Analysing Celebrities as a Brand with Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid is one of the most experienced cricketers in the Indian National Cricket Team and amongst the best traditional Test Match batsmen in the world. He could not be the most gifted player like Sir Don Bradman or Sachin Tendulkar but because of his regular and methodical strategy, he made his mark in the Indian Team and once he founded himself at the vanguard of a new, defiant generation, there is no looking again. He was honored the ICC player of the entire year and the Test player of the entire year at the inaugural awards ceremony held in 2004. At onetime he donned the wicket keeping gloves to be able to provide balance to the team thus aiding India to reach the World Cup finals.



Reebok was one of the brands that Rahul Dravid endorsed during his early on cricketing days. As soon as he bursted after the landscape, Reebok made the proceed to engage this batsman with technological skills and stylish stroke play. Endorsing his bat was the first step by Reebok and an intelligent one as the bat has very high visibilty during any cricket match. He became one of the key pillars of Indian Cricket Team and so a normal in Reebok commericals thereon. In 1997, Rahul Dravid featured in a Reebok advertising with the communication concept as 'Tommorrow is Mine' and to enhance that he did every thing right since that time.


(1997 - 2008)

Rahul Dravid had been associated with Pepsi for more than a decade. It really is one of the few brands that Rahul endorsed at the beginning of his career. Pepsi has always focused on young blood vessels in their advertisements as well as deals. They signed Rahul when he took over from the legacy of Azhar and Kambli in the Indian Cricket Team. This can be justified from the recent dropping of him and Sourav Ganguly as the Brand Ambassadors of Pepsi. They have been replaced by children like Rohit Sharma and Ishant Sharma. This displays the brand image of Pepsi who always chooses its Brand Ambassadors with respect to the situation and not loyalty.


Rahul's dad Sharad Dravid proved helpful for 'Kissan' at Bangalore, the business which was well-known for developing jams and preserves. Also, Rahul Dravid himself was very keen on jams and squashes in his youth; hence he was fondly nicknamed 'Jammy' by his parents and friends. IT commercials highlighted him for some time during the start of his career. This endorsement helped popularizing his nickname more than aiding the brand noticeably.


(2001 - present)

Castrol is the next major player in the Indian lubricant industry and is also the market leader in the retail automotive lubricant section. It manufactures and markets a range of motor vehicle and professional lubricants.

Castrol's list of brand ambassadors includes high profile names in the field of athletics such as footballers Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham, along with cricketers Rahul Dravid and Adam Gilchrist. Rahul Dravid has been within the international world for more than a decade and the regularity he has shown in all the varieties of the overall game is incomparable. Performing at the very top most level and delivering time and again, see your face is Rahul Dravid and he's quite synonymous with the brand Castrol's communication as the performance spouse of many sports events all over the world. Castrol is the performance spouse of ICC World Cup 2011 and the only real brand which is being endorsed by Sachin through the world glass. Already not a area of the Indian One Day International cricket team, this deal could be disadvantageous for Rahul Dravid.

Bank of Baroda

(2005 - present)

BoB has 2, 800 branches and 25 million customers but it didn't appear to be a powerful, throbbing bank. It wished to change its conception and position itself as one of the premier financial institutions. BoB put in about Rs. 80 crore on a high-profile rebranding campaign, including Rs. 5 crore on its brand ambassador, the then Indian cricket team's captain, Rahul Dravid. The roping in of Rahul Dravid as its brand ambassador was an offshoot of the craving to present the lender as a charismatic frontrunning financial entity. He symbolises credibility and humility and brings a rare dedication and dedication to his career. Quite aptly he's referred as 'Mr. Dependable'. In many ways, his personality reflects the Bank's way to business -- effort, determination and total determination. BoB provided him an chance to showcase the Bank's characteristics of being a trusted and consistent player over a period.


The earlier BoB brand possessed no recall value. People possessed a very cluttered image of the lender.


The obstacle was to enlist leading customers, a great deal of whom were being pampered by private sector banking institutions.


They unveiled customer convenience initiatives like 350 branches began working from 8am to 8pm. They added 400 ATMs and changed eight branches to offer 24-hour bank. The advertisement campaign said it all. That they had Dravid stating: "sab kuch badal raha hai. . . hamara loan company bhi badal raha hai. (Everything's changing. . . our loan provider is also changing). " It is now positioned as "India's International Bank".

Return of Investment:

In the first 45 days and nights of the Rahul Dravid plan, their marketing staff enrolled 12. 6 lakh more customers and mobilised Rs. 650 crore of checking account debris. Students and professionals would not check out BoB previously. They started getting seduced by the engagement of Rahul who was an idol for most because of his clean image, hardwork and the value he garnered in the international industry.

Skyline Real Estate

(2006 - present)

The engineering companies in India are gambling their money on superstars to create a strong brand image because of their developed projects. Celebrity signatures have grown to be a key advertisement mantra for most structure companies. Such endorsements are not with no bouquet of non-tangible benefits. Rahul Dravid was roped in by Skyline Real Estate and communicated as 'the wall membrane' for Skyline Real estate and Construction. He's called the 'The Wall' of Indian Cricket Team because in a aspect bristling with dashing batsmen, he frequently played out the sheet anchor role to perfection, thus laying a good foundation. This is synonymous to what a Real House company is all about, strong base.


(2006 - present)

Citizen Designer watches, the prime Japanese watch maker appointed Rahul Dravid as the Brand Ambassador to endorse the Citizen Eco-Drive selection of designer watches for men. Citizen is a distinctive watch brand with modern & unbiased frame of mind. Rahul Dravid as the Brand Ambassador embodies the heart of confidence, management & independent nature. He reflects the attitude & prices of living life when you are true to himself, his values & convictions. Rahul Dravid epitomizes a unique heart that Citizen Eco-Drive watches also reflect. These wrist watches are independent as they never need a power supply, unlike other watch brands which can be reliant on their batteries. It is the perfect confluence of style and chemical, appearance & state-of-the-art-technology. Along with Kareena Kapoor, the Brand Ambassador for females watch range, the Rahul Dravid association helped the brand achieve new milestones.


(2007 - present)

After endorsing Gillette, Dravid joined up with the elite golf club of global sportspersons, including Roger Federer, Thierry Henry and PADRAIG HARRINGTON, all of whom endorse the men's grooming brand. Dravid was built-into the Gillette Winner brand programs in India, which were leveraged through multi-faceted marketing initiatives, including print out and broadcast advertising, consumer deals, POS materials, online support and pr. The Gillette Winners programme was a fresh platform that built on the brand's rich history in the world of activities and epitomized these sportspersons' dedication to 'Be your very best today'. Dravid became the fourth sport icon to become listed on this exclusive Gillette Winners little league. He has proven what it takes to be the best today and successful on the pitch. He was chosen not only for his outstanding athletics performances, also for his performance off the field, for his ability to inspire young men, for being every bit the gentleman that he's, and above all, for being an icon of true sporting beliefs. On the personal forward also, Rahul Dravid has never sported stubble or a beard. Hence, there is perfect imagery fit.

Max NY Life Insurance

(2005 - present)

Max NY Life Insurance is a global life insurance expert with a history of over 160 years and is also a firm that is placing standards in the grade of advice its sales team offers to its customers. Rahul Dravid is someone who embodies the features of dependability, nurturing and understanding, along with integrity and efficiency. He's a job model for some young Indians and being among India's most popular sportspersons; he is the right brand ambassador for a corporation that wants to be India's most respected life insurance company. He symbolized the Max New York Life brand in several fun and shocking ways.


Brands to be continued:

Rahul Dravid is a perfect Brand ambassador for products like Reebok, Gillette, Loan provider of Baroda, Citizen, Max New York LIFE INSURANCE COVERAGE and Castrol. All these products have had the opportunity to create a very strong relationship with one of the characteristics of Rahul Dravid that your public knows. Which includes the imagery of a trustworthy, reliable and dedicated sportsperson who has garnered respect all over the world.

Brands to be killed:

Out of the brands endorsed by Rahul Dravid, I believe that Skyline PROPERTY and Kissan weren't really in sync with the imagery that is associated with Rahul Dravid. Out of his stock portfolio, he shall eliminate Skyline PROPERTY because the brand is not so well recognised in India. Similarly, Kissan jam no more will be endorsed by him as he's now one of the older cricketers in the Indian cricket team who's known for being in charge and play maturely.

Which new brand can be studied:

Having come to the maturity stage now, Rahul Dravid can consider endorsing brands in the group of

Suitings such as Raymonds: While using tagline "THE ENTIRE Man", Raymonds shall be a good fit in the brand profile of Rahul Dravid as he'd be known as a dependable family man who has achieved great victories in life. Also, he has a clean image and has never been involved with controversies throughout his job.

Family Automobiles like Maruti Alto: Rahul Dravid is positioned number one not just because of his performance but he is perceived as being Mr. Nice and loves mass appeal. Automobiles like Maruti Alto are popular because of their fuel market and stability.

End of Career

Rahul Dravid has almost reached the last period of his profession. Though he's a normal test cricket player, he is no longer an integral part of the main one day cricket squad or T-20 international cricket team of India. Hence, he will be very careful with the brands he selects to endorse now. They shall build after his image of a reliable sportsman but shall also establish himself on other fronts such as more of a family man.

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