Analysis Of Customer Problems Marketing Essay

Customer service has always been important, but todays customers have so much more freedom of choice than in previous decades. Customer service can be explained as how an organisation manages the interactions between itself and its own customers.

This assignmeent is focus to discuss the reason of customers' service insurance policies, assess different communication methods and way to obtain home elevators customers' requirements and satisfactions levels. In this assessment I'll try to perform the research on requirements and satisfactions levels that Ibis Hotels customers have.

A customer support policy is a written code of carry out for employees to utilise for serving customers. It might include how to respond to questions or offer with disgruntled customers who would like refunds. A policy can be short or it can be detailed with more than a page. The policy may state what's expected when a certain situation occurs or appropriate steps to take action. Typically, managers determine the insurance policy you need to include it within the staff handbook.

A customer service procedure is a way to do a tedious practice. In customer service there is for certain protocol that must definitely be taken in order to stay competitive. Finding a much better or faster way to do something can be viewed as a customer service procedure. Professionals are given the responsibility of concluding job performance evaluations to see where fragile links can be rectified. This leads to increased efficiency and better customer service.

The customer should be produced comfortable, plus they should be cured as though he/she is the most crucial guest in the hotel. A friendly and courteous way will make the client feel welcomed. All the all the time remaining polite is vital in the hospitality industry.

The life of the hotel will depend on the personnel and the management and their approach to the needs and needs of the guest. Consequently, taking note and making sure that the visitor is satisfied at all cost, will in exchange bring success and earnings to the hotel.

Customer concentration: quality, determination, reactive, approachable.

Quality is a measurement in our performance as experienced by our customers.

Customer Assessment:

Consult with customers regarding key service using policies and service plans.

Use the opinions to boost services and also to influence policy making

Our customer concentration in Ibis Hotels is built around the next objectives:

We make an effort to understand customer requirements

We always treat our clients and potential customers courteously and we always respect their privacy, confidentiality and security necessity.

We use clearly established communication programs to ensure our customer are given with a quick response to all enquiries and support demands.

We screen our customers' views constantly strive to identify any concerns they could have and use fast remedial action, where appropriate.

Product and service knowledge in Ibis Hotels

Knowledge is electric power as well as for hospitality businesses, product knowledge can mean more sales. To work in sales, all personnel needs to understand everything available in their service.

Pertinent information would are the following: standard property information, guestrooms, recreational facilities, outdoor services, vehicles.

Discuss the purpose of evaluating a person service coverage, indicating how this can assist future staff training and development.

The purposes of assessing customer service are: feedback exactness, ways of data collection, relevance.

There's no industry that needs customer support more than the hospitality industry- hotels, restaurants.

Producing quality customer service requires: attention, communication, effort, opinions, knowledge, management, organisations, planning, skill, and lots of practice.

Maintaining customer support policies are priority to Ibis Hotels. Do not treat one guest dissimilar to the other. In the event, there are issues have clear guidelines, where the visitor is not delivered from pillar to post to straighten out issue. Intervene, take the problem after yourself and resolve so the customer appreciates that no real matter what, the hotel will find a remedy.

Customer opinions is vital to making a small business work to Ibis Hotels. Customer feedback can be an excellent way to keep your business going in a positive course. Today, many providers are recognising the worthiness of collecting responses from social marketing and other websites on the internet, as well as remarks in their research.

Relevance, it is pertinent to evaluate the customer services policies of any company to maintain the quality of their offer at time.

Methods of data collection Ibis Hotels gather to: survey from staff, post-contact surveys, interpersonal media, and reviews. Online, telephone and mail studies are most regularly used for collecting customer feedback. Comment greeting card and feedback varieties are being used in the Ibis Hotels to assemble feedback from customer. Usually customers leave responses online after a live experience. Observations are another good way to assess the grade of service.

Improving your customer support starts with staff. Improving customer support caters the clientele.

Staff training and development produce an important key improving customer support.

Leadership training for the staff will pay off in lots of ways. Effective communication, development of a team culture, and issue resolution are only a several many areas of control training that can make a big difference available.

Key to customer support is getting all members of your company to accept it through training and development, at individual and team level. Setting up a culture of customers' satisfaction begins with effective management and control and having clear options for customer satisfaction in all aspects of the business enterprise.


Evaluate different communication methods and exactly how these are used to best effect

Communication is the experience of conveying information through the exchange of thoughts, emails, or information, as by talk, visuals, impulses, writing, or behavior.

Communication requires a sender, message, and a recipient, although the receiver need not be present or aware of sender's intention to communicate during communication; thus communication may appear across vast distances in enough time and space. The communication process is complete once the receiver has recognized the note of the sender.

According to the Ibis Hotels verbal communication identifies the utilization of may seem and terminology to relay a message. It provides as a vehicle for expressing wants, ideas and principles and is essential to the processes of learning and teaching. Effective verbal or spoken communication would depend on a number of factors and can't be completely isolated from other information interpersonal skills such as non-verbal communication, tuning in skills and clarification.

Clarity of speech, remaining quiet and focused, being polite and etiquette will all help the procedure of verbal communication. In lots of encounters, the first few minutes are really important as first impressions have a substantial effect on the success of further communication. Lively listening is an essential listening skill yet, as communications, people have a tendency to spend far more energy considering what they are going to say alternatively than hearing what to other person is wanting to say. Although active tuning in is an art in itself, additionally it is essential for verbal communication.

The following factors are crucial for effective and energetic listening:

Be prepared to listen

Keep an available mind and focus on the main way of the speaker's communication.

Avoid distractions if possible.

Delay judgement until you have been told everything.

Be target.

Do not be hoping to think about the next question as the other person is supplying information.

According to the Ibis Hotels nonverbal communication is usually comprehended as the procedure of communication through mailing and obtaining wordless (largely visual) communications between people. Information can be communicated through gestures and touch, by body gestures or posture, by facial appearance and eyeball contact. Nonverbal information may be communicated through material exponential; meaning, things or artefacts (such as clothing, hairstyles or structures). Speech contains nonverbal elements known as paralanguage, including tone quality, rate, pitch, volume, and speaking style, as well prosodic features such as rhythm, information, and stress. However, much of the analysis of nonverbal communication has centered on face-to-face conversation, where it can be labeled into three principal areas: environmental conditions where communication occurs, physical characteristics of the communicators, and behaviours of communicators during relationship.

Body terms can show sense to other folks, which works in return for other people. People who show their body language to you can show their emotions and meanings. Mirroring the body language of another person indicates that they are understood.

Types of nonverbal communication and body language

There are many types of nonverbal communication.

Facial expressions: the real human face is extremely expressive, able to express countless emotions without saying expression.

Body activities and good posture: how you move and take your-self communicates a wealth of information to the planet.

Gestures: The meaning of gestures can be quite different across civilizations and regions, so it is important to be careful to avoid misinterpretation.

Eye contact: Since the visual sense is prominent for many people, eye contact is an especially important kind of nonverbal communication. The way you take a look at someone can talk a lot of things.

Written Communication includes expressing your-self clearly, using terms with precision; making a logical discussion; note taking, editing and enhancing and summarising; and writing accounts.

There are three main elements to written communication: framework, style, content.

Structure: a good framework will help you communicate your-self more clearly. The following practices may help one to structure your writing (clarify your ideas and purpose, identify the main element points, decide on a rational order, use brief paragraphs and phrases, help tips to stand out).

Writing a method appropriate to the audience: check spelling and punctuation never use jargon.

Interviews: From original job interviews to last exit, the question and answer dialog of interview elicits information from respondent by interviewer. Both sides need to comprehend one another's needs and agendas to accomplish interaction. The principal reason behind an interview is to see, is some instances a secondary purpose would be to persuade, such as job applicant convincing a potential workplace that the candidate is the right applicant to employ.

Negotiations can be the flip side of the interview, while the primary goal is to purpose is to persuade the other get together of your respective own position, the supplementary sharing of information alters one's perspective and the course of the discourse.

The mass communication has always proved helpful firmly to fetch this result to societies living a distance apart from one another.

Stimulation, or persuasion, is another effect caused on human beings by communication. It really is commonly observed that an structured well thought after little bit of communication causes significant amounts of persuasion on matters of common interest.

Customer service refers to all aspects of interaction with a person and speaks of the organisation's image in your brain of a person. Alternatively, a customer is an organisation's most effective advertising tool. You need to find imperfections in the system that deals with your customers and then work towards getting rid of those imperfections. Without great customer support, a business will not be able to survive or support. Keeping customers happy should be the foremost process of your business after a solid product and marketing plan. You must work towards building a relationship with your visitors because this marriage is the foundation of future expansion of your business. The success of business is dependent on the way you treat and connect to the clients.

In today's market it is a requisite to provide exceptional service so the importance of the good customer service culture within the business must be outlined and communicated on all levels.

''You cannot control a quality service organisation unless you understand the nature of what you are providing, totally realise what your customers want from you and how they understand you from the start''. (W. Martin; Controlling Customer Service, Clean, 1989)

Most customer needs can be divided into four basic categories:

The need to be understood

The need to feel welcome

The need the feel important

The need for comfort

By knowing who ours customers are, we live more able to meet their needs.

According to Ibis Hotels the several methods used to gain an understand customer expectations are:

Customer surveys

Customer service questionnaire

Customer databases

Analysis of customer complaints

Staff training

Analyse how customer support perception is influenced by customer support provision

Benefits of superior service are: client satisfaction, repeat, business, increased reputation.

Customer satisfaction, a term commonly used in marketing, is a way of measuring how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectation. Client satisfaction is thought as ''the number of customers, or ratio of total customers, whose reported experience with a firm, its products, or its service exceeds given satisfactions goals. '' (Corresponding to Farris, Paul W. ; Neil T. Bendle; Phillip E. Pfeifer, David J. Reibstein(2010)). Marketing Metrics: The definitive Guide to Measuring Marketing Performance

The first benefit for customer service is obtaining customer retention. Happy customers become repeat customers. An integral indicator of quality customer support is customer devotion.

However, if you reward customers for his or her loyalty, they feel valued for their alternatives and continue steadily to continue to be a consumer of an company's service or product.

Quality customer support relieves strain on the organisation to catch the attention of new customers. Statistics show so it cost more to gain new customer that it's to keep ones. The main element to a successful business is to persuade that customer to buy over and over.

Methods to encourage do it again business are:

Regularly remind them of the business (mail, postcard, and catalogue)

Treat duplicate customer like these are special

Make ordering and delivery as easy and productive as possible

A company's reputation is only as good as the service it offers. Improving customer service will also improve an organisation's. Improve an organisation's reputation by giving and implementing procedures, steps and training for employees.

Effective customer service benefits the organisation because the customer's needs are attained, whether it's something or help.

Effective customer service leads to higher sales and positive reputation in the community; it benefits the worker from the standpoint of the company doing well. When the company does well, the employee's job security is increased. Higher sales can also lead to raises in earnings, benefits, rewards.

Task 3

Assess resources of information on customer requirements and satisfactions levels

Expectations have a central role in influencing satisfaction with services, and these subsequently are dependant on a very huge selection of factors.

Given the central importance of expectations, it's important to understand the way they are formed (Quality Accounts Payment, 1999).

The basic key factors most commonly seen to affect expectations are described as:

Personal needs

Previous experience

Word of oral cavity communications

Explicit service communication

Implicit service communication

Understand the client is the main element to giving them good service. To give good customer support we must deliver that which you promise.

To understand our customers well, we need to be mindful of them whenever we are in touch with them.

There are several ways to comprehend your visitors better. Is to put your-self in their shoes and try and look your business from their perspective. One other way is to acquire and analyse data to be able to reveal their buying behaviour, or how is to inquire further what they think.

A good customer contact strategy will help you to listen to your customers and tell them more in what you offer. The front brand staffs are a rich vein of customer understanding which is often ignore.

Front line staff is in touch with the customers on a regular basis. The most frequent form of research among staff is same kind of personnel satisfaction review which talks about their perceptions of the company and the client. Such surveys share the restrictions and drawbacks of all surveys.

There are lots of key issues in relation to using staff reviews in this way:

Approaches that are being used should supplement other methods that employ immediately with service users.

There may be range for joint personnel service end user research, discussion or training.

The implications of the feedback for service delivery should be diagnosed, reported to all or any key audiences and applied.

Customer's records and history information

Creating automated visitor histories helps hotel professionals to establish their customer blend, identify which benefits are salient from different segments, ensure that the hotel supply and capabilities match the guest's desires, and increased delivery efficiency. Improved customer satisfaction and retention business lead to increased customer devotion, occupancy rates, and revenue per available customer (Dube and Renaghan, 1999a, 1999b).

Customers' information and service demands can be gathered through different channels and by using a variety of customer-facing system and back-end information systems (call centre, forward office system, email, and internet) and then downloaded into the hotel information system, which offers orders to all or any hotel departments.

The guest information matrix

Three basic types of information can be discovered, based on the way the information is obtained:

Front collection data (name, address, kind of room, credit-based card number) and to manage the guest folio (fares, service charges).

Spontaneous data (information provide immediately by the guest to the hotel personnel (special diet, additional blanket).

Behaviour data (information that the system data automatically.

Primary research (sampling, qualitative, quantitative), interview (specific, group, review)

Qualitative researchers try to gather an in-depth knowledge of human behavior and the reasons that govern such behaviour. The qualitative methods investigates the why and how of decision making, not merely what, where and when.

Most qualitative techniques have:

A concentrate on natural configurations;

An interest in meanings, point of view and understandings;

An focus on process;

A concern with inductive analysis and grounded theory.

Surveys are a significant activity across authorities and can help inform customer perception. The info from quantitative research is often useful from providing powerful evidence to aid an enterprise.

Contact methods are: mail, telephone, personal

Customers' experience and knowledge of multiple stations and ways of communication is rapidly increasing. Within days gone by decade, e-channels went from nerd-niche to basic usage. Mobile phones went from business luxury to a must-have for everyone from children to older people. The mixture of interaction technologies will only grow in complexness and sophistication going forward.

Planning is an integral part of the procedure when looking into customer requirements and objectives, and surveys i did so just that desire a whole lot of planning. Satisfied customers usually go back and spend more, they notify other folks about their experience, and they may pay a premium for the privilege of doing business with an organisational they trust.

Developing a person satisfaction programme is not simply about carrying out a survey. Surveys provide the reading that shows where attention is necessary but in many respects, this is the easy part.

There are 3 mains types of strategies to attract customers:

A cost leadership strategy is based on the idea that you can product and markets a good quality service or product at a lower cost than your competitors.

A differentiation strategy is one of creating something or service that is perceived as being unique ''throughout the industry''. The emphasis can be on brand image, proprietary technology, special features, and superior service.

A concentrate strategy might be the most superior of the universal strategies, in that it is a far more 'powerful' form of either the cost management or differentiation strategy.

There are many types of careers in the hospitality industry. All hospitality businesses require personnel. There's a direct link between your staffing level and customer satisfaction.

Getting the staffing level right is very difficult. It requires experience, and knowledge.

Employees who are satisfied in their careers provide higher levels of customer service.

Employees' satisfaction results primarily from interior high-quality support service and plans that permit employees to deliver leads to customers.

Putting worker and client satisfaction in the limelight when planning strategy is one of the most notable priorities for organizations committed to continuous improvement.

Here are some recommendations on how organisations can increase employee satisfaction:

Understanding why people will work and invest in aiding them achieve their goals on the job.

Keep employees educated.

Take care and attention of people who work with you.

Treat employees how you would like to be cared for.

b) Carry out research on requirements as well as satisfaction levels that Ibis Hotel customers usually have. Suggest potential advancements to the customer services to bridge the distance between your two.

Ibis Hotel is an economic leader, offers its friends the highest degree of service and the ultimate comfort of its category at the best selling price. The clients satisfaction levels is high, because Ibis Hotel offer an ultimate comfort, in every hotel of the network, the ibis room was created to offer to friends a happy rest and the probability to work calmly.

The satisfaction levels of customers are increased because the staffs night and day is at friends disposal, providing 24 hour reception, kitchen portion hot and wintry dishes day or night time and a non-stop pub.

A good technique to improve the quality and the amount of satisfaction customers is, The quarter-hour satisfaction make sure'',

The ''15 minutes satisfaction'' contract is a unique illustration of ibis's commitment to customer support. If just a little hitch threatens to cloud the stay do not hesitate in enabling us know anytime, day or evening. The ibis clubs have quarter-hour on the clock to sort it out. And if indeed they do not manage to run after away this pesky cloud in the specified time, that service is on the hotel.

Another way employed by ibis hotel to gratify the clients is to offer weekend special offers such as:

Ibis always offers less rate for every kind of weekend stay.

The 'Special weekend'' package is suitable for leisure customers and offers less rate for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, open public holidays.

The ''long weekend '' offer for two or three-night remains offers discount rates of 15%to 30%.

Ibis is committed to world 21, Accor group's lasting development program. Ibis is the first global chain to invest in the ISO 14001 environmental documentation procedure which demands very careful steering from the hotel's management team, involving:

Constant respect for the latest regulations

Continuous improvement: certified hotels are audited frequently so that they can set themselves new targets.

The studies on satisfaction levels of customers show that friends are overall satisfy about the stay static in ibis hotels in different area of the world. Their feed-back is positive. The hotels are placed in great location, the budget of the hotel are excellent for all type of budgets. The staffs are friendly, room clean, food great.

Research on requirements show that some customers are not full satisfied about the work of front office in some hotels, the sound which is made by the personnel starting working early, occasionally the room are too small, and the client service inadequate.

We know that customer satisfaction is essential in the grow and keep maintaining the business enterprise up. In like manner enhance the customer services and bridge the difference between your requirements and satisfaction, Ibis Hotels need to increase the work of personnel giving then properly training, and treat well the personnel by motivating them. The key of good customer support is: a good treat staffs are offering the best customer service. The link between staff and guest are direct, they depend of every other's. And anticipations of the customer have a central role. The basic key factors most commonly seen to affect expectations are described as:

Explicit service communication

Previous experience (their prior experience will in part influence their future objectives of the service).

Implicit service communication: this includes factors like the physical appearance of the building e. g. renovation.

Putting staff and customer satisfaction in the spotlight when planning strategy is one of the top priorities for organizations focused on ongoing improvement.


This assignment is made up of three responsibilities. In first activity I reviewed about reasons using in customer service and reason for evaluating customer support policy in Ibis Hotels. In second process I described about different communications methods and how exactly we may use this methods to receive the best results. In the third job I provided requirements and satisfaction levels that Ibis Hotel customers will often have, and the way to improve the customer service.

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