your competition, set benchmark against them and attain the top-notch performance.

Organisation strategy:

A business's strategy is actually layout of decision a company make in order to realize its goals. A small business has cluster of goals and aims. And to be able to attain those aims businesses need to organize their business activities. For owning a business, planning is vital for both current and as well future activities. Therefore, to be able to achieve their business aims, group need to comply with different strategies. Relative to, Domino's in addition has adopted many strategies that assist in achieving the target which can be set by the primary office to the local store opened at Peshawer. Changes in the external as well as inner environment has made Domino's to re consider their past strategies and has hence designed new strategies after taking into consideration the changes in the environment. Through SWOT and PEST research, environmental changes are scrutinized. After acknowledging all the factors Domino's has made the decision upon the strategies and their current strategies are grouped into five main categories and further have sub parts. These strategies are: -Functional Strategies: -

These strategies are layed out to improve effectiveness of business businesses. They often focus on an area, such as marketing, recruiting etc. All business organizations adopt strategies at useful level as after the functional goals are achieved, corporate aims become easy. To make the useful strategy efficient, Domino's has made all the efficient departments co-operate with one another.

Porter's Five Forces research of market structure

The competitive structure of an industry can be analysed using Porter's five pushes.

This model attempts to analyse the appeal of an industry by considering five forces within a market.

According to Porter (1980) the probability of firms making money in a given industry depends upon five factors:

1. The likelihood of new accessibility i. e. the extent to which obstacles to entry exist. The more challenging it is perfect for other companies to enter market the much more likely it is that existing organizations can make relatively high revenue.

The probability of entering market would be difficult if:

the admittance costs are high e. g. if heavy investment is necessary in marketing or equipment

there are major benefits to firms that contain been operating on the market already in terms of their experience and knowledge of the way the market works (this is recognized as the "learning effect")

Government policy helps prevent entry or helps it be more challenging; for example, protectionist actions may indicate a tax is positioned on foreign products or there's a limit to the number of overseas goods that may be sold. This would make it problematic for a foreign organization to type in a market

the existing brands have a high degree of loyalty

the existing firms may behave aggressively to any new entrant e. g. with a cost war

The existing businesses have control of the items. e. g. getting into the diamonds industry might be difficult because nearly all known sdomino'sces of diamonds are manipulated by companies such as De Beers.

2. The power of clients.

The stronger the energy of buyers within an industry the more likely it is that they can have the ability to drive down prices and decrease the profits of companies that provide the product.

Buyer electric power will be higher if:

there are a few, big clients so each one is very important to the firm

the buyers may easily switch to other providers so the provider needs to provide a high quality service at a good price

The buyers are constantly in place to take over the firm. If they hold the resdomino'sces to buy the provider this danger can lead to a much better service because they have real negotiating power

3. The energy of suppliers.

The stronger the power of suppliers in an industry the more difficult it is ideal for firms within that sector to produce a profit because suppliers can determine the conditions and conditions which business is conducted.

Suppliers could be more powerful if:

there are relatively few of them (therefore the buyer has few alternatives)

switching to another dealer is difficult and/or expensive

the distributor can threaten to choose the existing companies so is a solid negotiating position

4. The degree of rivalry

This measures the degree of competition between existing firms. The higher the amount of rivalry the more challenging it is made for existing firms to create high gains.

Rivalry will be higher if:

there are a large amount of similar sized companies (rather than a few dominant businesses) all competing with one another for customers

The costs of giving the industry are high e. g. because of high degrees of investment. Which means that existing businesses will combat hard to endure because they can not easily transfer their resources elsewhere

The degree of capacity utilisation. If there are high levels of capacity being underutilised the prevailing companies will be very competitive to try and win sales to boost their own demand

the market is shrinking so organizations are fighting for his or her share of dropping sales

there is little brand commitment so customer will probably change easily betdomino'sen products

5. The alternative threat.

This steps the efficiency with which buyers can switch to some other product that does indeed the same thing e. g. aluminium cans somewhat than wine glass or plastic bottles. The simple switching depends upon what costs would be engaged (e. g. moving all ydomino's data to a fresh databases system and retraining personnel could be expensive) and how similar customers understand the alternatives to be.

Using Porter's research firms are likely to generate higher profits if the industry:

Is difficult to enter

There is limited rivalry

Buyers are relatively small

Suppliers are relatively small

There are few substitutes.

On the other hands dividends are likely to be low if:

The industry is not hard to enter

There is a high amount of rivalry between businesses within the industry

Buyers are strong

Suppliers are strong

It is simple to change to alternatives

The implication of Porter's research for professionals is that they should examine these five factors before choosing an industry to go into. They should also consider means of changing the five factors to make them more favourable.

For example:

If firms merge together this can reduce the amount of rivalry. It has happened a great deal in industries such as automobiles, pharmaceuticals and banking where businesses have joined jointly to remove competitors

if businesses buy up distributors (this is named onward vertical integration) they can gain more control over buyers

if firms identify their product perhaps by seeking to generate some type of Unique Advertising Proposition (USP) that makes it stick out from the competition. This lies in the centre of several marketing and brand building activities. Coca Cola, for example, has fought hard to market itself as "genuine"; everything else is just imitation!

if they respond aggressively to a firm that gets into its market this might deter potential entrants in the future

The five forces will change over time as market conditions change. For example, more information can be found nowadays to allow customers to compare offerings and prices; thus giving buyers more vitality. The checking of world marketplaces (for example through the efforts of the World Trade Company to lessen protectionist options that limit trade and the expansion of the European Union permitting free trade between more countries) has resulted in much more rivalry in markets in recent years. In THE UNITED STATES, for example, the sales of Japanese firms such as Toyota have little by little been reducing the market show of American manufacturers such as General Motors as consumers have significantly more choice. In the mean time, the success of the internet has managed to get easier for manufacturers to enter into many markets such as finance, booklet retailing and clothes retailing; the power to start selling online has reduced a significant barrier to entry that was the investment necessary to setup a network of retailers. As ever the business world is not static and the conditions in any industry will be changing. As this happens the many components of the five forces are always shifting requiring established businesses and potential entrants to examine their strategies.

Effectiveness of international strategy:

It grows to geographically dispersed clients. Domino's vision is focused on "Exceptional people over a objective to be the best pizza delivery company on the globe! ". Domino's is focused on having fun and exhilaration to the lives of domino's customers by providing delicious pizzas to their doorstep in thirty minutes or less and everything its strategies are aimed at fulfilling this commitment towards its large and ever-growing customer platform. It's all advert are image of main competencies.

They also should have a variety of combinations of menu goods that a customer can choose so that both the customer and the company can have a win-win situation. The business can have the maximum of the consumer surplus at the same time the consumer might feel that this was the best bargain. From your menu card one can see the family size variants and different pizza combos in the same one pizza are the different ways of pricing. The business attains the maximum revenue in the meat items, so they give the selection of pizzas slices of different varieties and they're clubbed together to form a single pizza.

Once the client dines / requests @ home, normally discount coupons are given to the client so that there is an incentive for the customer to order from Domino's. Thus customers are compelled to maintain loyalty towards Domino's.

Sustaining, building associations and Exploiting Changing Conditions

Over the years domino's has also developed and successfully introduced a range of products especially matched. What has also given domino's a competitive edge is that in addition to an considerable selection of internationally renowned pizzas like The Italian, the proprietary Skillet Pizza and Stuffed Crust, in the menu supplies the option of a total meal. It offers appetizers, a Salad Club - where in fact the customers can make their own fresh salads, a range of soups, pastas and desserts etc.

Domino's also needs to a community called as 'VIP- Participants' signing up for this club should be at no extra cost one can avail better offers. In the meantime Dominos aren't behind Pizza Hut in launching local tradition. Domino's believes strongly in the strategy of 'Think global and act local'. Thus, time and again Domino's Pizza has been innovating with scrumptious services such as crusts, toppings appropriate to the taste buds of Consumers

Firm market entry strategy:

Dominos Pizza could gain ground by setting Pizza as a treat and supporting it using its productive home delivery system.

For Domino's direct offering and interactive selling is not needed though they are involved in internet and cable TV marketing promotions. Domino's always search for ways to gain efficiency by swapping one communication with others. The sustainability among communication tools talks about why marketing function have to be coordinated.

Growth strategies:

Pizza hut targeted market defines them as a family group product. This is because they don't really immediately market their customers. These are focus on everyone whereas their competition concentrate on a certain gender or years. But pizza hut targets a variety of customers. This is because they want to make the most money and who blames them.

They have many competitors and they're destined to try everything to cope up tops. Their competition are everywhere. You can find just a few that are main rivals and pizza hut will always try to be the best and get the most money by causing their products better quality but also cheaper.

They try to offer different things with their product. They offer a selection of stuffed crusts to attract customers. They also do vegetarian options with meet free pizzas and a salad and pasta pub. Very little restaurants offer a salad and a pasta bar. This is another competitive idea to entice or customers.

Potential development over 10 to 20 years:

senior professionals at Dominos are missing a key thought process about change, progress and invention though. They didn't understand that every product, team, organization and individual goes through an activity of birth, development and decline that is similar to the shape of elongated S. You can't avoid this process.

At the start of every expansion curve, you commit with little if any reward. It's only through squeezing out functional inefficiencies, gaining and or growing market talk about that companies recover their initial investments and grow the bottom series and pay dividends to their stakeholders.

Dominos rested for the S-Curve where in fact the maximum earnings are being became aware without knowing that decline, loss of life, and decreased income aren't just possible, but are inescapable. Dominos is trying to bounce the curve and are at the beginning of a fresh S-Curve - time will notify as to whether they accept team development and leadership development, that may ultimately determine if they grow or pass away.

Appropriate justified suggestion for improvement, development and international :

Increase types in Pizza's.

Target on location of the outlets.

Increase the quality of Pizza's.

Make good atmosphere in shops.

Should concentrate more on marketing itself confidently.


Domino's Pizza constantly strives to develop products that suit the likes of its consumers and therefore delighting them. Domino's feels firmly in the strategy of 'Think global and act local'. Thus, over and over Domino's Pizza has been innovating with scrumptious services such as crusts, toppings and flavours suited to the tastebuds of Consumers. Further, providing affordability at affordable products to the consumers has been Dominos motto. Initiatives such as Fun Food and Pizza Mania have been extremely popular with consumers.

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